Effect of machining technology on pig growth performance and digestibility rate of nutrients

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Abstract: Feed processing technology has an important impact on the nutrients of feed, using different production processes, will receive different quality feed, reasonable selection of feed processing technology, which is conducive to making suitable animal feed, improve Animals have the digestibility of feed nutrients, thereby improving the production performance of animals and promoting health efficient development in aquaculture. This paper discusses the effects of major feed processing processes such as pulverization, mixing, granulation, and puffing on pig growth performance and digestibility of nutrients.
Key words: pig, feed processing technology, growth performance, nutrients Digestibility
Feed is one of the largest expenditures in livestock and poultry, and the feed expenditure accounts for about 70% of the total cost. The processing method can achieve better economic benefits. Feed processing is to give full play to the potential of feed nutritional value, improve nutrient digestibility and pig growth performance. The feed process is mainly pulverized, mixed, granulated, and puffed.
1 Crushing
The pulverization is directly related to the mass of the feed, but the pulverized feed is not only the surface area, but also increases the contact area of u200bu200bthe digestive liquid, and can improve the premium of the feed, which is beneficial to promote the pig. Food, improve the intake of nutrients and their digestibility, which affects the growth performance of pigs.
1. Crushed particle size affects the digestibility of nutrients
1. Effect of pulverized particle size on pig growth performance
2 mixed
Mixing is an important part of ensuring feed quality and improvement of feed remuneration, each of the feed Raw materials, if mixed is uneven, especially those that affect greater and less dosage, such as vitamins, trace elements, medicines, etc., will significantly affect the digestibility of nutrients and pig growth performance.
2.1 Effect of mixed uniformity on digestibility of nutrients
2. 2 Mixed uniformity affects pig growth performance
3 granulation
Feed granulation can significantly improve feed utilization, small volume , Nutrient density, improvement of feed health quality and margin, and particle materials significantly improve pig feedstock, nutrient digestibility and growth performance. The granulation has the following advantages compared to the powder, including reducing feed waste, animal pickup, feed grading, feeding time and energy consumption, and killing pathogenic microorganisms, gelatinium starch, making protein degeneration, improving margin, etc. .
3.1 Fabrication of granulation on digestibility of nutrients
3.2 Granulation of pig growth performance
4 Puffed
Extrusion puffed to feed the feed by high temperature and high pressure, make nutrient ingredients to degrade The feed is ripened, improves the digestibility of protein and starch, destroying anti-nutrients, effectively improving the digestibility of feed nutrients.
4.1 Influence of Puffing on Digestibility of Nutrients
4.2Effect of puffed on pig growth performance

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