Effect of Poultry Feed Processing Process on Feed Water

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When someone asks for feed processing to poultry nutrition, most nutritionists talk about the importance of particle quality, or talk about certain nutrients may be damaged during processing, but there are very few people will The feed mill appears as a quot; chemistry laboratory quot;, heat, time, and reactant, the final product is generated. Many years ago, the feed plant was just a place to mix grain into a powder. Today, the use of new enzymes, promoting antibody generated additives, using transgenic cereals and some new processing technology, and feed mill will become a feed formulation process. component. In the past, we care about getting poultry to get enough nutrition, and we need to care about the entire processing process in the future. The ability to use appropriate time, temperature, and chemical reactants, produce the most cost-effective product with low processing costs. We can need to surpass a routine when reviewing the current feed processing process. For example, too much moisture is a bad thing. Another example, according to the traditional statement, as long as the level of grain starch can improve the quality of granules, improve the nutrition level of poultry, this is true? ” Almost all animal feed nutritionists have learned the importance of water as a nutrient

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