Effect of Templates on Particle Feed Durability Index (PDI)

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Teminesis is very affected by the PDI of the particulate feed. After a good conditioning, the particle surface is closed, the surface defect is small, it is not easy to produce fine powder, and the particle hardness is high after cooling, in the transport process It is not easy to break. Factors affecting the adjustment of the regulation mainly include the temperature of the tuning and stomination, the injection and injection and injection molding water. sXcÖйúËÇÁÏÐÐÒµÐÅÏ¢Íø-Á¢×ãËÇÁÏ£¬·þÎñÐóÄÁ

²»Í¬µÄËÇÁÏÆ·ÖÖ¶Ôµ÷ÖÊζȡ¢µ÷ÖÊʱ¼äºÍË®·ÖµÄÒªÇóÊDz»Í¬µÄ¡£ Generally, the temperature of the urging temperature of the livestock and poultry is between 70 and 85 ¡ã C, the conditioning time is 20 ~ 40 s, 14% to 16% after conditioning, the temperature of the water feed is 85 ~ 95 ¡ã C, the conditioning time is 40 ~ 120 s, water injection, water 15% ~ 18%; for some feed containing heat-sensitive raw materials (sucrose, glucose, degreasing milk powder, whey powder, etc.), the temperature is generally controlled within 60 ¡ã C, otherwise it will be coking, blocking the ring Different granulation. sXcÖйúËÇÁÏÐÐÒµÐÅÏ¢Íø-Á¢×ãËÇÁÏ£¬·þÎñÐóÄÁ

µ÷ÖÊÐèÒªµÄÊǸßÆ·Öʵı¥ºÍÕôÆû£¬¶Ô¹ø¯¼°¹ÜµÀϵͳÓнϸߵÄÒªÇó¡£ The boiler should be able to provide steam between 0.7 to 1.0 mPa, then pass through the high pressure delivery conduit, into the diverting package in the workshop, and finally reduce the pressure reducing valve to 0.15 ~ 0.4 MPa and then enter the stront. During the pipe delivery, the condensed water in the vapor is to be discharged by reasonably arranged a certain number of hydrophobic valves to ensure that the striped strip is saturated steam. The reduced pressure valve should be mounted from the regulator 4.5 to 10 m, not too close to the conditioner to ensure that steam has sufficient space and time after decompression. Controling the manual shutoff valve or automatic control valve entering the mass strip should adopt the quality of the manufacturer’s product to ensure that the flow rate changes in the adjustment of the vapor. sXcÖйúËÇÁÏÐÐÒµÐÅÏ¢Íø-Á¢×ãËÇÁÏ£¬·þÎñÐóÄÁ

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