Eggs lyse protein tablets processing technology and development prospects

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Eggs are an indispensable important nutrient food in humans, and it is also a product worthy of deep processing. With the development of science and technology, people’s understanding of eggs is also developed from simple edible to deep processing and biological extraction of eggs. From the eggs, all-egg powder, egg yolk powder, protein powder, protein tablets, egg white hyperopoly peptide, lecithin, egg yolk immunoglobulin, lysozyme, calcium acetate, tannacin, calcium citrate, ovarin, egg butter Equal extract. It has a wide range of use in modern food industry, bioengineering, pharmaceutical, health products and beauty, and military industries, play a useful and unique role. Just talking only to lysozyme and protein processing technology and development prospects. 1. Market analysis and development prospects my country’s egg production is large, but its processing technology is low, especially high value-added natural products high-efficiency extraction technology and product development technology are very low, resulting in egg products become low value-added goods, Restricted the development of the poultry industry. Therefore, through the study, improve the high-added value of high value-added natural products in my country’s egg products, improve the product value of egg products, and truly enable the egg processing industry to become the leader of the animal husbandry industry, promote rapid development of poultry industry, increase our eggs The product is competitive in the international market. 1.1 lysozyme lysozy also subsequently fluvine enzyme or N-acetoaceous wallet glycan hydrolase, a white crystalline powdered solid, tasteless, non-toxic, soluble in water, can be used as a bio-catalyst. It is widely existing in animal tissue and secretions, with the richest egg white, with a total amount of 3.4% -3.5%. The lyse enzyme has a wide range of use, high value, economical, promising, its main application: in food industry: can be used as food prrvative; lysozyme is an indispensable antibacterial protein for infant growth and development; lyse Enzy are proliferative factors of bifidobacteria, directly or indirectly promote the proliferation of baby intestinal bifurcums, promote microfascin to form fine cur in infant gastrointestinal tract, and use infant digestion. Clinical application in medicine: lysozyme can participate in the human polysaccharide metabolism, accelerate the repair of mucosal tissue, and have an anti-infective, anti-bacterial and antiviral effect; it can decompose the viscous protein, reduce the viscosity of the pus or sputum It is discharged, which can be discharged; it can bind to the anticoagulant in the blood, there is a hemostatic effect, and can improve the medical effect of antibiotics and other drugs. In bioengineering applications: lyse enzy have the effect of destroying the cell wall structure, using its dissolved bacterial or cell wall to obtain cell conte (such as original pla, etc.), can be used for cell fusion or protoplast transformation to achieve breeding or production of proteins Purpose. According to the statistics and forecast of the United Nations Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the US Department of Agriculture, the demand for egg products in this century will turn over. The growth of developed countries is about 53%, and the growth of developing countries is approximately 65%, and the growth of non-developed countries is about 35%. The main production and import areas are generally distributed in North America, Western Europe, and Taiyang. The main consumption and import areas are Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and so on. In recent yearsDue to the great increase in the living standards of the developing countries, the demand of egg products and lysozy has grown rapidly, due to the actual limit of land and geographic locations such as North America, Western Europe, the output of eggs is not large, egg price, labor force And the relatively high factors of production costs, the yield and export growth of its egg products have been relatively unpleasant in recent years, and developing countries, especially China, egg production, the first of the world, and is in this market, so Vigorously develop egg products and lyse enzyme deep processing, that is, strong advantages and potential, while simultaneously enable Chin egg products to enter the international market. Preliminary estimation, current year demand in my country is 250 tons, now there is only about 50 tons in China. Therefore, the market capacity is large. Market prices have a big relationship with lysozyme content, the higher the content, the higher the price. According to the mastered information, SIGMA’s lyse enzyme crystallization, 42,000 units / mg, the price is $ 6,000 per kilogram. Danish Sanovo’s lyse enzyme crystallization, 25,000 units / mg, the price is $ 1,500 per kilogram. 1.2 Protein sheet is a protein process, fermentation, heating, dehydration, and final crystalline. This product is widely used in papermaking, leather, medicine, cosmetics, textile printing and candy, chocolate powder, cake, cookies, ice cream and other food industry. Protein tablets are small, high scientific and technological content, significant benefits, but starting late in my country’s protein tablets, small production is small. Protein tablets have been used abroad for many years, especially in developed industrial countries, mainly using the product to produce high-end paper, cosmetics, drugs and leather surfaces, and foreign demand has been growing, foreign trade companies have been demanding the product, market The foreground is very optimistic. At prnt, the demand for do tic market has increased, and the price is quite, and the price per ton plate is sold 6.0 ~ 62,000 yuan. 2. Production process 2.1 lysozyme production process 2.2 Protein sheet production process 3, processing technology 3.1 lyse process 3.1.1 lyse proteoglymetric indexed active 2500 unit / mg of solubilization 100 mg / ml pH 3.8 / 4.2 salt content 0.05% 3.1.2 Main Equipment pH Hym, enzyme mixed cylinder, egg separator, steam saline can, saline mix cylinder, high speed centrifugal pump, centrifugal separator, filter, resin processor, resin cylinder, crystal cylinder, spray Dryer, lyse enzyme mixer, vacuum filtration can, meter, assay instrument and ancillary equipment. 3.1.3 Main Processing Methods In recent years, with the development of experimental tools and experimental methods, there has been more understanding of lysozyme, amino acid sequence, etc. The main extraction method of the enzyme is: direct crystallization method, ultrafiltration method, ion exchange resin adsorption method, affinity chromatography, anti-adhesive beam extract, thin layer chromatography, precipitation method, etc. 3.2 protein tablets processing technology protein tabletsThe desired raw material protein and the fermentation agent, 7-8 tons of fresh protein sheets can produce 1 ton of protein tablets. The main production process and the main production techniques are as follows: 3.2.1 Stirring filtration stir into the concentrated protein in the protein solution and uniform, filtration, removes impurities such as crushed eggs, eggshell film, and makes finished products more pure. 3.2.2 Fermentation First, by the function of fermentation bacteria, the viscosity of the protein is lowered, the protein beco a water sample, which is convenient to clarify the protein liquid to improve the gloss and transparency of the finished product; second, make a part of the polymer protein decomposition to low decomposition The molecule, increasing the water solubility content of the finished product; third, to decompose the sugar in the protein liquid, reducing the finished product during storage, or browning. The fermentation operation process is to pour the stirred filtered protein liquid into the fermented bucket or cylinder that has been washed, cover the gauze, and the inclination cannot exceed 75% of the content of the bucket, and the enzyme preparation is added, stirred well. The temperature of the fermentation room was controlled at 35 ¡ã C, and the humidity was controlled around 80%. The temperature in summer is high, as long as the 30-hour protein is ripe. 3.3.3 Filtering and neutralizing filtration is to remove impurities in the fermentation broth, neutralized because the fermentation mature protein liquid is acidic, if not in progress, the finished product, the acidity will inevitably increase, reduce the product quality. Usually, the protein liquid pH is in 7.0-8.0 with alkaline substance ammonia water. 3.2.4 Drying with water flow drying eggs, control the water flow temperature at 54-56 ¡ã C, aluminum drying plate or wooden hanger with pure white Vaseline, oil, oil, should not be too much, must be uniform. The neutralized protein is inserted into the baking dish, about 2 kg per plate, and the egg liquid has a thickness of 2.5 cm. The temperature of the egg liquid in the baking disc vary from time to time. The surface of the inner protein liquid gradually condensed into a layer of sheet, and the sheet was first revealed when the sheet was about 1 mm. After 45-60 minutes, the second piece was revealed, and the third film was revealed for 20-40 minutes. When the film is filled, there are 1 bamboo twin, and the two corners of the protein tablets are discredient, from the outside, dry face up, wet surface, placed on the rattan. 3.2.5 Whitening the protein tablets baked through hot water flow, and sent to the white room. Continue to evaporate water, requiring the finished product moisture to fall below 16%. The temperature of the drying room was adjusted to 40-50 ¡ã C, and the large protein tablets baked into a human shape, placed on the woven, and then put it on the wooden frame, dry 4-5 hours, visible protein tablets Watting phenomenon, indicating that it has been dried. 3.2.6 Picking and launching dry protein tablets should be selected in the picking workshop. Pull the large protein into a small piece of a diameter of about 20 mm, while picked the thick block, tide block, a slurry block, a lightless sheet, impurities, and the like. After picking out a good protein tablet, send it to the storage room. And the rest of the subsets, need to return to dry and dry, processed into crumbs, and be sieved into the finished product. 3.2.7 Dry protein quality indicator dry proteinTake a transparent wafer.Light yellow, normal smell, no impurities.Devity does not exceed 20%, no more than 16.0% water, the water soluble must not be less than 79%, the acidity must not exceed 1.2%, no intestinal pathogenic bacteria.

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