Energy Sng Technology in Feed Production Operation (1)

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1. Energy-sng control technology of the whole plant
1 Monitor the maximum electricity consumption and power factor of the feed mill, and make reasonable adjustme.
2. Reasonably regulate the opening of equipment, especially only the necessary equipment is turned on to reduce the maximum power consumption of the factory and reduce the demand.
3 Use the low electricity price period to organize production and reduce production costs.

Scientifically arrange the production plan to make the batch production of each product reach the minimum economic production scale, reduce downtime and no-load time caused by frequent replacement of varieties, and improve energy efficiency. Coordination between different shifts. Typically, the product order should have advanced time, the finished product library should have the best finished rrve, the specific production plan of the workshop is arranged by the workshop director of the workshop production operation, and coordinated with the sales department.
2. Energy-sng technology of boiler and steam system
1 In order to achieve the highest efficiency with the lowest energy consumption, the boiler and steam system must be in optimal operating conditions. This includes the following:
(1) Correctly soften and chemically treat the water to prevent scaling and corrosion on the water side of the boiler.??
(2) Control the pH of the total soluble solids and water in the steam with the correct chemical treatment.
(3) Use the correct blowdown procedure to remove the solids and impurities on the boiler water surface and the bottom of the boiler. Avoid excessive sewage.
2 Correctly adjust the burner and air-fuel ratio to achieve clean combustion.??
3 All unused steam is returned and condensed as boiler make-up water.??
4. Install automatic control system on boilers, including shutdown or low fire level control when steam is not needed.
5 Maintain adequate ventilation within the building walls to allow proper supplemental combustion air at minimum pressures.
6 The following relevant measures should be taken to minimize the energy consumption or loss in the production of steam:
(1) Do not work under pressure higher than that required by the machining operation being served.??
(2) Shut down the system when steam is not needed.??
(3) Check whether the boiler water has the correct chemical treatment according to the routine, adjust it if necessary.
(4) Automatically sewage the system, but does not do excessive sewage operation.
7 Regularly checks if the burner is in maximum efficiency. Confident, the combustion air used is cleaned and unrestricted.Inspection Fuel System is operating normally, including pressure, flow, temperature and mechanical operation, etc.8 Regularly Check if there is steam leak, whether the water separator is working properly, whether the valve is faulty. The market has automatic display of soda separators for purchase. Using an infrared hot gun can detect an area with excessive heat accumulation, showing the failure of soda separator or leakage. 9 returns all unrelated cleaning condensate to boilers.10 If the temperature or tracking heating line used to keep the liquid component, only the liquid or system overheat is allowed.11 For space heaters, only the required area is heated, maintaining the working area temperature in the required minimum. Other heat sources such as infrared heat may work better. Turn off the heat source when it is not used. 12 Installing a Heater Collection Loss in Boilers to Reduce Boiler Supply Water. – , Compressed Air System – 70% of the cost of charged air compressed air cost is used. A normal operation is important to improve the efficiency of this system has an important impact on reducing operating costs.1 The most common cause of excessive electricity in the compressed air system is that the position of the air supply and the air inlet is incorrect at a higher pressure. , for example, a leak with a diameter of 3.175mm, at work pressure is 0.7MPa, will miss 251,454m sup3; air. This is equivalent to power consumption of over 24,000 kWh. With a cost 0.6 yuan / kWh, it will lose 14,400 yuan per year.2 Related to Air Compressors is:(1) Vost of the air compressor in 0.7MPa exhaust The exhaust gas per kW under pressure is 0.147-0.187 m sup3; / min.(2) Pressure Increased or Reduced 0.014mPA will affect the energy of the compressor utilize 1%.(3) The imported air temperature is 10 ¡ã C, which will affect the efficiency of the compressor by 1%.(4) The pressure drop of all compone and pumps should not exceed 0.1 MPa.(5) Should take the following measures to minimize energy dosage or loss in the compressed air system:(6) Don’t be high Operating system under the needed pressure.(7) Use the correct specifications of the cylindrical, vibrators and other operating compone.(8) Turn off all equipment regularly to detect air loss.(9) Sets the time period of the packing house, only when needed, don’t be too frequent.(10) To know that excessive air compressor operating frequency indicates excessive use or loss of air. (11) Regular drainage of gas storage tanks and risers to eliminate water accumulation. (12) Keep the imported air cleaning and filtered.(13) Looking for intake from recent locations. Feed Factory DC Transmission Technology – One of the regions that often ignore and serve livestock in energy conservation is through the bearings, reducer, The drive belt or chain is driven to the sprocket drive. should take the following measures to minimize energy dosage or loss in the power transmission system:1 in the transmission and bearing Quality oil or lubricant. 2 Keeps the V-shaped drive zone properly tensioned, replaces the wear transmission belt and the pulley using a pulley that matches the transmission zone. 3 Use toothed band drive to eliminate the stall caused by the slip.4 Maintains Transmission Chain Tight, there is no vibration of transmission devices caused by chain slack. of Lubrication Chains to keep it flexible. Use an internal lubricant link to avoid oil bath.6 Use the appropriate number and model lubricant to lubricate the bearingMaintain a good environment and work conditions.7 Maintains the transmission of the transmission and dunder and waste to avoid local excessive heat. Allows air around the gear reducer free flow. 8 When the equipment must work with more than one speed, the AC variable frequency transmission is used instead of mechanical and adjustable belt transmission. 9 raw materials, processing compone and finished products to handle multiple ti in feed processing. Models, specifications, and yields for moving th materials have an impact on energy consumption. 5, raw material reception? Install the shifting transmission on the delivery pit conveyor to give the bucket lifter by the maximum load feed feed material on the feed feed of different densities.10 is only operating the receiving system equipment when actual unloading or when the material is delivered. 11 is only running the system when using a dust control system. 12 Install the baffle above the grid in the conveying direction, reducing the open area of the grid, reducing the amount of air required for the dust control system on the pit. ry 13 may be used instead of the conveyor with the self-cleaning buffer. 14 For ultra-long conveyors, such as the feed conveyor tops top of the tachocket, it should be divided into two equipment with independent transmission, which is approaching When the silo of a conveyor is imported, it is not necessary to open the overseas device. 15 as little as possible or avoiding the use of pneumatic delivery systems.

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