Enzymatic production pollution-free feed additive low polyggate

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Technical background oligosaccharides can effectively regulate microbial balance, reduce the incidence, improve animal health level and production performance, is an antibiotic alternative to extensive prospects, such as low polyggate, soy oligosaccharides, manno oligosaccharide Wait. Low polyggate is a non-pollution-free and functional dual action feed additive, with many excellent biological and physiological effects: 1. Stimulate bifurcus growth, inhibit the growth of diarrhea pathogens; 2. Based by combination with intestinal pathogenesis The bit point is bonded to cause the pathogen to lose or reduce the chance of specific identification and combination of host animal intestinal cell cells, reduce the settlement and reproduction of Salmonella, E. coli, enterococcus in the intestines; 3, can induce animal digestive tract microbial polysaccharide Production of hydrolyzate hydrolyzate; 4, directly or indirectly forward to stimulate immunoactivity in animals. The project is a project that “National High Technology Rarch Development Plan”” (863 Program) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Technical advanced nature 1

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