Excellent and disadvantages of puffed technology and applications in animal feed

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Puffed technology is a technique for universal applications in modern feed processing. After the feed is processed by puffing, starch amylization and degradation, protein degeneration, reduce anti-nutrient factor, increase premature, etc., but also generate uncomfortable substances, destroy vitamins, increase costs, etc. 1 Puffed Technology Service Animalum Puffing Technology refers to the material containing a certain moisture, in the squeezing, spiral, spiral Under the promotion, the material is forwarded to the axial movement, the material and the spiral, the material and the barrel, and the internal body of the material, the material is strongly extruded, shearing, is further refined, homogenized, and then The pressure and temperature inside the cty are constantly increasing and raised, and the material is complicated in a high temperature, high pressure and high shear force, and the material component has caused a complex physicochemical change. The last paste is ejected by the mold hole, and the pressure is generated in an instant, and the material is puffed to form a structure loose, porous, crispy puffed product. 2 Puffed Technology Raw Material After Puffing Treatment, there is a unique fragrance and fluffy feeling, good premises, paste High degree of chemical, very good induction effect. At the same time, the long chain structure of organic matter such as some proteins and fats beco a short chain structure, making the animals more easily and absorb. 2.1 Starch Transmissions and Degradation After Extrusion Expanded, the starch mainly occurred. First, the starch is paste, the dense crystal structure of the starch molecule, the crystal structure is absorbed, the hydrogen bond is broken, and the puffed starch particles are broken, which beco a viscous melt. At the exit of the dawn, due to the sudden drop of the instantaneous pressure, the steam instantissue is lost, and a large amount of puffed starch particles, starch, forming a plurality of microporous puffed feeds. On the other hand, the starch degradation, the average molecular weight of the starch is significantly reduced, and the oligosaccharides such as small molecular structures such as maltodextrin can be produced by cleavage. The gelatinous starch has strong water absorption and much more bonding than ordinary starch, which can reduce the use of starch in the production, providing more choices for other materials. At the same time, gelatinous starch can be tightly combined with the starch matrix, forming rumor stomas, non-degrading proteins, typosum proteins, and improving rumina to protein. 2.2 Protein Seed the material of the service livestock protein is affected by high temperatures, high pressure and high shear forces in the extruder. Three, four-level structures of proteins are destroyed, protein molecular structure stretch, recombinant, surface tending structure homogenized, molecular hydrogen bond, dlfide bonds, etc.Resulting in the final degeneration of the protein. The degree of protein variability is closely related to the parameters in the extrusion process. Many anti-nutrient factors are also passivated during the puffing process, such as urease, anti-suplarythritis, mustard enzy in soybeans, and their decomposition of sulfide produced by polyphenolic compounds, cottonseed Cottonol, etc. Feathers As a high – quality protein feed raw material, its protein content is about 75% to 90%, which has become a material favored in feed raw materials. However, the protein of feather powder is mostly arranged by several polypeptide chains along the fiber parallel spiral, and the chain contains a large number of crosslinked keys, dlfide bonds, and hydrogen bonds make it a strong stable structure. Very strong hydrophobic action, resulting in less susceptible to animal digestion, unprocessed feather powder feeding value is very low, the digestibility is only about 7%. After expansion, lycobin degenerate in the feathers, cleaves the spatial structure of the lyric protein, making it possible to digestible absorption, and the digestibility can be increased to 70% or more. 2.3 Fat Destroy the cell wall structure of oilseed, so that the oil is released, this processing method It can improve the utilization of grease. Puffed can also form a composite product (lipoprotein) or (lipoprotein), reducing the free fatty acid content together, while passivating the degradation of grease, reducing the degradation of the oil, reducing the product storage and transportation The acid defeat of the oil content is conducive to the long-term prrvation of the feed. 2.4 Increases Faciality and Digestivity Serving the Puffed Feeds of Livestock Puffed Small, Crisp, and Proud the Focus Flavor, Ports. After the puffed feed is a loose structure, this change is a greater contact area, which is advantageous for the contact of the starch chain, peptide chain and digester, which is advantageous for the digestion of the feed, thereby improving the digestion of the feed. Rate. 2.5 Improve Fiber Soluble Livestock Extrusion Puff can greatly reduce the thick fiber content in feed. By squeezing the puffed technique, the cellular content and the lumin of each layer of the cells and the cell wall in the cell wall in the extrusion are extruded, and the small hydrogen bond is broken, and the polymer material is broken down into a low molecular substance. Then become fluffy, but also released some of the digestible substances, thereby increasing the utilization of the feed. 2.6 is conducive to feed storage, extending feed shelf life under high temperature and high pressure and puffed, killing the mold in raw materials , The content of bacteria and fungi, thereby improving the hygiene of feedQuality, effectively reduces the occurrence of animal diarrhea, gastroenteritis and diseases. 3 Puffed Technology Extrusion Puffing Processing Process, »¹À­ »¹ ÃÀ ÃÀ ÃÀ ÃÀ ÃÀ ÃÀThe moral reaction reduces the content of the reducing sugar and free amino acid in the feed, causing the effectiveness of the amino acid weaken, the material can cause loss of vitamins under high temperature and high pressure friction and moisture, especially the water-soluble vitamin loss rate 50%, thus add some vitamins to compensate for the amount of loss caused by the puffed by feeding the animal. 4 Puffed Technology in Animal Production 4.1 Pig – Serving Animal Pig Due to the small gastric volume, the intestinal digestion absorption ability is weak, and nutritional diarrhea is extremely susceptible to the process of eating breast milk to eating feed. Unburdenable feed, sterilization is not ideal, it is easy to cause stress reactions of piglet digestive tract, resulting in diarrhea. The puffed feed will greatly reduce the incidence of diarrhea when feeding the weaning pig, thereby reducing the feeding cost, shortening the time of fertility, and improving economic benefits. 4.2 Raising Female the feed after the animal husbandry is a granular shape, which is conducive to the feeding of chicken duck, and improve the feed in the sac. The wear speed, accelerate the digestion of the feed, and improve the utilization of the feed. Since the puffed feed has killed a large amount of pathogenesis, it reduces the disease and other diseases. 4.3 Rumina Rumina Digestion, Dissoluble Fiber Increased, and Improves Digestive Utilization of Rumina on Feeds . Puffed techniques can increase the utilization of non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-protein, thereby achieving the effect of reducing the cost of feeding. Puffed feed can also improve the cream of cows, which is very obvious on fattening meat.

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