Experimental study on the production of all fat soy soy extrusion processing

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Full Fat Soybean is a product after the heating of the heated soybean. WISEMN’s rarch shows that in several heating treatment, the metabolic energy content obtained by extrusion method is highest, 17.9 mJ / kg; secondly is baked soybeans, 15.6mJ / kg; again is microwave treatment, soybeans, 15.4 mJ / kg. It is determined that the digestibility of the integrated amino acid of the puffed whole grease soybean is 92.5%, and the digestibility of lysine is 90.6%, which is higher than the digestibility of th two types of amino acids in the bean cake. The nutrient ingredie of all fat soybeans are similar to the soybean, which is relatively improved due to the heating treatment, low moisture, and other ingredie are relatively improved, but methionine is still insufficient. Nutrition of puffed soybeans and other raw materials is shown in Table 1. Table 1 Full-fat puffed soybeans and several major raw materials Nutrition comparative raw moisture /% crude protein /% crude fat /% metabolic energy / (mj / kg) Puffed soybean Soybean Soybean meal 13.044. 03.910.65 Do tic fish powder Maize Cheva-lsakaru and TangTAWeeiPat compared different processing technology to the application effect of meat chicken, and considered that extrusion puffed all-fat soybeans had two advantages: First, the trypsin The inhibitory factor has a good destructive effect, and the degree of damage is increased by 11.2% and 74.5% more than steam and drying. Second, the feed conversion is significantly higher than that of soybean meal, steam processed whole soy and dry peas. Based on the laboratory test, the effect of extruder, raw material treatment and extrusion main process parameters of extrusion on the extrusion effect of extrusion, to seek more appropriate and stable processing, while machining production The quality is improved. 1 Materials and Method 1.1 Test Raw Materials and Main Reage Test Raw Materials: Soybean and Soy Bean Bakes are provided by Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, and its main composition is shown in Table 2. Main reage: all were analyzed. Table 2 Test raw materials Main ingredient Name Water /% crude protein /% crude fat /% UA raw soybeans 10.538.9918.56.40 ¡À 0.12 Soy bean cake ¡À 0.02 1.2 Main equipment 135 dry extruder, part Parts are adjusted, self-made, with external heating. 1.3 Analysis Method Bold: Sodhi extract crude protein: micro-Kaitan nitrogenase assay: GB8622 188 yield measurement: measurement (kg / h ¡¤ Taiwan) 2 Results and discussion 2.1 screw pressure rings on extrusion effect During the extrusion process, the pressure rings affect the material, currently flowing and local increasing pressure, which has a greater impact on the stability of the extrusion process. This test uses raw soybeans (fine pulverity all-in-one ¦Õ2.5mm sieve plate, moistureTurn to 15.5%) and soy soybeakes (fine pulverity all-in-one ¦Õ2.5mm sieve plate, moisture 18%), extruded at 160 ¡À 5 ¡ã C and 140 ¡À 5 ¡ã C, is used to extrudate the ureain enzyme UA and The output is an indicator, and the extrusion effect under different conditions of different pressure rings is investigated. The results are shown in Table 3. Table 3 Pressure ring arrangement on product urease activity (UA) and yield of raw material pressure ring ¦Õ / mmua yield / (kg / h) raw soybean 135, 130, 1350.073 ¡À 0.01324 raw soybean 1300.923 ¡À 0.081080 raw soybean 1380.640 ¡À 0.02864 Bean pie 1300.356 ¡À 0.031210 Soy bean cake 1380.160 ¡À 0.011032 As can be seen from Table 3, the number of pressure rings and the size of the pressure ring on the UA value of the extruded product have a great effect on the size of the extruded product on the extrusion processing of all fat soybeans. At the same time, ¦Õ135mm, ¦Õ130mm, ¦Õ135mm three pressure loops, although the product urease activity is very low, but its output is small, and the extrusion state is not stable enough, there is a spade prooderation. Use a ¦Õ130mm pressure ring, since the effect is too small, the UA is seriously exceeding the standard. A ¦Õ138 mm pressure ring is selected, although UA is still exceeded, but can be solved by adjustment of other parameters. In the following test, the pressure ring is selected from one ¦Õ138 mm, and the device is in the middle of the screw. Squeeze the soy soybeakes, because the raw material UA is much smaller than the soybean, only one ¦Õ130mm pressure ring is used, and the UA can also meet the standard. The following on the squeeze trial of the soybean cake is in the middle section of the screw. 2.2 Screw composition on the effect of the extrusion effect The combination between the screw structure and the screw affects the retention time and the size of the material during the extrusion process. The above pressure ring test is done under a 5-single threaded screw. In order to examine the effect of the screw composition on the extrusion effect, this study was tested after a double thread near the mold hole, and the test effect of the two different screw composition was shown in Table 4. Table 4 Screw arrangement of UA and yields raw material screw composition UA production (kg / h) raw soybean 5-single thread 0.563 ¡À 0.04926 raw soybeans 1 double thread ¡À 4 single thread 0.380 ¡À 0.04876 soy soy soybean cake 5 single level pattern 0.356 ¡À 0.031210 Soy Take 1 Section Double Thread ¡À 4 Single Thread 0.203 ¡À 0.021154 The results showed that after the double threaded screw, the extrusion production decreased, but UA decreased was also more obvious. Considering the combination of integrated quality and production, it is also suitable as a combination of 1 double threaded screw plus 4 yield screws, and this arrangement is used in the following tests. 2.3 The raw material scratch on the effect of the extrusion effect is the same quality, the particle size is different, resulting in a variable in the total surface area of the material, and the physical characteristics of the material, and changes heat transfer, mass transfer performance, thisSome factors will affect the extrusion effect of the material. Table 5 is to crude soybeans, crushed soybeans (broken with 6.0 mm sieve plate), fine soybean (crushing with 2.5mm sieve plate) and roughted bean cakes, finely crushed bean cakes separately extruded production test results. Table 5 Impact of material particle size on extrusion effect raw material UA production / (kg / h) Õû ´ó ¶¹ 1.844 ¡À 0.07558 crude soy 0.923 ¡À 0.08746 fine soy 0.380 ¡À 0.04876 Raw bean cake 0.356 ¡À 0.031210 Note: The soy soy extrusion temperature is 170 ¡À 5 ¡ã C, and the raw material moisture is 15.5%, the soy soy squeezed temperature is 140 ¡À 5 ¡ã C, and the material moisture is 18.0%. The results show that with the increase in material comminution, the anti-nutrient factor is more completely extruded. Such as all fat soy is crude, extruded the product UA, excels are serious; but after fine and crushing, the national standards can be met. Although the fine pulverization needs to increase power consumption, Table 4 shows that as the raw material particle size of extrusion is reduced, the extrusion yield is increased. This means that from the entire processing process, the total power consumption is not increased. In addition, the reduction in the particle size of the raw material is also reduced to the wear of the machine. Therefore, the original material in the actual production is well pulverized, of course, this is based on appropriate adjustme to the dry extruder currently used. Materials in the following trial were finely pulverized. 2.4 Raw water moisture on extrusion effect Table 6 Impact of material moisture on UA and yield of raw material moisture /% UA production / (kg / h) raw soybean 13.50.56 ¡À 0.04766 raw soybean 15.50.38 ¡À 0.04876 raw soybean 18.50.26 ¡À 0.031080 soy bean cakes 15.00.356 ¡À 0.031210 Soypan 21.00.130 ¡À 0.011344 As can be seen from Table 6, the increase in the water content of the inner material is conducive to the increase in the passivation and yield of the anti-nutrition factor. . However, the water content of the raw material is too high, and the moisture content of extruded products is also increased accordingly, which is not conducive to safety storage. Therefore, it is recommended that soy extrusion water is around 15% and soy soy squeezing moisture is around 18%. 2.5 Extrusion Temperature on Extrusion Effect Table 7 Extrusion Temperature on UA and Yield Ramp Water /% Extruded Temperature / ¡ã C UA Yield / (Kg / h) All Fat Soy 15.5150 ¡À 50.904 ¡À 0.04870 All Fat Soy 15.5170 ¡À 50.38 Earth 0.04876 Soy bean cake 18.0140 ¡À 50.356 ¡À 0.031210 Soy bean cake 18.0140 ¡À 50.185 ¡À 0.021296 It can be seen from Table 7, raw soybeans, soy soybean cakes are extruded under conditions of operating temperature 170 ¡À 5 ¡ã C, 140 ¡À 5 ¡ã C, resulting Product UA can reach standard. 3 conclusions3.1 Extrusion and processing of all fat soybeans, using our homemade hole mold, external heater (2 kW), use a ¦Õ138mm pressure ring, Section 1 is a double threaded screw, the rest is a single thread screw, the raw material is finely pulverized ( ¦Õ2.5mm screen board), adjust the water moisture to 15%, add 0.5% additive while tumbler, control the extrusion temperature at 170 ¡À 5 ¡ã C, can produce UA u0026 lt; 0.4 full-fat puffed soy, its production 800-1000kg / h (using a PHG-135 extruder). 3.2 Extrusion and processing of soy soybeakes, except for ¦Õ130mm in the pressure ring, the rest (1); the raw material is also smashed, 18% water pipe, add 0.3% -0.5% additive, control the extrusion temperature at 150 ¡ã C Around, the product quality is better, and the output is up to 1000-1200kg / h. 4 All-fat puffed soybeans Different adds in broiler feed to test the effect of full-fat puffed soybeans feeding the meat chicken, using extruded duffling machine to process all fat soy flour, formulated the full price of melet chives for feed comparison test. According to the 47-year-old test cycle, add puffed soybeans by 13%, 20%, and 28% to investigate its growth performance. The test results are shown in Table 8. Table 8 Meat chicken feeding test Results Group of chickens average weight / kg Overall weight / KG feed costs / metals – Forage costs / (yuan / kg) control group (soybean meal + oil) 1042.068: 13.98 Add 13% Epipased soybeans 1082.253243.33918.312.048: 13.77 Add 20% full fat puffed soybeans 1052.363248.07803.181.839: 13.24 Add 28% full fat puffed soybeans 1122.252252.2787.701.95252.2787.701.952: 13.52 results showed: Puffed Soybean group than control group (soybean meal + The total weight of vegetable oil increases, and the meat is reduced, in which the mixed 20% puffed all fat soy powder is 1.839: 1, the control group meat is 2.068: 1, and in this group The total amount of feed is the lowest, and the feed costs per kilogram of broilers are 3.24 yuan, 0.74 yuan lower than the control group, so that the cost of feed per feather chicken can be reduced by 1.00 yuan. From the addition ratio of all-to-fat puffed soybeans, add 20% of the puffed whole grease soy, which can completely replace the addition of soybean oil in the feed, and achieve the quality requireme of various high-energy full-price feed.

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