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First, the development history of extrusion puffing technology
Since Ward applied for the first related patent in 1856, many developed countries have successively studied the extruded and puffed equipment and technology. The application of extruded puffed technology is increasingly favored in the industry.
Extruded puffed technology is applied to the US feed industry starting in the fifty-year United States, mainly used to process pet feeds, pretreatment of animal feed to improve digestiveness and marine and produce urea feeds for ruminant protein supplements. . In the 1980s, extrusion technology has become the fastest growing feed processing technology in foreign countries. It has the advantages of traditional processing methods in processing special animal feed, aquatic feed, early wear pigs and feed resource development, etc..
Puffed Technology In my country, the earliest use of the feed processing enterprises belonging to Zhengda Group in China. After nearly more than ten years of publicity and promotion, the superiority of the puffed material has been accepted by the majority of farmers, and the production technology of the expansive machine production technology has gradually moved. Mature. If analyzed according to the development phase of the industry (introduction, development, development, peak period, decline), the application of my country’s dawn machine production and expansion machine is currently in development, and it is expected to enter peak periods in 3-5 years.
Second, the basic composition of the expander
The expander is mainly composed of a power transmission, a feed device, a pre-regulator, an extrusion member, and an discharge cutting device. The extrusion component is a core component, consisting of a screw, an outer cylinder and a die. Generally, the extruder is divided into single screw extruders and twin-screw extruders in the amount of the outer cylinder screw. Due to the large investment of the twin screw extruder, it is less used in the production of certain special feeds. At present, the most widely used in the feed industry is a single screw extruder, which has less investment and simple operation. Depending on whether or not steam is added to the material during the puffing, the extruder can be divided into a dry expansion machine and a wet expander. The dry expansion machine relies on mechanical friction and extrusion to pressurize the material, which is suitable for processing of raw materials with more water and more grease, such as the expansion of all fat soybeans. For other materials having less water and oil, vapor or water is required during extrusion, and a wet expander is often used. The extruded character is generally assembled, which is convenient for replacement and maintenance of the configured parts. The chassis segments are straight or spiral type. The straight groove has shear, stirring, generally located in the middle section of the extruded chassis; the spiral type helps to advance the material, usually located in the feed port portion, and the segment near the template is also designed to spiral groove, so that the template pressure and out Keep uniform. Single screws from the feed end to the discharge end, the nut is gradually bold, the screws of the fixed pitch are gradually shallow, and the material capacity in the machine gradually decreases. Simultaneous mounting lock locks in the middle of the screws are installed to reduce the material flow and strengthen the ripening. The twin screws of the twin screw extruder are parallel to each other. There are four forms: non-engaged rotation, non-engaged relative rotation, engagement to rotate and engage relative rotation. Non-engaged doubleThe screw extruder can be used as two separate parallel screws, each has different fullness and discharge. Double-screw extruders have their advantages in quality control and processing, and can process viscous, multi-oil or very wet raw materials and raw materials that slip in single screw extruders.
(2) The function of each component of the dawn machine
1, the feeder
The feeder is generally slowed down to store a quantity of materials, and the material is pushed in the feeder. Under, continuously uniform enter the modulator.
The expander typically uses a spiral feeder, and the feed section is often used in a variable diameter or a split spiral to ensure uniform removal of the discharge exit. The diameter and pitch of the spiral should be adapted to the productivity of the expander to avoid the fluctuation of the feed.
Generally, the speed of the feeder is higher than 100 rpm, minimizing low-speed supply fluctuations. The speed of the feeder should be adjustable, and the speed control switch should be set in the operation site of the expander, and the operator can adjust the amount of feed at any time according to the translucent host current and working conditions.
2, a striupter
Tunner is a mechanical device that sufficiently mixing additives such as steam and liquid. Mass injunvers can improve the puffiness of materials, increase production, reduce energy consumption, improve the life of the spiral, air plug, and expanded cavity. By tuning, the material is softened, more plastic, avoiding a large amount of mechanical energy in the puffed process into thermal energy, while slowing the wear of the spiral, air plug, and expanded cavity.
There are a wide variety of stront versus, and there are single-axis blade striped strips, steam jacket strippers, biaxial diaphragm diaphragm, etc.. There are currently three forms of tunnels in the current market. The general expansion machine is made of a single-axial blade massager or a steam jacket stripper, and the aquatic expansion machine uses a two-axis diameter diaphragm pulp mill.
The mass strip mainly has the composition of the outer cavity and the slurry rotor. In order to maintain an appropriate amount of material in the stront, it is sufficient to mix the steam and the material to absorb the material, and the angle of the pulp leaves should be adjustable. 150R / min, minimum is not less than 100R / min.
The biaxial diameter differential velocity leaf massager can make the conditioning time in tens of seconds to 240 seconds by adjustment of the angle of which the pulp leaf angle can be changed, so it is generally necessary to change the blade axis. The rotational speed, the adjustment of the pulp wheel can begin from 1/3 of the injection in the injection section, and if it is necessary to increase the injection time, increase the angle of the large diameter low speed positive paste blade and the blade axis . The biaeral diater diameter velvetal pulveral stront strip is improved, but some material adhesive wall retention is still more serious. At this time, the small diameter high-speed roller blade and the clip of the agitation shaft can be appropriately reduced. In this way, it is to increase the reverse fluid of the rocky blade to the powder, reducing the residual amount.
3, extrusion parts
extruded parts are expandersThe main working components include: a mechanical component such as a puffed chamber, a screw, a sprinkle and a dip block. The material is substantially closely surrounding the screw in a single screw extruded chamber, and the material moves along the spiral as a nut as a nut forward when the screw is rotated, but the friction of the material and the screw is greater than the material. When the friction of the cartridge, the material will be copied with the screw, which is not possible to achieve forward extrusion and delivery of the material. When the moisture of the material, the higher the oil, the more obvious this trend. To avoid these problems, most single screw extruded duffles are now segmented, single, double helix, pressure loop and kneaded ring interstitial, inter-inner wall slotted barrel to accommodate changes in the machine. condition.
(1), expanded cavity:
is generally assembled to facilitate replacement and maintenance of the required configuration parts. The expandable cavity is a cylindrical shape, which is to increase the friction shear force of the material, and there is only a small amount of gap with the screw. There is a straight or spiral type in the inner wall of the expanded chamber. The straight groove has shear, stirring, generally located in the middle section of the extruded chassis; the spiral type helps to advance the material, usually located in the feed port portion, and the segment near the template is also designed to spiral groove, so that the template pressure and out Keep uniform. The expandable cavity can also be made into a jacket, which is convenient for steam or cooling water. To facilitate operation, the pressure sensor and temperature table is generally mounted on the illusory chamber.
(2), screw:
The screw is one of the most important accessories of the expander, and the quality of the screw is the main indicator of the quality of the dawn. At present, the screw materials on the market are: 40 chromium molybdenum, high chromium cast iron, stainless steel and alloy steel carburizing, nitriding, tungsten carbon tungsten carbonization. Different materials, abrasion resistance, and large price gaps.
The parameters indicating the screw structure are mainly: diameter, pitch, root path, spiral angle and blade section structure.
The screw is divided into single-head screws and multi-head screws.
(3), Steamstrans:
The steam is not transported, and the flow of the material is blocked. When the material is transferred from a helix to another, the rose can make the material inside and outside, accompanying flow And mix.
Steps can produce high and different shear regions, with strong shear and rubbing effects, have a strong frictional effect on the passed materials, and the heating effect is remarkable.
A product of different expansion is usually obtained by changing the number of use and diameter of the rose. (4) .
The discharge of the expander typically has three forms of single hole discharge, a plurality of annular discharge and a mold hole.
Characteristics of the discharge mode:
The discharge of the duffling machine for feed is often treated by treated steel mold;
The working pressure of the duffling machine for feed is generally 21 – 175kgf / cm;
The mold hole should be appropriately controlled to ensure sufficient length of expandable cavity.
(5) Cutting knife;
cutting cutting knife: an occasion for cutting long or slowly squeezing.
Typically adjust the clearance of the cutter and the stamper before operation, the blade position can be individually adjusted; in the case where the molding requirements are high, the spring blade is generally adopted, the blade is in contact with the die.
(6) Steam system
Steam is the source of moisture and heat during conditioning, so the quality of the quality directly affects the effect of the tether, and the slurry leaf massager must be reasonably designed and steam. The pipeline is used to use a stable and reliable steam pressure reducing valve and a hydrophobic valve to ensure that the striped strip is a dry saturated steam; the steam should enter the conditioner from the tangent, and it is more intense to the powder. The steam direction cannot be vertically opposite the strioid shaft, which not only does not reach a good blending effect, but in turn generates “carbide”” to the modulator axis and cut the strioid shaft. When the temperament is selected according to the raw materials and formulations and the changes in the climate

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