Factors affecting the mixing uniformity of feed

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The main factors affecting the mixing uniformity of the mixing machine are: the mixer, the main physical characteristics of the mixed materials, the mixing machine filling, mixed time, and specific operating conditions. , Mixed Machine Service Animal Husband General, Mixer Performance: – 1, high mixed uniformity, no dead angle, less material residue; 2, short mixed time, high production efficiency, support with the entire unit (including connection and power supporting ); 3, simple structure is simple, the door switch is flexible, easy to detect sampling and cleaning cleanup; 4, there is appropriate The power supporting, working properly under full load; 5, under the premise of ensuring the quality, the energy consumption is low. the model of the service livestock mixer can be divided into many kinds, mainly horizontal, vertical, horizontal paddle, roller, left and right, planetary, rotation Containers, V-type, Duplex, etc., intermittent working formula (batch) and two continuous working formulas. Different mixer manufacturers’ product manufacturing level will definitely have advantages and disadvantages, and should choose a mixer with higher manufacturing levels according to their own production. serving different types of mixers of livestock have different mixing methods, and practice proves that certain mixed objects (materials) are best in some way, so according to different Mixed targets and producers themselves require a mixed target (effect) to use different types of mixers. the service livestock paddle mixer is difficult to mix the powder is mixed, but when the feed is added, it is added to 30% -40%, and this mixer is used. It is quite suitable for mixing; and the double cone mixer and V-shaped mixer are compared to materials suitable for mixed fluidity and poor fluidity. If the particle size (thickness) between the mixed materials should be selected with a vertical mixer, the particle size difference between the mixed materials is large, and the horizontal mixer (and cannot be used with a rotating container mixer); if It should be required to have a horizontal or rotating container mixer. Service Livestock In addition, if the mixing requireme are higher, the rotating container mixer should be selected, but its production capacity is generally lower; and the mixing effect is generally, Vertical, horizontal or continuous mixers, their production capacity is relatively high. Mixed EfficiencyThe mixing time is long, the mixing speed is slow, mainly determined by the model of the mixer and its equipment itself manufacturing accuracy. In general, the time required for horizontal mixer is relatively short, and the vertical mixer needs to be longer. Of course, the length of the mixing time also depends on the type of the raw material and other factors such as the physical characteristics. i, the Main Physical Characteristics of Mixed Materials on Mixing the main physical life between the blend of livestock was more close, Its smaller the separation, the easier it is mixed, the better the mixing effect, the shorter the time required to achieve mixing uniform. The physical properties mainly include the particle size, shape, rendering, surface roughness, flow characteristics, adhesion, moisture content, fat content, and the like. Material particles hng high moisture content are easy to cake or become a group, which is not easy to disperse, and the mixing effect is difficult to satisfactorily, so it is generally required that the moisture content of the m ure does not exceed 12%, and the m ure of material strong moisture absorbing is If it does not affect the recipe requireme, it is necessary to add silica, precipitated calcium carbonate, etc., which is beneficial to improve the mixing effect. Some additives in the service livestock feed are premixed with carrier (or dilue) before the addition of a mixer, and make the additive premix, and then add a mixer and other Compone are mixed. The particle size of the added dilution is generally fine, so the particle size and density is to be selected. Suitable carriers include common feed compone such as soybeans, wheat bran, skim rice bran, etc., generally select particle size, no dust, and the active ingredient in the additive is a diluent (or vector), suitable Select neutral materials, which is beneficial to maintain the stability of vitamins and other active compone. , Mixed Machine Feel Feeds Mixer Mainly relied on convection mixing, diffusion mixing and shearing mix with three mixing The method of exercise in the machine in the machine will achieve a uniform purpose of mixing the material. Regardless of which type of mixer, suitable charge is an important prerequisite for the mixer and the intended effect. If there is too much charge, the mixer is overloaded, and more importantly, excessive charge will affect the circular motion process of material in the machine, resulting in a decline in mixing quality; if the charge is too small, it cannot be fully Give full play to the efficiency of the mixer, waste energy, which is not conducive to the flow of materials in the mixer, affecting the quality of mixing. all kinds of feed mixers of animal husbandry have their respective filling coefficie, laboratory and practice have been drawn, of which batch (intermittent Horizontal screw mixer, the filling coefficient is generally 0.6-0.8, the material position should not exceed its rotor topThe plane; the filling coefficient of batch spiral mixer is generally controlled from 0.6-0.85; the drum mixer is about 0.4; the planetary mixer is about 0.4-0.5; the rotating container mixer is 0.3-0.5; The V type mixer is about 0.1-0.3; the double cone mixer is about 0.5-0.6. The filling coefficie of various continuous mixers are not the same, generally controlled around 0.25-0.5, do not exceed 0.5. , Appropriate Mixed Time in most cooperation feed production lines, the most commonly used mixer is basically intermittent, For a batch (batch) mixer, there is a problem with the best mixing time. The mixing time is too short, the material is not adequately mixed in the mixer, and the mixed quality is definitely not guaranteed. However, the longer the mixing time is, the better the mixing effect, the experiment proves that any material is good, the particle size uneven material has a separation trend, if the mixing time is too long, the material is over mixed in the mixer It will cause separation, which affect quality, and increase energy consumption. Because mixing and separation is carried out simultaneously during the mixing of materials, the mixing effect is determined, even if the mixing is continued, the mixing effect cannot be improved, but it will be over mixed. It produces separation. The mixing time is determined based on the model of the mixer and its manufacturing level, the physical properties of the material and the actual test results, and the aforementioned pure model itself is not the same concept. The mixer uses a period of time, and the various parameters may change, so you have to check the detection regularly, and correctly adjust the time required for the hybrid according to the check results. , Correct Operation for Premixing of Additives, should be mixed from micro-mixing to small amou to medium mix A method of stirring is expanded step by step to a large number of mixed step by step. The correct material adding order should be: The component larger than the component is added or in most additional machines, and then the small amount and trace compone are added above it; in various materials, it is generally a large group of particles. Add a mixer, the mixed machine is added, and the particle size is small; when the difference between the materials is large, it is generally added to the small amount of material, and then add a large material. s for fixed container mixers, should then start after the mixer, prevent the full load starting phenomenon, and to remove the container mixer Then start addition, start, first stop, then unload the material; for the V-shaped mixer, it should be feed from the two feed ports. To take steps to minimize other factors affecting the mixing uniformity of the mixed materials: The mixed material is preferably pressed into particles,The various compone of the material are fixed in the particles or directly load the bag; avoiding or minimizing the delivery and drop of mixed materials; to reduce the loading and unloading of the mix to the lowest level; minimize the drop, rolling or sliding of the materialThe storage warehouse after mixing should be as small as possible, and the mixed transport apparatus is preferably a belt conveyor. To ensure that mixing quality, the operation performance of the mixer should be detected, often add lubricating oil to the bearing and at all active shafts, timely maintenance and replacement loss, according to uniformitySampling results to correctly determine the best mixing time.Regularly check the operation of each switch, clean up the debris, remove the residual material around the door switch, so that the door switch is flexible, and the phenomenon of leakage is eliminated.

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