Factors and solutions to spraying effects after liquid enzyme preparation

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The enzyme preparation has been widely used in the various fields of the feed industry. With the rapid growth of global feed yield, various energy raw materials are relatively tightened, and the use of enzyme preparations are sng both energy, and can reduce the use of feed additives of the contaminated environment. However, at prnt, the application of the enzyme preparation still has many problems, especially the solid enzyme preparation, stability under high temperature and high humidity conditions, which restricts the use effect of the enzyme preparation. Currently, feed enterprises have widely used feed granules to spray liquid enzyme preparations on the surface of the particles to prevent the enzyme protein to lose biological function.However, in practical applications, there are many factors that affect the spraying effect of enzyme preparations. This article describes several factors and solutions that affect the spraying effect of liquid enzyme preparations. 1 Affects Liquid Enzyme Population After Spraying Effect 1.1 Particle Feed – Bit Feed The diameter, surface smoothness of the , etc. can have an effect on the post-spray effect. The smaller the diameter of the feed particles, the greater the specific surface area, which is conducive to the adsorption of the liquid; the smoother the surface of the particles, the smaller the liquid, but the smoothness of the surface can reduce the generation of dust; the puffed granule feed, the internal volume expansion of the pellet Increased voids, which greatly enhances the absorption capacity of particulate feed to liquid. 1.2 Liquid Enzyme Population – Storage Conditions, Biological Characteristics, Addition ratios, precipitation, etc. The effect of spraying. 1.2.1 Liquid Enzyme Prrvation Liquid Enzyme Directly affects its own quality, test rarch, low temperature prrvation (4 ¡ã C) The enzyme activity is high, but the crystal precipitation of stabilizers, enzyme protein, etc. is caused by less than -20 ¡ã C, and even liquid icing; when the temperature exceeds 25 ¡ã C, the shelf is shorter, and when the shelf is shorter, more than 40 ¡ã C Save a monthly activation loss will exceed 10%; direct exposure of sunlight also results in a decrease in liquid enzyme preparation. 1.2.2 Liquid Enzyme Biological Characteristics Serving Different Liquid Enzyme Preparations, such as liquid phytase, liquid xylanase, Liquid cellulase, liquid mannanase, liquid galactosidase, liquid compound enzyme, etc., its enzyme itself genes, enzymatic characteristics, fermentation process, etc., so that liquid enzyme storage is used. The pH, stabilizers, prrvatives, etc., especially the compound liquid composite enzyme products, which are particularly important, so in the use of different enzyme preparations, especially the enzyme preparations produced by different manufacturers, allPay attention to the prrvation conditions and the problem of stability, so as not to cause the effect of the liquid enzyme preparation to decrease, metamorphism. 1.2.3 Liquid Enzyme Addition ratio During the actual production of animal husbandry ~ 200ml, add too much to cause feed particles, too little, will result in uneven spraying, affect the effect of enzyme preparation. 1.2.4 Liquid Enzyme Painted Precipitation Formulation Populatory Soluble Floccuctation While the appearance of the enzyme preparation, it is possible to block the pipe and nozzle of the spray apparatus, so it is required to be filtered to avoid the nozzle to block, affect the spray effect. Service Livestock 1.3 Post-Spray Equipment Service Livestock 1.3.1 Liquid Sprayed Pressure Source Different, the nozzle is different, spray pressure and The design of the nozzle can affect the effect of after spraying. the liquid spray pressure has a certain effect on particle feed spraying uniformity. When the spray pressure is small, the droplet is not good, and the spray is uneven. As the spray pressure is increased, the particle uniformity is also improved; when the spray pressure is too high, the droplet atomization should be good, but because the position of the nozzle is fixed, the flow rate of the droplets is very high, and the ability to penetrate the material is very powerful. When there is no sufficient atomization, it is sprayed on the vacuum mixing chamber wall, causing uneven spraying. Service Animal Husband 1.3.2 Liquid Atomization Effect Lysification and Nozzle Structure, Quantity and Installation Location There is a direct relationship, according to The motion state of the particulate feed is in the motion state of the mixer. Studies have found that reducing the nozzle aperture can improve spray uniformity. Serving Livestock 1.3.3 Rrvsorage Pot Place Place the rrvoase can on the same floor with the nozzle, this needs to be considered The temperature problem; some manufacturers are placed in the central control room, which requires considering the insulation measures for the pipeline between the central control room and the nozzle and anti-mouse measures. 2 Improves Liquid Enzyme Preparation Application Effects Serving Livestock 2.1 Advanced Equipment Improves Liquid Enzyme Physical Quality ultrafiltration and micro-filtering is the advanced membrane separation technology developed by materials science, in recent years, ultrafiltration and microfiltrationManufacturing technology and application techniques have developed rapidly and mature, which is increasingly widely used in the field of feed enzyme preparation. service livestock ultrafiltration and microofiltration are both interception capabilities of porous materials to remove a certain size of impurity particles in the water in a physical interceptive manner. Under pressure drive, water, organic low molecule, and inorganic ion, etc., can be largely reached by the micropores on the fiber wall to reach the other side of the film, the bacteria, colloid, particulate, organic macromolecule, etc. The substance cannot be intercepted by the fiber wall, thereby achieving the purpose of different compone in the sieving solution. The process is normal temperature operation, no phase changes, no secondary pollution. in the actual production of liquid enzyme preparation, microfiltration equipment is used to further concentrate, purify, ultrafiltration equipment to further concentrate, improve enzyme activity, concentrated liquid enzyme preparation Corresponding dilution, additional protective age can increase the transparency, stability, and reduce viscosity of liquid enzyme preparations. 2.2 Adding Stabilizer to Improve Liquid Enzyme Stabilization Performance the stability of the animal and animal husbandry to increase the stability of the enzyme preparation is a convenient, Economical, effective methods, which are effective in existing varieties. Stabilizers mainly include 10 kinds of materials such as prrvatives, polyhydroxy compounds, edible glue, salts, amino acids. Based on its stable effect: 2.2.1 prrvative and protease inhibitor service livestock in enzyme engineering, Enzy are in addition to cells, and the protein concentration is much reduced than in the cells and is in a oxidative environment. Cell crushing causes cell rupture, especially the lysosomal rupture releases a large amount of protease and acids the solution. A hydrolysis reaction occurs by the effect of protease. To prevent this phenomenon, the protease inhibitor or the pH, ion intensity or polarity of the extract, protect the enzyme coexisting by inhibiting the activity of the protease. Some solve such as glycerin, sugar, PEG, etc. also effectively reduce the hydrolysis of proteases. Service Animalin In the process of production, preparation and application, the coexistence of miscellaneous protein provides good nutrient conditions for microbial growth, which may cause a lot of growth and destroy the enzyme molecule. Adding a prrvative can inhibit the growth of the microorganism and function to stabilize the enzyme. Sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, hydroxybenzoate, etc. are commonly used prrvatives, and the effect of the first two types of acid type prrvatives is large and the PH relationship is very large, and the pH is advantageous. – Battle, 2.2.2 Buffer Solution Extreme PH is an important cause of enzyme molecules, due to the enzyme protein in the cellIn the neutral environment, the cushioning solution of pH 6 to 8 can effectively prevent pH changes. Most enzyme molecules remain relatively stable within a wide pH (pH 5 ~ 9 or greater). In the practice, which range of buffers can be used, it can be determined according to the pH stability of the particular enzyme. 2.2.3 Complex Serving Animalum, Polyol, Amino Acid and Its Derivatives, Inorganic Salts, Glycerin, Multiopters Polyethylene glycol or the like is generally referred to as protein co-solvent. High concentrations of solvent can stabilize proteins, and enhanced protein stability when mixed in combination is much greater than the sum of single stable capabilities. Service Livestock 2.3 Improve Storage Environment Support Liquid Enzyme Quality the prrvation of livestock liquid enzyme preparation should maintain proper temperature, guarantee exposure, ventilation, etc. Feed Factory should set up a special liquid enzyme storage room, pay attention to antifreeze in winter, pay attention to high temperature in summer. 2.4 Details should pay attention to 2.4.1 Purchasing Liquid Enzyme Preparation should be a small amount, first advance Used within 1 to 2 days after opening, such as using a liquid enzyme product of a large bucket (200L), the extractor is kept cleaned to avoid styles. Service Livestock 2.4.2 Springs Equipment Maintenance: Regularly check the nozzle, pipeline, prevent clogging; timely replace the corrosion failure filter; timely clear the precipitation of the bottom of the rrvoir Or impurities, etc .; regular school pairs of meters.

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