Feed Factory adopts the formula design and raw material purchase energy-saving reduction

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Feed Factory can be saved and consumption consumption by formula design and raw material, as follows: 7MT China feed industry information network – based on feed, service animal husbandry

First in the feed formulaA feed raw material having a high nutritional value should be preferred in the design.For example, pemmented meal, deprotective seed meal, peeling seed meal compared to such raw materials with adribe, and is easily pulverized and saved. 7mt China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Service Animal Husbandry

The second correctly determines the processing quality indicator.If it is correctly determined the pulverization particle size and particle feed size of the feed, the density of the puffed feed can be satisfied with the digestive requirements of the animal, and the optimum animal production performance can also save energy.It is necessary to oppose the design and process route design that does not consider production costs. 7MT China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

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