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In the past 10 years, the feed industry has developed rapidly in China. Many multinational companies and domestic large group companies have built or purchased many large-scale and large and medium-sized feed automation production lines in all provinces across the country. The maintenance and management of feed automation production line has also gradually gradually moved from passive maintenance management to modern equipment management. In the past, the equipment management personnel have been used as the core, too much relying on managers to know and experience equipment management model, often due to the management of management of management, and modern equipment management is developed with many experts. Based on the equipment management system, the factory has an alternate system of equipment management personnel, and can improve and innovate according to the characteristics of the equipment, so that the equipment management has continued to achieve new level and level. The following uses our company as an example to introduce modern equipment management to apply practices, with a peer.
1 Advanced equipment and how to maintain the long-term advanced equipment
can keep the products manufactured during the time, always walking in the frontier of the market, can produce the continuous change market needs products, and the performance is stable and the equipment is advanced. equipment. First, when we purchase equipment, you can purchase more mature new technologies as much as possible, you must preview the purchase of the equipment with advanced in the next few years, and it has its own feature. Then maintain the advancement of the equipment mainly rely on equipment management personnel and maintenance personnel and equipment operators. If the device manager has a strict work attitude. Strong innovative spirit, brave and go forward. Then they will work hard to study, improve the old equipment, continue and create their new life. If the equipment maintenance person loves the maintenance work, it is easy to solve difficulties, help people, good at making machines, rather than slaves, then equipment stability will greatly improve. If the equipment operator is proficient in equipment, it is good at equipment daily maintenance and efforts to overcome the weaknesses of equipment during the production process, and exert the strength of the equipment, and can produce a good product. This will show that the device is always advanced in its life cycle.
2 Scientific equipment management
In order to fierce market competition, it is always unbeaten. In terms of equipment management, the device must be utilized to maximize the device. With the latest ideas, constantly pursue the zero-defense rate and low maintenance costs. At the same time, it is necessary to establish a series of equipment management systems and methods. Daxia Group Corporation is generally developed by the group company to obtain equipment management experts or by many factories. It has the content to check the time, frequency and analysis; equipment lubrication cycle and time; equipment cleanup cycle and time; equipment maintenance and adjustment, its core is dominated by preventive maintenance, emergency maintenance To a secondary principle. Figure 1 Adjusts the basic process of equipment management.
2.1 Equipment cleaning, cleaning and inspection
Equipment cleaning refers to each of the production employees, and it has been cleaned by the equipment and the floor surface to the floor. Experience at the cleaning areaThere must be a cleaning record card, and you must specify the cleaning requirements, cleaning cycle and cleaning people. Each cleaning must record the cleaning time and sign. Its attachment is to obtain an external information of operating equipment and maintain a good working environment, and a good working environment will increase the enthusiasm of employees and promote the safety of the factory. The equipment is cleaned to be cleaned up to the device. It is best to clean the record card on each device. On the cleanup record card, you must specify the responsible person, clean up method, cleanup requirements and cycle. Each time you clean up to record cleanup time and related content and report it to the device or production supervisor. Different equipment cleaned up the cycle. For example, when the cooler is changed, it needs to be cleaned when changing different varieties, and the mixer can enter the cleanup weekly operator. The granulator has a quilting strip to clean up the tenth class, and most of the equipment must be cleaned up every month. The cleaning equipment is achieved to ensure that the feed quality is stable and obtains information within the equipment.
Device check includes daily devices to view and monthly equipment checks. The daily equipment is inspected to be inspected from the outside of the device. Checkpers must take a view, listen, and touch method each time, listen, and touch the method and record it in time. It is usually made by maintenance personnel or equipment management personnel, and each time you can make different maintenance or managers to be implemented to get
. Each check time is determined according to the size of the factory, it is at 0.5 to 2.5 people / every day.
Monthly equipment inspection refers to the equipment management personnel, according to the characteristics and experts of the factory, to formulate each device to check the project. It has the main content of the main, including: Each device checks the specific items and project requirements standard, each item to check the time and inspection cycle. This work is just guided by equipment management personnel to perform. Monthly equipment inspection time can be controlled by 20 to 70 people according to the factories.
2.2 Daily Maintenance Work Record
Daily maintenance work record refers to the accurate and timely record of the maintenance personnel and the accessories used in each working period, and the working nature is classified. It can be divided into preventive maintenance and affecting emergency repair. The daily equipment management must obtain information summary, entry into the device management manual to find statistical analysis and monthly production and equipment management, and provide information on the second day maintenance program. In addition, the equipment production will provide equipment information.
2.3 Lubrication and Adjustment
Lubrication can be divided into periodic lubrication and equipment inspection. Regular lubrication is based on the requirements of the equipment manual, and the equipment expert advice and the use of strength and management of the plant equipment have been developed periodic lubrication. The annual lubrication and quarter lubrication can be made. After daily and monthly inspection, due to the large amount of wear, the equipment managers are required to be specially lubricated and the necessary equipment components are required to be adjusted by the equipment. PreventionThe degree of degradation is accelerated. Some high temperature or heavy-duty equipment must be specially lubricated. For example, the granulator has a pressure roller bearing, and each shift must be lubricated once. The spindle bearing is best lubricated once a week, and the general industrial grease is selected. Crusher spindle bearings are best lubricated once every 2 weeks, and ·¡ Èó »¬.
2.4 Production Equipment Analysis
Production and equipment management staff must analyze and summarize production and equipment every week or monthly. Summarize the work plan for the last week or last month and explain the reasons for the unfinished plan. Develop specific work direction and maintenance next week or next month, to preserve the specific content. Participants must propose their own views to collide different views in order to let managers finalize the best solution. Regardless of whether the participant is different from the decision, it must be strictly implemented. Of course, each manager must deliver a weekly or monthly manager, but also to copy other relevant department managers and the upper level of manager or leadership. Its attachment is to promote the correct rate of work and ensure smooth information channel.
2.5 Spare parts management and support repair
Equipment managers should promptly report daily maintenance records and maintenance, daily walking equipment, weekly and monthly production equipment, and spare parts Safety stocks, capture requires information. Timely preparation plan to ensure that all kinds of work is successfully completed.
2.5. l Spare parts Inventory Principles 1 Commonly used parts, easy-to-lose parts, and purchase periods are longer parts and foreign imports must have a safe stock. Give a lower than safe inventory accessories for a monthly or weekly or weekly. Early supplementation, avoiding long-term shutdown due to no accessories that cannot be repaired; 2 is not used, the price is low, can purchase accessories. You can also make a small amount of stock; 3 does not usually use it, but you can purchase accessories in time, you can contact multiple dealers so that you can deliver in time.
2.5.2 Spare parts classification and purchase spare parts are divided into bearing classes, electrical, electronic, hardware, mechanical, computer, machine sieve, ring mold, pressure roller, belt, nylon fighting plastic products Class, sewing accessories. Machinery Processing Factory, Equipment Production Group Corporate. The °ã °ã can be purchased according to the classification, and each category is best necessary to have two suppliers, so you can compare prices at any time. Regular cooperation suppliers can pay the payment, and the quality of the accessories is more stable. But the selected supplier, we are best accessed every minute, to check their accessories price and quality. In the case of less purchases, there is a condition that the company can use the Group to ensure quality and price. There are fewer use, the price is not very high accessories, and the quality is heavy. During the negotiation process of the purchase accessory, after negotiations with many manufacturers, they can know the accessories from the assembly skills. This is aircraft mold, pressure roller, crushing roller, sieve, hammer, batch purchaseIt is very helpful. For the group company, all the purchases of the parties, all the factories are best interoperable, and copied to the corresponding leadership, so that all factories can get the best price, rich information and most stable quality. Products, and can increase the operation of transparency and promote work work.
2.6 Maintenance Action
With full information, adequate accessories and perfect prevention maintenance plans. We have laid a solid foundation for the next week and next month. A preventive maintenance is arranged in non-production time. This improves maintenance personnel to work efficiency and personal safety. After the maintenance is completed, try to run the maintenance equipment to ensure that there is no problem in formal production, it does not affect normal production. Debutation and repair within the production time, the maintenance plan must be worn closely, production and maintenance must be closely fit, before repair, repair parts and related personnel must be in place, cut off the power switch and lock, hang a repair card, guarantee Under the premise of quality and personnel, we will shorten the maintenance time as much as possible. At the end of the repair, the relevant personnel is best to try to run the equipment, and after the equipment is produced, the maintenance is over. This allows the equipment to improve and restore before deterioration.
2.7 Good operation skills to ensure normal operation of equipment
The operator is a good product and equipment to ensure it. To produce high quality products, you must have hardworking and love to comply with rules and institutions. Training for operators, not just months training, but also for life training. Production and equipment managers should turn 80% of orders as training, let them know that they are not only to master production and equipment knowledge and technology from practice, but also to master relevant production and equipment knowledge, and let them Continuously from practical to theory, then continuously develop from theory to practice. In order to make the employee employee continue to improve, it is necessary to carry out cross-training training, and the cross training can make employees feel the pressure, promote employees in work, stimulating employees to create innovation, each production staff here Master a variety of operational skills during the process. At the same time, managers must also create a good working environment for them. Let them continue to pursue high quality and high efficiency; let them dare to challenge quality, production and equipment care every day! Management staff must also make them constant and success. This will be used to have a truly value.
2.8 For the maintenance department’s assessment
to facilitate maintenance work efficiency and ensure good operation, the maintenance department should carry out the necessary assessment. The assessment is mainly from 3 aspects: 1 Due to the sudden failure of the equipment, the ratio of the production time and the overall production time is interrupted. The equipment conditions are better, and the management is better than 4% to 8%. The small and medium-sized factory is 9% to 15%. It is to ensure continuous operation of the equipment; 2 monthly maintenance department preventive maintenance and maintenance departmentTotal hour ratio.The management is better than about 70% (each month, the maintenance plan must be handled in the leading department), and the idea is to ensure the long-term stability of the equipment; 3 must control the maintenance accessories in monthly maintenance work.The cost and maintenance personnel are efficient (except equipment transformation costs).The direct cost of the premium is 10% for the total cost of the production.These aspects and maintenance personnel can be hooked to facilitate work.The assessment must be obtained at the time of the assessment, and the group company has to obtain the level, and the wisdom is to keep the maintenance department continue to advance.

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