Feed processing and feed morphology affect animal production performance

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In the United States, the first production of feed was started in the early 20th century. All commercial broilers and turkeys are feeding the particle feed, which has not changed much for so many years. In fact, the exact economic benefits may not be well determined. Today, existing feed mills are existing as part of intensive production, and is considered necessary and main processing costs. Most feeders have been working hard to reduce feed processing costs, which has led to a method of reducing processing costs. However, these methods have not produced the best quality feed. What we know is that the high quality feed and the method of granulation it will affect the conversion of the feed. Since the feed is one of the largest costs in animal production, it is a key factor in making the most economical efforts of the feed grain.
Although the feed mill is combined vertically according to the economic band, they have not yet been combined with their production. The actual value of feed morphology or physical quality on feed conversion, the uniformity of poultry groups and growth is too small to understand. It cannot just view the feed factory as a cost center, which seems to be more like a “tool”” that can affect the production of the aggregated poultry in other fields.

It is difficult to review the impact of granulation for feed mills and poultry production performance. No research

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