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According to the requirements of livestock and poultry, the feed materials are processed into the finished product of the finished product by mechanical, chemical, heating, and other methods. After processing, the modulated finished feed has a single feed of powder, granular, straw-shaped, sheet shape, block, paste, etc., mixed thin feed, and powdered, granularly fit feed, and the like. The feed machinery can be divided into the following categories depending on the machining object and the processing process. Feed processing equipment is used to process all kinds of cereals, mainly feed crusher, feed granules and feed crimping machines. The feed processing equipment is, which is a pair of relative rotating tooth rolls or light surface rolls, and the cooked grain is pressed into sheet-shaped mechanical cake, cake feed processing machinery oil crop via hydraulic oil machine The extract of about 250 ~ 600 mm after extract, can be used as a feed by pulverizing the cake crusher. The cake slabs obtained after the spiral oil filter, as well as the cake obtained after the leaching method refines the oil, and the hammer feed pulverizer is used as a feed. The crude feed processing machine is mainly used for processing hay, green feed and crop straw. Commonly used stem shredgers, stem strokes, feed crushers, grass block pressures and feed crimping machines. The stem striped stroke is used to treat crop straw with alkalization method, i.e., caustic or other alkaline solutions are sprayed into a broken straw through the small holes on the pipe, and thoroughly mixed in the conveying process to promote straw. Lignin decomposition to improve its digestibility, remove mold, and disinfect. The grass block pressing machine is a crude feed to the crushing of hay into blocks, with a density of 600 to 1000 kilograms / cubic meters, which is convenient for transportation and storage, and it can be sent directly to the feed when feeding. Its working principle is similar to the feed granules, but the size of the grass is large. Succulent machining machine mainly processed potato and melon vegetables. Commonly used block washing machine. For cleaning potato, radish and other blocks, tubers. There are three types of roller, claws and spirals, which are more use in spiral. When working, the root, the stem is sent from one end from the drum (or helix) to the other end, and the cleaning effect is achieved due to the impact of mutual friction, collision, and water flow. Slice cutting machine. The main working components are one vertical, horizontally or tilt mounted cutter. The upper surface can be exchanged to install the straight blade blade or the shaker, which is used to cut the feed into a sheet or filament. The cutting machine is also known as a green feed shredder. There are two types of vertical and horizontal. In the vertical use, the straw particles have two horizontal machetes on the top of the cutter pan, and there are 6 to 8 U-shaped knives on the side. The feed is cut into fine crowned when the cutter is rotated. Feed beater. Composed of a slurry tank, a high-speed rotor, a shield, and a rack equipped with a blade. When the job, the water is injected into the water. Juicy feed is machined into a paste feed under high-speed cutting and impact of the blade. Mixed dilute feed modulation machinery is mainly used to modulate mixed thin feed for feeding pigs, with intermittent and continuous. The intermittent modulator adopts a larger cylindrical feed mixing tank, and the built-in a blade stirring device is driven by the power. The liquid pump is filled with a certain proportion of sufficiently stirring in a certain proportion of mixing tanks.Or compressed air gives the dagger feed into the feed through the pipe. The continuous modulation is composed of a powder box, a liquid tank, a feed mixing tank pump, a feed distribution pump equipped with a blade stirring device. The spiral conveyor under the powder tank is continuously fed into the mixing tank, and the liquid is continuously fed into the mixing tank from the liquid tank from the liquid tank. With the gradual improvement of urban and rural life, the coarse grain is thin, delicate, will become a new fashion with nutrition, the traditional extensive corn processing technology can not meet the needs of the market, so five-point high-efficiency giant corn peeling machine Shut up. The machine can complete the cleaning, pulling embryo, peeling, tapping, grading, skin, ôÖ, face, embryo, high yield, low output consumption, low output, low electricity, low output, low output, low output, low output, low output, low output, low yield, low output consumption, low yield, low output consumption, low output, low output, low battery production, low output, low output, low battery production, low output, low battery production, low yield, low battery production, low output and low battery production, low yield, low output. It can be installed with other grain and oil machinery, or it can be installed on tricycles to walk villages, serving the door, mobile operation, and real-time urban and rural youth, laid-off employee is not much more shortcut. The entire corn procedure is divided into two steps to transfer the lower large box of the silo to the closed state, and the moisturized net corn is poured into the silo. The operating handle is adjusted to the maximum grinding position, start the motor or diesel engine, and observe the machine operation. When the large box is pulled out of 2 cm, the machine starts to work, the material is finished, the first step is completed. The big platen is closed, the feed processing equipment will pour the crushing corn into the silo, put the operating handle in the hiking area, and pull the large box to 1 class and observe whether it is ideal. If the skin is contained, the trace adjustment shank can be rotated to the ideal part of the clockwise direction. Otherwise, the reverse direction is adjusted, the material is completed, and the entire operation step is completed. Precautions The supporting motor must be a 4-pole-5.5kW motor, and the motor wheel must be an accessory with the original factory, which is strictly replaced.

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