Feed processing technology design and equipment selection

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Feed production is a combination of a series of processing equipment and delivery equipment, rational design processes and selection equipment is also an important part of safe feed production. It is mainly to reduce the processing process of material grading and residue, while using heat treatment during processing to eliminate the effects of anti-nutrition factors and harmful microorganisms in raw materials. 1. The grading of the processing process is in the feed processing, the density difference between the feed compone, the different amou of carrier particles, and the mixing of the micro compone such as additives and other compone in the feed are not sufficient, which is unsuitable. important reason. Processing flows such as feedstock, loading and discharges can also cause improper grading, manual operation and processing process. Reduce the grading measure is reasonable design of the feed processing process and select high quality precision equipment; by adjusting the composition of the raw material and the uniformity of the raw material mixing; the micro component is effectively loaded to change the mixing of trace compone Features; add liquid compone to increase the bonding of the powder; granulation or puffing the product also helps to avoid the above phenomenon. For powdered products (especially composite premix), the finished powder after mixing should minus the delivery distance to reduce the impact of material grading. 2. The residual contamination of the processing process can cause the residue of the feed in the equipment to lead to cross-contamination. If corresponding measures are taken in process design and equipment, the residual production can be reduced. In the process design, the conveying process is used to use the dispenser and self-flow form to transport less levels. For horizontal conveying equipment, such as a helical conveyor, the scraper conveyor is required for the structural reasons, and should be required to enter and easily clean up when the equipment is designed, or with a self-clear function scraper conveyor. Under the conditions of the process requirement, try to reduce the number of materials and the number of molten wares. The suction dust removal system sets the independent wind network as much as possible, and the collected dust is directly returned to the original to prevent secondary pollution, especially the production of composite premixed materials in the pharmaceutical compound. The measurement of trace compone should be arranged in the upper part of the mixer, and if it is necessary to increase or convey after metering and weighing, high-density pneumatic conveying must be used to prevent hierarchical and residue. High hazardous micro compone such as drugs must be added directly to the mixer. Pharmaceutical feed production should be as special as possible to minimize the risk of cross-contamination. In order to reduce the effect of residual on the feed, some cleaning devices can be designed, and the specific parts of certain equipment are cleaned by compressed air. On the device, it should be determined that the accuracy of the measuring device electronic species and hybrid devices, the metering device, and the electronic scale should be determined by the nature of different ratio materials, and the metering equipment of the wood induction is used to meet the amount of different materials. Requireme. In the production of feed and composite premix, the choice of mixer is important, and the mixer should be able to achieve mixed accuracy of the variation coefficient of no greater than 5% at a constant ratio concentration. The design of the mixer should ensure that only the small material remains in the mixer after each batch of materials is mixed. Due to different particle size and productionDifferent in the premixed feed production, the particle size of the material is small, the mixed uniformity requires high, and the residual residue is required. The material is static during mixing. When selecting a mixer, it should be considering mixed material characteristics to a mixer The requireme are different. The bucket lifter, slippery, ingredie and buffering hoppers also produces residues, and should be required to be slippery, silo, and hopples when selecting equipment. Unseasoned liquid additives will also have an impact on the residue of materials, and pay attention. [NextPage] 3. The effect of the heat treatment process prior to the precision heat treatment is dependent on temperature, time, and the quality of steam. The function of the tuning is to improve the quality of the particulate feed, improve the feed digestibility, and can damage the anti-nutritional factor in the raw material, and kill the microorganisms in the raw material, so that the health quality of the particulate feed is controlled. This tetheral treatment is limited by the structural restriction of the particulate machine, and the conditioning effect is not ideal. Currently improved in the regulating treatment, mainly uses the distance from increasing the tuning and needle to extend the injection and mixing time, and improve the hygiene quality of the feed after the tuning and regulation. Another method is to a t expansion or extrusion puffing method, fully utilize time, temperature, and combine mechanical shear and pressure, high treatment strength, and more obvious effect. Expansion or extrusion of puffed teshang makes the feed of the feed better. 4. Problem thermal substances of outer spray applications cause loss during heat treatment, so that it can be added through the outer spraying process during the conditioning process. Th substances are added to the surface of the particles, which may cause particulate powder during transport or transportation, and have a uniform distribution of enrichmental effects after powdering. Therefore, the particle external coating should be closely coupled to the outer coat material and particles, and the particle processing quality is a guarantee of the quality of the external coating, and is generally desirable to extruder the extruded product.

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