Fermentor fermentation bean slag pig technology

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Fermentor fermented bean slag pig technology
Bean residue refers to the foot of bean products such as tofu, soy milk, but because it contains three anti-nutritional factors: ie trypsin inhibitory, thyristin, thrombinThree kinds of anti-nutrient factors, of which trypsin inhibitors can hinder the digestive absorption of porcine protein on bean protein, causing diarrhea, affecting growth, such as fermenting two types of fermentants through gold babies, not only do not cool, not onlyThere is also a better feeding effect and advantage, and a customer of Hefei uses our company’s gold babies to play a very good effect.
Specific practice is: 50% of grass powder, 25% of the softe, 25% wheat bran, and a fermented agent (2) 2 ¡ë.Grass powder (straw powder) can also be fermented with gold babies eight straw fermentors, and then add to the material, but if you do not first ferment the fermentation, use a binary fermentor and grass powder to add50% or less, such as 30%, 25%, 20%, etc.

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