Fish production process and quality control point

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I. Fish material processing process fish material process process – Service Live Mince # 8203; Particle fish material processing process module serving livestock granules ingredie mdash; primary finish mdash; crushing – ingredie – ingredie – ingredie mdash; mixed (voter) mdash; mdash; Cafe Memory and Mdash; Mdash; Granulated Molding (Powder Return Reproduction) Mdash; Mdash; Cooling Water Mdash; Grading Screening Take Powder Mdash; Mdash; Vibration Screening Powder Mdash; Mdash; Packaging Mdash; mdash; finished packaging fish material crushing process parameters gas granulation cooling Process parameters Service Animal Husband Service Animal Muscle Packaging Process Parameters – 2, quality control key control poi e control goal: Ensuring quality of granule feed products, including sensory quality, nutrition indicators, health indicators and processing quality indicators. – Biped Feed, # 8203; 1 Feed, 2, tension: three eleme of tuning temperance are: moisture, temperature, time; for fish, tether water must reach 14-15%, temperature needs to be 90-100 degrees, tuning time materials The time in the quality room needs to be controlled in 35-45 seconds or more residence time; 3, Water Temperature Check: Grain Temperature Does Not Exceeding Room Temperature 5 ¡ã C; 4, particle water resistance test: Different particle sides, hard bottom standards, see the picture above (fish packaging process) 5, powder and powder Monitoring of the rate: fish containing 4%, powdering rate is not exceeding 1 permil ;; 6, packaging process Quality control: packaging, label, package weight, sewing quality inspection.

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