Fish shrimp feed to the requirements of pulverization particle size

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NRC (1993) of fish nutrition requires the recommended fish in combination with the feed to be less than or equal to 0.5 mm.The pulverization of the raw material for fish with feed is all from 40 mesh sieve (0.425 mm sieve), 60 mesh sieve (0.250 mm screen) sieve is not more than 20%.The logarithmatic geometric average particle diameter of the fish feed should be 200 or country’s Aquatic Standard (SC2002-94) is all-through 40 mesh sieve (0.425mm sieve), 60 mesh sieve (0.250mm sieve) sieve material is not more than 20%, its particle size is 200 below.Squid, methylene feed requires smashing requirements, generally 98% of 98% of the jokes, and the average particle size is less than 100; into a squad, the meal, generally control 98% over 80 mesh sieve, granulesThe trail is controlled below 150. 2UW China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

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