Forage straw block feed technology mitigates “people livestock”””

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The pressure block feed industry is an emerging industry in my country. It is born in accordance with the sustainable environment of sustainable development in my country. It has a certain promotion of the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure. my country is an agricultural big country, with an annual output of crop straw more than 600 million tons, th straw resources If effective use of processing, it can become a good feed for the number of cattle and sheep and other herbs. . However, due to the relatively lag of processing and utilization methods and techniques, a large number of straws were burned or weathered, molded, wasted to pollute the environment, and became a major public hazard. This problem is effective in the production of pasture / straw pressure block feed technology. , Forage / Straw Block Feed Advantage: 1, you can processed time-proofing forage into a four-season feeding Grass. and Spring Festival, pasta and crop straw shortage, and less nutrie, livestock push-deficient;, in summer, all crop straw and pasture resources are extremely rich, but Not effective use. Therefore, th straws and pasture resources are processed into pieces feed by mechanical means, making it possible to solve this contradictory method for long-term storage. 2, which can achieve pastland transformation of pasture / straw. my country Straw and Forage Resources Distribution is unbalanced, the north and western resources are rich, and the resources in the eastern part and the southern are rare, and the amount of livestock in the south is increasing. The pressure block feed technology can compress the ordinary pasture / straw, the density is 15-20 ti , making it possible to transport a far-reaching item, making it possible to achieve off-site conversion. Serving Livestock 3, can effectively solve my country’s current existing quot; people livestock fighting quot; At prnt, my country’s food and pasture production is insufficient, has formed quot; people’s livestock fight quot; situation, feed has become the main bottleneck restricting animal husbandry development, how to develop more than 100 million tons The crop straw resources have become the main way to accelerate the development of animal husbandry, solving her herbs such as cattle and sheep. Rarch and development of high-efficiency and reasonable and reasonable processing and utilization technology of straw resources will be an important technical support for high-efficiency use of straw feed resource, factory, and scale. 4, can increase the right and exhaustion rate of ordinary straw, and enhance the feeding effect. Service Animal Music Straw After the mechanized pressure block, it is improved by the raw fed and fooled, the food is 100%, easy to digestion absorption; feeding convenient, easy to machineFeeding; the nutrition level has improved.

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