Gasification and fermentation method of cow fine feed

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1 Sweet Feed Modulation

In order to improve the nutrition of cows, increase the sweetness, make cattle love, can put a variety of high sorghum, corn flour, bran, and rice bran Feeding after feed, a part of the starch becomes maltose, and the sugar content in the feed can be increased from 1% to 10%.

2 Method After pulverizing a variety of feeds such as corn, sorghum, such as sorghum, inserted into a wooden barrel or cylinder, and then adding an appropriate amount of salt and mineral mixing. Each 0.5 cm is left, 1 part of the feed is added 2.0-2.5 parts of hot water, and the stirring is evenly stirred, and then put it layer by layer. After filling, the top of the feed is covered with 1 layer of rice bran or sack, and the closed cover is hot, it is best to put in warm indoors to promote saccharification. If you can add some barley malt in a glycated feed, you can speed up the feed.

3 Note Question

When the feed is saccharified, pay attention to the insulation, keep the cylinder temperature in 55-65OC, generally 3-4 hours to be saccharified. If the room temperature is low, the feed time is delayed. After the feed is sugar, it is necessary to feed immediately and prevent acid defeat immediately. According to the feature of its saccharification, in the production of saccharified feed, it should be flexible according to the number of cattle and 1 day to feed and room temperature, and it is planned for a planned supply, feeding.

4 Fermentation Feed Modulation 4.1 Pillax Fermentation Method Because the fermented yeast type is high, before fermenting a large number of feed, do a good yeast, stay for feed The primer fermentation can reduce the cost of feed modulation. Take 100 kilograms of feed as an example, first take 0.6-1.0 kg of bread yeast, add 40-50 oc warm water 45-50 liters, sprinkle with corn, sorghum, bran and other fine materials, stir evenly. The mixture was stirred at room temperature for 20-30 minutes, and it was gratiated in 4-6 hours. The addition of 100-150 liters of water and the remaining 80 kg of fine material were added, and the mixture was stirred once every 1 hour, it took 6-9 hours to make fermentation feed. 4. Direct fermentation method First add water to the fermentation tank, add water to the fermented tank, add the bread enameduter (0.5-1.0 kg gapega plus 5 heater water) dilution, add 100 kilograms The mixture is stirred every 30 minutes, and the fermentation feed is made after 6-9 hours.

4.3 Yeast fermentation

First fermentation with yeast is made. In 40 kg gum, 1 kg of yeast was added, and the mixture was stirred every 20-25 minutes, and “yeast”” was taken for 6 hours. Then take 8 kg of “”yeast”” to 110-150 heater water

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