Granulator is the main equipment in the production of each feed plant

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Granulator is the main equipment in the production of each feed mill, or it is also possible to use the heart of the feed factory, the correct use of granulator, directly affects the economic benefits of the feed plant, for this, how to use and maintain proper use and maintenance Maintenance capabilities are a large topic of the feed mill to improve production efficiency.
The characteristics of Zhengchang planting machine are the use of gear transmission structure, with the advantages of long service life, high capacity, low power consumption, and become a product preferred by each feed plant. But good equipment requires the correct use and careful maintenance and maintenance. The Zhengchang 400 granulator used by Safeia Group in Inner Mongolia has been working for 3 years, producing 24 hours a day, and has never been faulty. According to them, their maintenance of granulator is like a child. They have developed a complete set of operational procedures and maintenance systems for granulator. Due to the precision maintenance of the equipment, it has reduced the hidden dangers of the equipment, thereby prolonging the service life of the granulator, reducing maintenance costs, increasing the benefits for companies. Here is some precautions to the granulator in operation:
1, the timing is fuel to the granulator transmission site, and the pressure roller bearing is lubricated every 2 hours, and the main shaft front bearing is lubricated every 4 hours. To ensure flexible rotation of the granulator transmission site, reduce the workload.
2, regularly replace the lubricant in the granulator gearbox, the new machine needs to replace the oil after half a month, and each will be replaced once a continuous work for about 1000 hours, which can extend the life of the gear.
3, once a week, we must carefully check whether the connecting parts of each part will loosen, whether the legacy security switch is reliable, and simultaneously cleales the ball and massagers to avoid mechanical failures.
4, every half month checks the transmission key and the wear of the pressure mold lining, the wear of the hug, and discovers that wear is replaced in time, avoiding the rocking of rocking and affecting the yield.
5, use high quality ring mold, pressure roller. Immontual ring molding of the wound and inner holes is ordered, and the compression ratio of the ring mold is selected according to different recipes, and ensure that the ring mold is discharged smoothly and avoids increasing power consumption and reducing capacity.
6, adjusting the ring and the pressure roller gap each shift. If a plug is occurs, the pressure roller must be released, and the wallet gap is re-adjusted after removing the wall material. It is absolutely not forced to cause damage to the transmission site and the bearing gear due to severe vibration.
7, eliminate overload production. During the production process, it cannot exceed the ability to afford itself, otherwise the motor damage and the acceleration wear of the components are generated, and the life of the grain machine is shortened. [123: 8
Correct operation and pay attention to the maintenance of granulator is the key to extending the work life of the granulator, which is to strengthen the management of the equipment, and the benefits of the company will increase significantly.

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