Grass granules processing technology

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I. Benefits of Grass Particles 1. The growth and utilization of forage are greatly affected by the season. Winter forage yellow, small nutrie, livestock and defect; warm season forage is growing, nutritious, grass and many livestock can’t eat. Therefore, in order to promote short-term use of warm seasons, they can be stored in winter, and they can feed towards in winter. 2. High feed conversion rate. Winter granules are added to the ho tock, with less forage, more meat, eggs, milk. 3. Small size. Grass particle feed is only about 1/4 of its raw material hay, easy to store and transport, dust is relatively good for human livestock; feeding, can simplify the feeding procedures, in order to achieve intensive, mechanized animal husbandry production. 4. Increase appropriateness and improve forage quality. Such as the special smell of coumarin, how much is a little unpopular, but after making grass granules, it is a feeding, and the nutritional value is high. 5. Expand the source of feed. Such as Jinji, You Ruo, Chai, etc., its branches are rough, processed into grass granules after crushing, and forage. Other by-products such as crops, shells, straws, and various leaves and other leaves can be used to feed their livestock poultry. Second, the machining technology of grass particles Processing Grass Particles is the most critical technology to adjust the water content of the raw material. First, the water content of the raw material must be measured, then mix water to the water content of the machining. According to the assay, the granules were placed with leggings, and the best water content was 14% – 16%; the grasshest forage was 13% – 15%. Processing of grass particles, usually with particulate feed mill. The grass powder is agitated and extruded during the rolling process. Under normal conditions, the temperature of the particles from the screen is about 80 ¡ã C, from high temperature cooling to room temperature, water content is generally reduced by 3% – 5% Therefore, the water content of the grass particles after the cooling is no more than 11% to 13%. Since the water content is very low, it is suitable for long-term storage without mold deterioration. It can be formulated into grass particles containing different nutrient compone according to the nutritional requireme of various livestock and poultry. Its particle size can regulate the rolling machine and processed as required. The grass particles currently used is generally composed of four parts of agitation, compression, transmission, and rack. The main technical indicators are as follows: Work rate 13 kW working speed 300–500 rpm, sieve aperture: 8, 6, 4.5, 3.2 mm productivity: 300 kg / hour when the aperture is 8 mm / hour, when the aperture is 6 mm / hour, when the aperture is 4.2 mm / hour, the aperture is 3.2 mm, 150 kg / hour particle specification diameter 8 6, 4.5, 3.2 mm length can adjust the sewer powder fineness is not more than 1 mm particle cooling mode natural cooling three, the particle feed ingredie and effects are produced to produce feed and improve the utilization of feeds. 55% of grass powder (green grass, crop straw) – 60%, fine material (corn, sorghum, oats, bran, etc.)35% – 40%, minerals and vitamins 3%, urea 1% composition mating feed, pressed into particulate feed by particle feed granules. The amount of water per 100 kg of material is 17 kg per 100 kg of material, adding 37% of formaldehyde solution to 100 ml to improve its nutrie and digestibility. According to the test, produce the Lamb on the 8 months, adding 50 days with granule feed, daily gain averaged 190 grams, 1 kg of weight, consuming to 6.4 kg. It is a feasible way to promote the development of the aquaculture industry in the pasting area or in agriculture. Fourth, feeding technical poi and precautions 1. Top 6-7 days before feeding, so that they are getting used to feeding pellets. During the feeding period, it is dated 2 ti , and it is free to eat freely. In the evening, supplement with a small amount of green grass and increase the digestibility. The daily charge of the particulate feed is considered to be a small amount of surplus in a daily feed. Generally, the rrves of 30–40 kg are only 1.5 kg, and the sheep that lives from 40-50 kg is 1.8 kg. Eating granules is much more water than grazing, and livestock and poultry will refuse to eat. Therefore, it is necessary to drink water at a daily drink, and the drink is not less than 2 ti . Conditional installation is more ideal for automatic water dispenser. 2. Particle feed is expanded and broken, affecting the training rate and feed utilization. Therefore, it is not appropriate to raise in the openness. Generally performed in a subcursion to avoid the rainy season. 3. Before feeding, the deworm and medicated bath must be performed. Livestock with other diseases should be symptomatic treatment to better utilize feed. Appropriate extension of feeding time will result in a large compensation weight gain to achieve the expected feeding effect. V. Combined with feed according to the kind of diet, production performance and physiological status, the coordination of the grain powder can be processed into a customized dosage form, and they can feed live pigs directly. For example, a grass cake of 160 mm, a thickness of 10 mm, or 160 mm x170 mm x 60 mm; the sheep is only up to 10 mm, a radius of 5 mm, for example, a cylindrical or square columnar particle.

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