Green Green Feed NBSP; Blister Fermentation

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Green-green feed bubbles fermented in rural, summer season, all kinds of green feeding and wild pla grow vigorously. Some pig farmers collect th green juicy feed to feed pigs, this practice should be advocated. In addition to feeding pigs with fresh brown feed, you can also feed the green feeding after fermentation and then feed the pig, and its effect will be better. The method of blue-green succulent hydraulic fermentation is now briefly subjected to chopping of the collected green grass and wild vegetables or leaves, filled in the cylinder or cement pool, and the layers are compressed, and the stone is pressed, and then the water is allowed. Water should keep the feed 2 to 3 inch without making the feed to expose the surface. Soak for 4 to 5 days, due to the growth of lactic acid bacteria in the grass, it beco a slight fermentation feed. If you can fall into the cylinder or in the pool, the effect will be better. The number of green juicy feeds account for 4 ~ 5 inch; tofu slag, bran, alcohol, grain, etc., 2 ~ 3 inch; layer is compressed, super pressure stone, then water, slurry water and water In the cylinder or pool, you can feed the pig after 4 to 5 days. This blisters of fermentation feed has sweet sour, pigs like to eat.

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