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1 Principle of granulator service livestock in the feed granulation process, granulator is the most important equipment, according to the working principle of piezopia, generally divided into a molding machine and squeezing Two types of press compressors. The molding machine is suppressed feed raw material in a closed body; the extruder is a resistance to a resistance to the frictional force of the pressurized mold wall to press the forming feed particles. According to the structural characteristics of the grain component, the piezoper can be divided into plunger, screw, loop mode, and flat mode granulator. 2 Granulate Machine Composition Structure Machine Main Platform Machine Mainly Surveillance Feed System, Stirring Temperature Stripping System, Particle system, transmission system, security system, etc. 2.1 Stepless Speed Regulation System Regional Speed Mechanization System is from the two parts of the transmission and feeding composition. The transmission is typically composed of a JZTY type electromagnetic speed motor with a speed reducer. The speed motor is composed of three-phase flowing AC motor, the eddy current clutch and the speed generator, and is used with the JZTY controller. Through the JZTY type electromagnetic speed motor controller, its output speed can be changed, and after decelerator with a reduction of 1:10, the spiral feed is rotated, and the spiral variable speed feed and control different feeding are. the goal of. The feeding tweel is composed of a scorpion simmer, a scallop shaft, a seat bearing, and the like, which is to deliver the powder in the storage bucket to the stirrer by the rotation of the scallop shaft. The strap simplification, the scorpion shaft and the blade are made of stainless steel, and the strap shaft blade is full. The scorpion shaft can be pulled out from the twinkling simplification together with the bearing housing to facilitate the cleaning of the interior and the twirling axis. 2.2 Stirring Tempse System Metamine System is mainly made from simplified, stirring shaft, seat bearings, reducers, motors, Steam ports, sugar-added ports, security magnets, lifterings, etc. are composed. The function is to make the steam and feed of 0.1 to 0.4 MPa through which the material can be soften; at the same time, the amount of mola honey can be added via the sugar honey to 80 to 100 ¡ã C, and the oil pump is pressed into a haze. Poge and molasses. Simplified m ure of stirring strips and mixed shafts and pulp blades are made of stainless steel, and the agitating shaft and the bearing housing can take out the machine to maintain cleanup. The agitating shaft is driven by the motor, and is driven by a decelerator hng a deceleration ratio of 1: 4 to achieve the purpose of stirring and delivering material. 2.3 Granulation System System is mainly composed of partial chute, pressed chamber, cutter and other parts, is the entire system The core of the granule machine is also a granulation process.And the determina of the granulation effect. the seller of the service livestock is composed of the chute, handle, observation window and complex, and its purpose is to feed the material after the mixing stripper is transferred into the pressing chamber. It is suppressed to work together. Open the viewing window can be observed at any time, master the quality of the material, and can also be used as an artificial feed. When pulling the slate machine outfit handle, the external discharge can be performed to test the truck and troubleshoot. the service livestock press is composed of the heart of the granulator, composed of a compression sheet, a feed blade, a dispenser, an annular mold, a columnar pressure roller, a cutter, and a door cover. The function is to be brought to the rotation of the rotation of the rotating ring stamp by the dispenser. The working surface between the stamper and the columnar pressure roller, fill the material into the compression zone by the rotating press mold, and then rotates the pressure roller with the friction of the material to enter the extrusion zone, and into the mold hole molding. The material overco the resistance of the hole wall under strong squeeze, and is constantly extruded from the mold hole. When extruded, the cutter is cut into the ring mold, and the cutter can be adjusted into length suitable particulate feed. The feed blade is a squeezing region that is uniformly assigned to each of the pressure rollers and stamping to reduce vibration and stress. The annular press mold is a ring mold hng thousands of uniform distributed small holes. During the pressing particles, the material is compacted by th small holes under strong extrusion of the pressure roll, so the pressure is preferably high strength and abrasion resistance. Usually high-quality alloy steel, chromium steel (12% to 14%) and carburized stainless steel are used. Its structural characteristic parameters are typically reprnted by the diameter of the mold hole, the mold thickness, the effective working length, the decompression bore depth, the feed aperture diameter, the feed aperture angle, the compression ratio, and the long diameter ratio. . The pressure roller is generally mostly inert or drive, and the drive is the friction between the pressure mold and the pressure roll. Therefore, to ensure that the pressure roller has sufficient traction, prevent pressure roller ldquo; slip rdquo; The main part of the pressure roller includes a roller shaft, a bearing, a seal, and a roll case. The diameter ratio of the pressure roller and the stamper is about 0.4: 1, and the linear speed of the two is substantially equal, so the wear rate ratio of the pressure roller is about 250% higher. Therefore, the pressure roller is supported to be processed into an adjustable eccentric assembly surface to remove and renovate. There is also a lubricating oil hole on the roller shaft to allow a lubricating bearing while the granulator is operated. the service livestock cutter is used to cut the material after the mold is extruded into the required length and uniform particle material, each pressure roll is equipped with a cutter. The cutter holder is generally fixed to the door cover, and the spacing of the outer surface of the press mold can be appropriately adjusted according to the length of the particle length. Its materials generally use nickel-containing hard alloy steel. 2.4 Transmission System the driving force of the transmission system is output by the main motor,The endoscopic elastic coupling allows the tooth shaft with the motor coaxial, and then rotates the blanket along with the drive shaft, the air axis, and the pressure mold is rotated along with the drive shaft. The stam is connected to the drive wheel (or secured with a hoop). The pressure roller shaft with an eccentricity is mounted within the pressure roller liner of the spindle, and is fixed by the pressure plate. The pressure roller shaft is equipped with a pressure shaft. When the pressure is rotated, since the pressure roller rotates in the friction of the material, the material that is centrifugally passed through the extrusion, and the neutral particles are extruded from the die-mold hole. The spacing of the pressure mold and the pressure roller can be changed by adjusting the gap wheel, and the maximum adjustment distance is typically 10 mm, and the eccentric pressure roller shaft is rotated to rotate the coaxial hole on the pressure plate around the spindle. 2.5 Security System Security System includes overload protection, security magnet, pressing room door cover protection switch and machine discharge 4 parts. 2.5.1 Overload Protection Overload Protection of means that there is a sudden entry mold, when the roller is between the roller, the squeezing force will Increase, exceed normal pressure, and rotate the pressure roller or rotate with the spindle axis and drive the original stationary spindle to turn the safety pin (or the internal friction disc rotation). At this time, the stroke switch is turned off, and the power is turned off to stop the motor to ensure that the other parts of the machine are not damaged, and the role of overload protection. 2.5.2 Security Magnet Magnet When there is a metal magnetic impurity mixed into materials, it can be installed in the agitator Simplified The security magnet was removed on the (or the blanking chute). Security magnets are stainless steel fully enclosed, with high life and reliability, and can reach quick-demolate through the handle. 2.5.3 Compression Room Cover Protection Room Cover Protection Switch In normal operation, in order to avoid opening press door cover In terms of one side of the door cover, the stroke is turned off to turn off all the control lines of the opening machine, so that all the granulator stops rotation or cannot be started to ensure safe security. 2.5.4 Outside Drainage Exterior Drainage As long as the outer discharge handle can make the slant groove Turn, at this time, the material of the mass strip flows through the machine without entering the pressing chamber. Mainly used in the test machine before normal working and emergency discharge in the event of a fault. After the normal operation or troubleshooting, the discharge handle is pushed, rt the chute, normal feed. Service Animal Husband 3 Plasmination Process the process of serving the animal husbandry granules is to remove the powder-like-mixed feed to the stirring tile system, and the steam added to the simultaneous-added steam (someti plus) Sugar honey, fat) is stirred, so that the protein and the starch in the feed are diluted under heat under thermal action, which beco a plastic material, and the crude fibers are warmed to softened. At this time, the feed moisture reached 15% to 17%, and the temperature was 65 ~ 85 ¡ã C. The material after the regulation is sent between the operating ring and the pressure roller working surface. The rotating pressure is rotated by the friction roller with the friction of the material, and the material overco the resistance of the hole wall under strong extrusion, and is constantly extruded from the pressing hole. When the squeezing is cut into the cutter of the cutter into length, the position of the cutter can be adjusted to control the length of the particles. 4 Using Secondary Granulation Process Improve Quality Service Animal Pasto Template Machine After years of development, its specifications are complete . The main difference between the secondary granulation process and the conventional monosometric granulation process of the ring model granulation unit is in the process, and the modulated dispensing material is then carried out after the first coal granulation. Secondary granulation, which is also to strengthen the tuning of granulation to improve the quality of the final particles. The principle is that the material is subjected to the first granulation by the raw material bin through the modulator, usually 50% lower than the second stage grain, or use the second-stage wear of the old ring mold to re-correction, then enter the particles The second granulation was carried out. The process of granulation is basically consistent with conventional granulation processes. The secondary granulation process provides a method of strengthening the tuning and tested to meet the main conditions such as the pressure, temperature and time necessary to add liquid permeability raw materials. The moisture has been substantially absorbed before the secondary granulation, and high quality particle feed can be produced. There is a direct tandem and a tape-tied trough on a specific process configuration, and the direct series-based use is better, and the investment cost is low. The tape-type ripening trough is the first grain pre-formation adjuster, the cooler is changed to 4 layers, and all liquid additives except the steam in the first stage modulator, the primary particle quality is very low; then In the cropers, the hot dry wind input by the cooler through the heat exchanger allows the material to maintain the temperature, ensuring that the material is sufficiently touched, and the steam is added to the second pole modulator, so that the material is further warmed while maintaining the surface of the material. The feed is lubricated in the second time of the feed. The horizontal 4-layer cooler can provide both hot and humidity in the mature, and improve the cooling effect. This approach can be added to a large amount of plasma, oil, especially for the processing of cattle feed and herbivore animal feed. Although the cost of investment and operating costs of the secondary granulation are high, the process is easy to control, and the particle quality is significantly improved. 5 Small Machine is Granular Feed Quality AssuranceKey equipment, through mastering the working principle of granulator, improves the improvement of granulation effect, and improving the adverseness and nutritional balance of particulate feed, and is the basis for improving feed quality.

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