How homemade particle feed

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1 Rolling the mixing feed is mixed well, put into the willow basket or basin, then cut the appropriate amount of fresh green feed into a powder, hold the willow basket or do the round cycle, so that the grass granules in the basket Scroll (like the way to go on the way). The powder will be evenly adhered to its grass granules, such as non-sticking can spray a small amount of warm water until the particles of the rabbit manure can be placed in the dosage. It can be used to be fed, and it can be dried and ready for storage. 2 S e the mixed feed to add a suitable amount of water, and the finishing is not dripped in the handle (such as the additive to the m ure can be modulated). The mixed mixed feed is then poured into the meat grinder, and the s e will be processed into cylindrical particulate feed. It is best to use how much processing is used. Processing feeds such as short-term feeding, dry or dry storage. 3 Kinds to mix the mixed feed to add water to the water (the material can be added properly) with a rolling wheel, and then put it into the sun in the sun with a knife. After drying, the dry noodle should be properly kept. It is made by anti-moisture and mold.

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