How to apply airflow crushing technology in fine processing of traditional Chin medicine

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Crush is an important part of Chin herbal medication and the production process of traditional Chin medicine preparations, but use traditional crushing machinery in the particle size, powder content, removing rate, and effective ingredie of the powder, etc., which have special nature Materials, such as thermal, low-intensity, and ingredie that are easily destroyed. Moreover, my country has a rich Chin medicine resources, and the past has been placed in the past, it has not adapted to the requireme of traditional Chin medicine production. The airflow pulverization technology will provide new outlets for ultrafine Chin medicine powder for development efficacy and better varieties. Airflow pulverization technology and its characteristic gas flow pulverization technology are huge kinetic energy, resulting in high-speed collision between material particles in the pulverizing chamber, and high-speed airflow generates shear effect on the material. To achieve the purpose of pulverizing materials, it can process the raw material into a very fine powder. The application of this technology is almost over all fine processing industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, mining, metal materials, etc., have special status in many specific powder fields. It has the following characteristics: low pulverization temperature, pulverized thermal thermal, low-risk materials. According to the Joule-Tomson effect of high-speed injection airflow, when the gas has nozzle spray, the gas will cool itself, thereby offset the heat generated by the material collision and friction. The production cycle is short, and the abundance rate is high. Due to the high-speed collision and sealed, the probability of collision between the materials is large, and the dust does not leak. A product of high purity (less pollution) and uniform particle size distribution (cumulative frequency D95) can be obtained. For materials that must not be pulverized with a wet method can also be pulverized with a gas flow, and a uniform and small powder can be obtained. A variety of joint operations can be realized, and the drying operation can be achieved at the same time. The precautions of airflow pulverization technology in traditional Chin medicine is precisely the advanced pulverization technology, and the study of fine processing of traditional Chin medicine has just started, and there is still a lot of problems. Whether the process is controllable: Chin medicine is compared with general inorganic minerals, which has its own characteristics, whether the pulverization process is controllable is whether the technology can be applied to the core of traditional Chin medicine, and the following two Aspect: First, the general characteristics of the powder and the characteristics of the Chin herbal medicinal materials are determined that the preparation process is: medicinal materials ¡ú preliminary crush ¡ú airflow smash ¡ú cyclone separation ¡ú quality inspection ¡ú packaging ¡ú finished product. The second is to perform screening and optimization of the preparation process parameters: 1 dry moisture: drying is to control moisture, while moisture often affects the characteristics of the material, it is generally believed that the water is less likely to smash, require moisture ?? 4%, with this indicator Screening and optimizing factors such as drying methods, drying temperatures, drying time. 2 airflow pulverization parameters: the main technical parameters of the gas flow pulverizer include the pulverizing chamber diameter (M), pulverization pressure (MPa), feed pressure (MPA), air intake (m3.min-1), treatment amount (kg.h-1 ), Air compressor power (kW), feed granularity, etc. Choose product particle size as experimental indicators, perform orthogonal test design and excellentTechnical parameters of the airflow pulverizer. 3 powder classification parameters: The main parameters affect the graded particle size have the speed, addition amount, and secondary air volume of the centrifugal air grade machine. The powder hierarchical parameters are orthogonal to the grading particle size as indicator. How to choose a product identification indicator: Chin medicine powder is a aggregate consisting of a number of individual particles. The properties of the powder are both affected by a single particle property, and there is an important link between the interactions between the particles, so it is fully reflected in the powder. Quality includes two types of important parameters: a single particle parameter and powder system argument. However, generally based on its basic characteristic parameters such as particle size, particle size distribution, specific surface area, wetness, and fluidity. How to apply Chin medicine ultrafine powder: First, solve powder aggregation problems have significantly increased significantly after ultra-micrising, the surface can be high, and there is a strong interaction to achieve a stable tendency. To prevent aggregation of the powder, it can take appropriate surface treatment and packaging techniques in a single-scattered state. Second, the application of traditional Chin medicine in the process of solving chemical extraction is not more approach: Extract into medicine and directly income. From the extraction angle, there are two problems, one is the dispersion problem of the powder, and the second is the gelatin problem in the extraction process, which requires filtering and optimizing the extraction process parameters (including the extraction temperature, extraction time, extraction of media Type, etc.) to solve. The third is to solve technical problems in vitro dissolution determination from the perspective of Chin medicine directly incorporate, using ultrafine Chin medicine powder, its core problem is the establishment of in vitro dissolution technology. Measures to solve this problem are to perform screening of dissolution media, and the solution method is used, and the indicator component is integrated. The fourth is to solve the technical problem of pharmacodynamics verification, the potential to explain the most powerful verification means for Chin medicine fine powder on whether the effective ingredie are prrved and enhanced. There is a literature report that the pharmacodynamics study of ultrafine fine fine powder preparations and traditional process preparations is shown that fine powder can significantly improve the pharmacological activity of herbs, but the establishment of the verification method has to be in-depth studies. The application status and prospects of airflow crushing technology in traditional Chin medicine are currently using the traditional Chin medicine varieties developed by airflow crushing technology. It is mainly limited to some unique precious and fine materials, and there is a reported newspaper with Western ginseng, ginseng, pearl, three Seven, pollen, etc., but there are not many experimental data. The sense of persuasiveness is strong, and the development of certain health products is just starting, and there is no vast market. Introducing airflow pulverization techniques into the processing links of traditional Chin medicine, can create a new comminuted technology process, which enriches the content of traditional artillery, and bringing new faces for the processing and production of traditional Chin medicine, becoming a new technology growth point in the Chin medicine industry. . After the traditional Chin medicine is super micro-crushing, it increases in the extraction process, so that the extraction method tends to simplify, the extraction time is shortened, and the transfer rate is improved, so that time, speed up the production cycle, and save energy, but also Improve the comprehensive utilization of raw materials. In solid preparations as raw materials, ultrafine pulverization can significantly improve their appearance and solubility, dissolution, absorption, adhesion, and bioerage.Medicine parameters such as usual.In summary, fully utilize airflow smash ultraflight, and can improve the industrial technology of traditional Chin medicine.

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