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After more than 20 years of high-speed development and continuous exploration, China’s feed enterprises has formed a mature product greater than, and the price of low-end products competition has made feed enterprises in micro-interest, and the focus of its competition is not external. Feed quality. Why can some feed companies make profitable? Why is any company not profitable? Why is there any business feed, animal love? Under the current China’s feed formula, this situation is nothing more than the difference between feed enterprises in processing technology and processing equipment. In the face of a new round of market demand, your business technological changes can seize opportunities, have competitive advantages; can promote the quality of feed quality of the company, reduce the fishes ratio; whether to choose function improvement, and increase the life, this It is related to the greater market share of the company, which is related to the development of the enterprise. Many large companies have advanced techniques in advance, replacement, and more efficient, higher efficiency, ready for future preparation. Technical reform has become a new method, new ideas. So, how to improve your technology, improve your equipment, make high-quality feed to improve competitiveness? Let’s explore how the old feed mills are technically transformed. The main conte of the technical transformation of feed enterprises include: 1. Equipment expansion (production capacity expansion) transformation; second, feed mill function (including product transformation and product quality improvement) transformation; third, renovation of feed mill plant. I. Reconstruction of expansion (capacity expansion)
The expansion of expansion is to improve overall production capacity by transforming the overall production capacity by retrofitting a work segment that does not meet the existing demand capabilities in the original production process.
1. Update the transportation equipment of the material to improve the transportation capacity. Ingredie for ingredie – New round scale, no residue, arc-type flap valve, small space, increased distribution accuracy, reduce error rate; increase the number of ingredie, to prevent cross-pollution;
to improve the whole plant Production capacity, first, it is first necessary to improve the reception and cleanup ability of raw materials. The required receiving capacity can be achieved by replacing the conveying speed of the hoist (scraper) or the speed of the ingredient system (ingredient), thereby ensuring continuous production of the subsequent work segme.
2, update the pulverized equipment, reduce the pulverization cost.
The early production of pulverized equipment has a high tonnage power consumption, high noise, high water loss, and easy to wear accessories can achieve production demand by improving the ability of the crushing system. There are two of the following:
1 Equipment increase
There are two ways to increase the device: one is if the original production workshop is spaced with space or space can be expanded in the workshop, can be increased A shredding line to improve the production of the whole plant crushing system; the other is to increase the pulverizer to increase the pulverization capacity. Champion Wang Crusher – 2008 National Patent Products, Jixiang, fine and pulverized, exceptite, etc., fine pulverized production capacity increased by more than 30%The coarse-pulverized production capacity increased by more than 75%, noise drops by 5-8 decibels;
The latest deficiency, removal of stone, and improve the quality of the feed.
Hard alloy hammer head, one can do 1T.
2 Equipment Efficiency Increase
can be used to improve the sieving ability of the sheet-shaped crushing material by selecting an efficient Jianchang E-type champion king crushing machine or altering the material delivery method.
3 According to the fine pulverization, it is necessary to replace the pulverization system to reduce the pulverization temperature, such as the change of the water droplet pulverizer is the Zhengchang E-type champion king crusher.
4 According to the needs of the milk and pet feed, the pulverizer with the stone function is updated.
3, expand the mixing capacity and improve the mixing uniformity.
There are two ways to expand the ability of the hybrid section: one is to select a large-scale mixer, improve the amount of mixing per batch; the other is to use the new biaxial high-efficiency mixer, shorten the mixed cycle of each batch, Improve the mixing uniformity, thereby reaching the production capacity and mixing quality of the hybrid system. Innovative mixer – introduced Europe Ferberg technology, mixing uniformity Cv u003c5%, greatly enhanced mixer processing capacity and use value;
liquid adding nozzle effect schematic
blade and machine tank gap Less than 2.5mm, truly guarantees residue below national standards. 4. Update a higher granulation efficiency.
Similar to the pulverization system, the granulation capacity can be improved by increasing a granulator or selecting a higher power, functional granulator.
Upgrade granulator – Old Factory increased production modification, Zhengchang SZLH420D, 508E main model, capacity increase 10-15%, and greatly improved the ripening of feed, improved feed quality, service life 20 years;
Improved granulant and big open door design.
Optimized the design of the striupter, extend the injection time, improve the degree of maturity. 5. Update liquid enzy that help to improve feed granules, biofacial addition equipment
Zhengchang micro liquid additive system is suitable for precise addition enzy , oil, vitamins, fragrance, pigment, etc. of the feed plant. It can effectively reduce costs and improve feed quality and reach the international advanced level. Has been used in several group companies and hundreds of feed companies.
Liquid enzyme, biofacial addition equipment can change the appearance of the feed, improve the feed quality, nutrition, promote animal digestion and absorption, reduce the meat ratio, the feed product is more market competitiveness
6, update the steam line system help Adding steam moisture in feed
£Ÿ (1) to add liquid to increase, used to produce high energy feed;
£Ÿ 2 £Ÿ£Ÿ Ìá Ìá ¶È ¶È ¶È;;;;;;£Ÿ 3 £Ÿ 3 £Ÿ£Ÿ can damage crude fibers, increase the indigestion rate of animals;
£Ÿ¢È £Ÿ¢È £Ÿ¢È ÓÐ Salmonica and other hormonal infectious diseases. A steam hydrophilic control system that helps feed unmistin-improved feed quality, optimize the nutrie of finished product, improve the storage stability of particles in a reasonable moisture range, improve feed texture, appearance, taste, energy density, and increase the ring The service life of the mold. Second, the update function (including product transformation and product quality upgrading) Technical transformation
1, livestock production line is changed to ordinary aquatic production line
1 Crushing fine
ordinary aquatic production line generally requires material smashing fineness in 40 The -60 h, this fineness of material is easy to mix, the surface area and volume ratio are large, the absorption is strong, the amount of mass, the particles are improved, the surface of the particles is good, and the stable time is long in water, and it is conducive to fish intake.
The general generic pulverization of ordinary pulverizer is generally around 20-30 purposes, and it is not possible to satisfy the requireme of the aquatic product, so the fine pulverizer must be used to improve the fineness of the pulverized material, effectively control the product quality of the particles. .
Zhengchang E-type champion king crusher, 1.38m in diameter, with a line speed of up to 107m / s, with impeller feeder drip-type multi-cty of the stone cut iron device, using secondary blow design, You can get a finer pulverization, no need to replace the screen, you can realize normal, fine two kinds of crushing, with one machine multi-purpose function.
Example: E-champion king crusher 138 ¢ 60e (160kw) pulverized soybean meal, ¦Õ1.2, 1.5 sieve plate, actual production output of 10.5T / h, in Guanghan national production test, fine pulverized production ratio The peer is 30%, the coarse powder is more than 70%.
Zhengchang SZLH858 granulator is used in combination with biaxial differential mass strips and enhanced striped strontium, which can obtain ultra-long regulatory time and better maturation.
2 Regulatory Metalization System
Temperature Precursor is pretreatment of the powdered material before granulation, and the process of stitting and absorbing the grain powder and an appropriate amount of steam is sufficiently stirred in the stront.
For general aquatic feed, there is a high gelatinization and water stability, and it is necessary to strengthen the conditioning condition ¢Ÿ Under the premise of the premise of moisture and temperature, it is used to use multiple layers. Mematuring, so that the material and vapor can be mixed uniformly, at high temperatures, amyloidization and protein degeneration, enhance the adhesion of the material to achieve the effect of sufficiently gelation of the material. At present, the two-layer jacket strong regulators in Zhengchang professional design is used for pre-granulation, increase the alpha degree, and the length and layer of the mass strip can be arbitrarily selected according to customer needs, improve the feed conversion rate, reduce the meat ratio, thus winning More market share.
SZLH660X high-efficiency shrimp granulation machine adopts a three-layer jacket stripper to ensure adequate tuning of materials.
3 After-maturing
The lathe method is to immediately charge the granules, and the temperature adjustment can reach the required temperature by adding a direct steam or an external thermal insulation layer, so that the particles are humid in high temperature. A period of last time, the agglomeration of the starch in the particulate feed, sufficiently denaturation, especially the starch of the surface of the particles, and improve water resistance.
2, livestock production line change special aquatic production line (briefly)
1 micro-pulverization
Special aquatic feed factory generally requires material damage to 60 h, this is ordinary pulverizer or general fine pulverizer It is difficult to trust, and the microfin machine must be used.
The pulverization fineness of the microfiner is generally between 60-200 purposes, which can realize the fineness of the customer’s needs by high-precision sorting, damper and feed motors.
Example: Zhengchang new ultrafine pulverizer SWFL128C (132KW) smashing ordinary South White to shrimp (95% over 80 h), actual production output of 3-3.5T / h. 2 emphasis on material
a. Strong regulator (three-layer jacket stripper)
b. Special granulator
£Ÿ£Ÿ £Ÿ£Ÿ Ïß ËÙ £Ÿ£Ÿ Ä£ Ä£ ¿× ÐÎ Ðӟ £Ÿ£Ÿ £Ÿ£Ÿ ѹ ±È ѹ [
c. Cutting knife
£Ÿ (1) fixed cutter
£Ÿ£Ÿ £Ÿ£Ÿ ÇÐ ÇРλÖà λÖà ¹Ø λÖÃ
Electronic control system upgrade – save time, effort, and peaceful Improve equipment reliability, safety, and reduce energy consumption.
3 After the ripening dryer
The rear maturation dryer is composed of the post-mature stabilizer and the lathe, the granulation is directly entered the post-mature stabilizer, and the particles are further passed in the stabilizer.
The post-mature dryer consists of a double track conveyor, and the steam heating row of steam is configured in the middle of the two tracking, and the steam is driven by heat exchange, heating the air, and the material is dried. .
Third, the workshop transformation method
The workshop transformation is mainly in two forms of addition and area expansion. These two forms are actually due to the need to increase equipment or silo, etc., there is no more introduced.
Feed enterprises conduct technical transformations are a systematic project. It is the key to improve their competitiveness and obtain market advantages. What kind of partners are often determined to determine the development of feeders in the next few years or more than ten years. Zhengchang’s new generation of host products have been fully upgraded, and several major host products have realized innovative breakthroughs. Such as pulverization, Zhengchang’s new champion king crusher, finely pulverized, except stone and other functions, fine pulverized production capacity increased by more than 30%, coarse crushing capacity increased by 75%, new delined devices can effectively improve feed quality, reduce Animal diarrhea; the mixer adopts the European Ferberg technology, thoroughly mixing the material in weight, short mixed time, no dead angle, pneumatic open door design, guarantee the material without residual; granulator is fully upgraded, production efficiency is increased 10-15 %, Innovative striped strutter design, greatly improve feed maturation, improve feed quality to reduce the meat ratio, and in terms of capacity, Zhengchang SZLH858 granulator is 40 tons, Zhengchang can provide 220T / Hs above the super-large feed factory; the dawn machine, Zhengchang 120 swelled machine can produce a variety of pets, including ornamental fish, and the production of high-grade aquatic products in the production of high-grade aquatic products can reach 12 tons. Quality equipment has created value for customers, and innovative processes won the opportunity to enter the company. Zhengchang provides customers not only equipment and engineering, but also to work together with our customers with our customers to create a new highlight of profit model. (Jiangsu Zhengchang Group)

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