How to control the water finished water in winter

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Control corn moisture, extend the cooling time, and adjust the mass, which is not to slow down the granulation speed. We use 1: 4 ring model to make a pig, and the capacity is 15 tons, but to control the moisture to 13 tons. 1. First control the material moisture, especially corn water, 16.0%, try not to stay, not conducive to production links. The moisture control of the semi-finished product is mainly on the raw material, and can be pulverized in the warehouse to take corn measuring moisture, and see how high the corn in the use process is high. This is also a good way to verify corn acceptance work. 2. Furthermore: A. The compression ratio of the circle film is as high as possible (do not affect the right level); Service Livestock B. Control Granulation Speed, especially the number of large pore size products, must pay attention to production speed; C. Feng Net Effect. The power of the fan, the effect of S olon, the heat prrvation of Feng Net; service livestock D. Ambient temperature and material temperature difference. The smaller, the better, you must extend the temperature of the finished product to be extended. Serving Livestock 3. After the working conditions of the spray equipment, the spray is normal, pay more attention. 4. Pay attention to the weather in the night, and the rainy day will strengthen control. 5. The material is difficult to control in the day at noon during the day. 6. The above is not a way to fix the formula. Serving Animum 7. If your equipment is not good, then don’t produce. Service Livestock 8, Reduce Modulation Temperature, Winter and Summer Temperature Different Causes to achieve the same temperature to be high in winter. the key to the product of animal husbandry control particles is the need to be tempered and cool. The conditioning process depends to a large extent on the operator’s experience, the control of the amount of steam and the temperature of the temperature generally controlled according to the moisture content of the prenatal powder, and the control of the conditioning time should be based on the physiological period of the animal. Features to control. The cooling effect of the cooler directly affects the moisture and temperature of the product. The time and wind speed of the cooling should be controlled according to the moisture content and particle size of the particles in the cooler during the production process. service livestock to our production, the most critical should be a cooler. The product is first checked by the water, and the raw material is a cooling system, and then the quality of the steam is finally granulated and human factors. Same Issue is fixed after choice, and for producers, the general situation is not controlled.Then the finished moisture is naturally mainly in the production control, and steam can be added 2-3% water, and the cooling can be reduced by 2-3% moisture, and it is almost the same.The addition of water is also auxiliary moisture in production. I want the powder because there is no tuning, so as long as the moisture content of the raw material, the storage environment of the raw materials and finished products can be kept; China feed industry informationNet the water content of the animal husbandry particles should be mainly dependent on temperature, pressure, steam saturation.According to the predecessors, the moisture should be between 15-16.5% during the study of granulation conditions.In fact, it should be determined according to the composition of the raw material and at room temperature at the time.

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