How to deal with the color problems in the design of feed processing technology

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During the feed processing, there is a phenomenon caused by the incoming steps of the cleaning process, the heat transfer, the transport mechanical air rotation, the pulverizer screen and the material pressure mold are damaged or breakdown. To avoid the above phenomenon, you should pay attention to the following poi in the design of the cleaning process. 1 Rational Design and Use Raster Sieve Sieve is generally disposed at the test opening, which is the first part of the cleaning process. Since it is too simple, it is often easier to be ignored. The grid sieve design should first take into account the reasonable gate gap. The size of the gate screen clearance is generally based on the geometric dimension of the material. For corn, powdered sheets and rice, the screen should be within 3 cm; for the oil, the screen should be between 3 and 5 cm. At the same time, the grid sieve should be fixed in use, and the sieved debris should be cleared in time. This can effectively achieve the purpose of preliminary screening. 2 In the process, it should be reasonably arranged in the process of transportation machinery. It is thus widely used in the feed processing process. However, due to improper use, the failure rate is also higher. It is more common that the materials after the grid sieves are initially cleaned directly to the hoist. Since the material passes through the grid screen, many shorter hemp rope, smaller sacks and other impurities are easy to wind or snap-of-horizontally transporting machinery, resulting in reduced use efficiency of th devices, and burning the motor, resulting A certain economic loss. Therefore, in process design, it should be avoided to use horizontal conveying machine to be used before the initial clearance and magnetic selection equipment. The material of the lower hopper is preferably sent directly to the hoist. This will reduce the impact of the debris to the conveying equipment to the lowest level. 3 Reasonable Selection of Establishing Sieve Process Parameters Serving Animal Hussence is the main equipment of the cleanliness. It is used to remove Âé, sack, stone, mud block, etc. in the material. The selection of its process parameters has a direct impact on the cleaning effect. Pay attention to the following questions in the design and selection of the initial cleaning sieve: Serving Livestock 3.1 Choosing the right screen diameter The physical properties and geometric sizes of the screening materials are selected. Services Livestock 3.2 Should Choose Adjustable Dust Removal Dreams Service Animal Husband This condition can be achieved by setting valves above the suction mouth. 3.3 Select Abundant Production Ability China FeedIndustry Information Network service livestock typically takes 30% higher than the transportation capacity of the delivery equipment of the design parameters. in the design, the above parameters are reasonably selected, and the designer can effectively improve the efficiency of the screen. 4 Magnetic Signer Select Serving the Nail, Bolts, Nuts, Small Implications and other impurities in the products of animal husbandry feed materials. Highly running pulverizer and the manufacturer are harmful. It is slight to break through the sieve bottom, and the stamping and burnt motor are damaged. A reasonable location setting is very important. there are two magnetic options that are often used in the design: a permanent magnetic magnetic cylinder. The former is small, the area is also small, and there is no power consumption, and the magnetic effect is also ideal. However, it is only suitable for powder and pellets that are small in geometric dimensions. Moreover, the adsorbed metal foreign matter needs to be regularly removed; the comparison has high cost, the volume is large, but the material of the geometric size is large, the bran, and the like materials are equally applicable. Although there is power consumption, adsorbed metal foreign matter can be automatically removed. It is more applicable to high location settings in the process. However, in the smaller feed factory design, in view of the restrictions on funding, plant area, the goods is more commonly used. the location of the livestock magnetizer is arranged as: Service Livestock 4.1 Place the magnetic rt to the pre-sieve, before the crusher service livestock can effectively remove metal impurities in particulate materials. Avoid damage to the pulverizer. Service Livestock 4.2 In the upper part of the granulator Entering the granulator causes damage to the mold. Service Livestock 4.3 In the upper part of the package scale service livestock this method is not used in process design, but The metal foreign body in the sub-material is further improved and ensuring the quality of the finished feed.

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