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In the hot summer, the rainfall is often coming, many feed companies will have different problems, how to do the control and protection of particle feed moisture is a very concerned about each feed company, read the following article, will bring you Come new feelings. , Safe: : Raw material storage Ambient temperature is lower than the external temperature 5 ¡ã C The above, the relative humidity is higher than the external relative humidity of 5% -15% (external humidity is not over 55%) control: the raw material receive moisture control is the primary, followed by the rainy season, it is necessary to close the doors and windows, bulk materials surface Solve solidifier Can effectively control the material moisture, anti-mildew (comparison 3 years) 1, in production link: 1.1 Crushing Stage: – control: When the material moisture is high, the pulverized particle size can be appropriately reduced to increase the loss of moisture (it is recommended that the moisture is not more than 16%, avoiding the increase of electricity consumption, blocking the appearance) water supply: The amount of raw materials in the post-supply amount is increased. O. 5-porous screen, properly reduce the air volume of negative pressure suction system 1.2 mixed stage: water: summer raw materials, finished water is low, each company is more or less Water water work, more is to add liquid antifromelle in the mixed stage. According to our company, it is detected whether the m ure moisture and the finished water is less than 12%. The double low begins to spray liquid antifuteth, and the addition is based on the results of the finished product test and combined with the weather, and the sales volume is recommended. The moisture is not higher than 12.5%, otherwise it is prone to zero mold complai) 2, granulation stage: control: boiler supply pressure, high pressure steam 8-10kg / cm2, use Pressure 2-4 kg / cm2 high pressure, low humidity; appropriate reduction of speed to increase the tuning time; need to open the hydrophobic valve before booting; select a slightly large ring mold with a small aperture thickness, and increase the cooling air volume and improve material Biter (according to actual control, no finished product temperature above room temperature 5 degree) water supply: keep the boiler low pressure gas supply to improve the water content of the steam; close the hydrophobic valve (recommended to spray the antifolor antifalent agent); Mode, air volume selection and control opposite 2: inventory raw material loss cost: service animal animal husbandry loss u003d (period in the initial stock + period) Quantity) – (Duration of the Differences + During Duration) Inventory Loss Rate u003d Inventory Loss Dosage Divide; (Received Initial inventory + Receiver) * 100% Loss Cost u003d Loss * Price three: Mildew feed treatment measures after water loss, – finished molded back processing, not specific to each link preventive measures: A, generally unqualified (color, smell is slightly abnormal) 20% return to the same variety China B, serious unqualified: 1 (odor, color has a large abnormal abnormality) After the sun, return to low one-grade kind of variety or scrapped treatment, zeolite powder Appropriate increase in use 2 (mildew cake) Picking out mildew sprinkle and mildew particles After sunning, press 1-5% to return to low a grade in the same kind of variety or scrapped treatment, the amount of zeolite powder is appropriately increased: A, Mild Mild Muscle Information Network (this article from the tree national feed goods control group, Shanghang Hang Li Li Yong shared, Zhongte Farm Festival Silition ” “

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