How to dry the dryer for puffed feed processing

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Drying is one of the most important steps of puffed feed processing. Today, multilayer circular vibration dryer is being applied to the processing of puffed feed to replace traditional conveyor belts and chain crate dryers. The following is mainly to explore how multi-layer circular vibration dryer is applied to puffed feed processing.
1. Composition of the drying system
Apply multi-layer circular vibrating dryer to the puffed feed processing, the drying system is used by multi-layer circular vibration dryer, a staling gate, a steam heat exchanger, a blower, The air blower, cyclone dust collector and the closed fan are composed. The technical critical design of this drying system is, one is reasonable design of the structural principle of multi-layer circular vibration dryer, and the other is reasonable choice for drying wind network parameters.
2. Basic structure and principle of dryer
Existing multi-layer circular vibrating dryer generally have feed port, top cover, exhaust gas exit, multi-layer dry bed, hot air import, discharge port, excitation The vibrating plate, the vibration spring, the excitation motor, and the rack. Multi-layer drying bed consists of inner, outer short cylinders, cyclic horizontal sieve plates, and tap plates. Each ring-shaped horizontal screen plate has a discharge port, and when the inner outer tube flange of each layer is connected, the upper and lower layer disconnect port positions, so that the material of the previous layer can fall into the next layer. Imports, the material to be drying is reached from the top layer until the bottom is discharged.
3. Dryer Structure Improvement Design
Multi-layer circular vibration dryer, which is different from the equipment structure of general single material drying purposes. There are many varieties of puffed feed, and the particle size is very different. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the equipment drying capacity when producing large particles, but also to avoid excess drying and blowing of small particle products. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the product residual doping and pollution when the product is converted, and the appearance quality of the product is affected. In summary, the multi-layer circular vibration dryer application needs to solve such problems: yield matching and hot fan allocation problem, the problem of residual problems in the machine, affecting the quality of large particles of dial-dial drying and uniformity.

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