How to extend the life of the ring model?

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Effective improvement of the yield of the ring model, in addition to the quality of the ring mold itself, correct operation and maintenance can effectively improve the life of the ring mode. , Regular Maintenance and Maintenance of Granules 1. Because of the primary equipment of the particle machine, first, manufacturers should conduct the main unit Guaranta, Zhou Bao, Month Maintenance Work to ensure that the particle machine maintains good and smooth, not beating, if the device is faulty or some of the wear wear, especially the drive wheel and the spindle beat wear, should be repaired in time to replace the spare parts in time To ensure the normal use of the ring mold. 2. Installing the ironing device at the feed entrance to prevent the metal implant to fall into the granulation chamber, resulting in severe loop molds. Serving Livestock 3. When installing ring mode, you should check the gear keys, hoop, driven wear-resistant lining rings of the granulation, and the wear-resistant bushing of the pressure roller shaft. Wheel and feeding blade, cutting of tabs, etc., the replacement should be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the particulate machine. If the hoop wear cannot hold the ring mold to generate a particulate machine vibration, it has seriously affects the life of the ring mode, even cars the ring mold, should be replaced in time, and the wear of the feeding blade will result in a decrease in particulate machine production. , Ring Work Maintenance 1. Due to the different production of feed varieties, the ring template, open, and inner The cone hole, the effective length of the mold hole, and the design of the decompression hole should be found in the design of the enterprise combined with feed raw materials and actual use conditions for advanced professional technology, and customize different process loops, thus ensuring that the ring model exerts the value of ZUI. 2. Using new ring molds to shrimp, it is necessary to replace the new pressure roller and matching. Service Livestock 3. The gap between the pressure roller and the ring mode must be controlled between 0.1-0.3mm, do not let the eccentric pressure roller contact the surface of the ring mold or the gap is too large. This is the size of the naked eye and the installation, so as not to cause the ring and the pressure roller wear exacerbate or do not discharge. Serving Livestock 4. When the particle machine is started, the amount of feeding must be high-speed from the low speed. Do not run at high speed, resulting in a sudden overload due to sudden overload, resulting in sudden overload Ring is closed. Service Animal Husband, Ring Maintenance 1. When the ring mode is not available for a while, the original feed should be used in non-corrosive oil. Extrusion, otherwise, the heat of the ring mold is dried hard to dry the feed in the mold hole, resulting in the following cases: (1When the operation is started, the mold hole is blocked, squeezing; (2) When the production is started, the ring mode is lowered and the strength of the strength, which may generate a ring crack; (3) partial mold hole clogging, reduced yield, decrease in product . Service Livestock 2. After using a period of time, it should check if there is a local protrusions, if there is this, the application of the grinding machine to grind the convex portion. Ensure the production and pressure rolls in the ring model. Serving Livestock 3. If the mold hole is blocked, it can be re-granulated with oil soaked or oil. It is still not capable of granulating a drill. After drilling, it will be drilled. Use a oily material to add fine sand to polish and polished. 4. When loading unloading ring, you cannot use a hammer and other hard steel tools to ring the surface. 5. The record of each class of ring model should be used to statistically use the actual life of the ring. Service Livestock 6. The ring model must be stored in dry and clean, if it is stored in a humid place, a mold hole corrosion is reduced, but reducing the service life of the ring mode or does not discharge. Serving Livestock 4, Different Material Granular Technology Summary With Particle Feeding In the farming industry and compound fertilizer, hops, The promotion of emerging industries such as chrysanthemum, wood chips, peanuts, cottonseed meal, more and more units of ring modeling machine, due to the current fading formulation, and regional differences, users of particle feed requireme Are not the same. Each feed manufacturer requires good granular quality and ZUI high granulation efficiency. Due to the difference in feed formulation, the selection of the ring mode parameters is also different, the ring The model parameters are mainly reflected in the choice of material, aperture, aperture, long diameter ratio, and openness. The choice of ring model parameters must also determine the chemical ingredie and physical properties of various raw materials constituting the feed formulation, and the chemical composition of the raw materials mainly includes proteins, starch, fat, cellulose, and the like. And the physical properties of the raw materials mainly include particle size, moisture, capacity, and the like. Mappings mainly contain wheat and corn, the starch content is high and the fiber content is small, which is high starch feed, and suppressed such feed must ensure starch full paste, high temperature And treatment conditions, the thickness of the ring model is generally thick, the aperture range is wide, and the long diameter ratio is generally between 1: 8-1: 10. The meat chicken, meat duck, etc. belongs to high energy feed, the fat content is high, the granulation is easy, and the long diameter is relatively large, between 1: 10-1: 13. Products Main fish feed, shrimp feed, methylene materials, fish feedsIt is much higher than that of shrimp feed, and the content of crude fiber in methylene is small and the protein content is high, which belongs to high protein feed. The aquatic product requires that the particles are stilled in water, the diameter is consistent and the length is short, which requires the material particles to granularize the particle size and high in the degree of maturation, and the prior mathement and lathe process. The ring molded hole of the fish feed is generally between Theta; 1.5- THETA; 3.5, the long-diameter ratio is generally between 1: 10-1: 12. The ring-molded pore size range of shrimp feed is between Theta; 1.5- Theta; 2.5, the long diameter ratio is between 1: 11-1: 20. The ring-molded hole diameter of the methylene is large, and there is a range between Theta; 3- THETA; 8, due to the high protein content, the long diameter ratio ranges between 1: 12-1: 20, and the long diameter is better than the specific parameters. Determine according to the nutrition indicators and users of the formulation. At the same time, the design of the female hole is designed without the step hole as much as possible, ensuring that the cut particles are shorter, the diameter is consistent. the main animal husbandry compound is mainly organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, mineral, etc. The mold hole and the inner cone holes are worn, and the extrusion is large. The composite fertilizer ring is generally large, range between Theta; 3- THETA; 6, because the abrasive coefficient is difficult to discharge, the long diameter is relatively small, generally between 1: 4-1: 6, at the same time Due to the mixed fertilizer containing strains, the temperature cannot exceed 50 degrees to 60 degrees, otherwise it is easy to kill the seedlings. Therefore, the composite fertilizer requires a low granulation temperature, and the general ring mold is thin. Since the composite fertilizer is worn on the ring mold hole, the requireme for the aperture are not very strict. Generally, the ring mode is used to scrapped when the roll gap cannot be adjusted, so the step length is guaranteed to be a long-diameter ratio, and the ring model ZUI ends life . the coarse branches in the service livestock hops are high and contain strains, the temperature is generally not more than 50 degrees, so the ring mold wall of pressing hops is thinner, the long diameter is short, generally 1 : 5 or so, the particle diameter is large, between Teta; 5- Theta; 6. Serving Animal Sheon, Peanut Shell, Cottonseed Meal, Wood Shadings Contains a large number of coarse brazing, and the coarse brazing content is more than 20%, the oil content is small, and the material material passes through the mold hole. Large, particulate performance is poor, and the hardness of the particles is low, it is difficult to meet the requireme, the particle diameter is large, generally between Theta; 6- THETA; 8, the long diameter is generally 1: 4- 1: 6 or so. Since this type of feed is small, the mold hole is large, the tape must be sealed with a tape before the granulation, so that the material is fully filled into the mold hole, and then tape the tape. for all kinds of materials, can’t die, mustAccording to the material properties of materials and the specific characteristics of each feed manufacturer, the correct ring model parameters and operating conditions are selected, and high quality feed can be produced in terms of local conditions. Cause Analysis (General Small Enterprise Selecting Continuous Substances): 1, Drive Wheel Combined with Wear Crack of ring model; 2, compression die lining or deformation causes ring mold cracking. Serving Livestock 3, Drive Key Wearing Causes Cracking. Serving Livestock 4, the effect of the iron apparatus is deteriorated to make the annular mold working surface with a metal object indentation, resulting in cracking of the ring mold. 5, Ring Model, Pressure Roller Gap is too small, resulting in cracking of ring molds. Serving Livestock 6, Short Compression than Small Aperture Fish Mold, the user requires no reduced pressure hole, resulting in cracking of ring molds.

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