How to make a balery

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Drawing of the bundles
Drawling Silage Technology is found in a persevering attempt in the late 1970s, and it is currently widely used in the world. Drawn blue silage from the modulation principle belongs to semi-dry silage (low water separation), which can be divided into three kinds of silage of silage and stretched film bundle of green silage and stretched film bundles.
(1) Sack of the bundles of grass, the grass is cut into the semi-dry state, and the bundle machine is used as a rounded bundle, and the plastic bag is placed. It is required that the inner wall of the plastic bag and the draft should be as small as possible.
(2) Drawing Piles Silk Silage After the pasture is cut to the semi-dry state, and use the pickup and bundle machine to be used as a grassle, compact and stacked, and the plastic cloth is covered. The bundles are required to closely contact the strand, and do not leave the gap.
(3) Stretch film wrapped green silage to dry the pasture to the semi-dry state, use the pickup bundle to make a straw, and use the wrapper machine to carry out the film wrap, and store it. It is required to have a high decision and even all parts are uniform, and the surface is smooth.

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