How to make a green feed processing?

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With the development of the aquaculture industry, how to develop feed sources, for the majority of farmers are a very realistic problem, but there are still many green feeds whitening, some are dry, whitening, no resources And pollute the environment. A simple way of straw oversita is the production of silage. MWJ China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Service Animal Husbandry

Put fresh pasture, just harvested corn straw, wild grass and other green feed After silage, not only the original nutrients, but also enhance the right level, the silage preservation time is long, the feed nutrient loss is small, the storage size is small, the production is small, the production is convenient; with a sweet taste, nutrient, rich nutrient, can improve the feed The conversion rate can solve the lack of winter green feed, to ensure normal growth and development of livestock, and improve the fetter rate and the survival rate of the birth.


Making green feed, first build a silage. Silasties must be built in terrain, solid, low groundwater level, far from the water, and farten. The silage is circular and the rectangular, with a brick stone, and the plastic film is homologous. NBSP;

Various green feeds require the material moisture content of about 60%. At the time of the mount, a layer of material was placed on, and the large-scale can be mechanically compacted. Anaerobic conditions are caused by excluding air, causing anaerobic conditions for lactic acid. The middle part of the stack is 1-2 meters higher. After forming a circular top, it is covered with a plastic film. Then use the earth to seize, the thickness of the earth is 30-40 cm, and the raw materials are sinking after a few days. The cracks need to be sealed in time to step by step, preventing breathable water leakage.

The green feed is ripened by 30 days, and it can be fed. After the opening, first check it, if the green feed is yellow and green, the silage is successful. If the beverage is milded, it cannot be used. By anti-food, livestock poisoning.

When feeding the animal, how much is to eat, keep fresh with it; after the animal, the rest of the animal is removed in time, to prevent bad influence appetite, winter and spring It’s good to feed, because the temperature is high, it is not easy to save after the opening, and the recovery is easy to change.

Winter and spring, such as green feed, should be fed after melting; the silage is a laxative effect, not pure feeding, pregnant animal is appropriate to feed. For example, the green feed is high, 3-5% of lime milk or 9-10% small soda, add 10-20% of the silage weight of the silage, stir well, and then feed it later. Every time you take it, you should cover the top to prevent rain and snow, avoid mildew.

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