How to make and store dry grass in cows

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Bean pasture is generally castrated at the beginning of the early flowering period, and the grass is generally cut in the heading period. K8H China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

Hay. 1. Field drying method. Based on local climatic conditions, select tiles, small piles, landscaping, small piles. The entire process of the sun should minimize flipping and handling to reduce the loss of blades. 2. Fragma drying method. This method is often used in wet areas or rainy seasons. To dry the grass on the frame, you should be piled up in a conical or ridge, you have to fluffy, the thickness does not exceed 80 cm, maintain the flow of air, and the outer layer is flat and keeps a certain inclination. 3. Artificial drying method. Through the artificial heat source, the drying process is completed in the absence of pasture dehydration. It is commonly used to have a dry grass, which is to build a dry straw, using the blower air dry blue grass; low temperature drying method, that is, the grass drying room is built, and the air preheating pan and the blower are dry to dry; high temperature and quick drying method, After the grass is broken, it is dried by the pasture dryer.

Hay storage. 1. Indoor stacking. The hay and shed should be kept at a certain distance when stacking, which is advantageous for ventilation. 2. Open piles. The elevated and flat stalks are selected, and the bottom is 30 cm to 50 cm, and the stack should be punched, capped, to rain.

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