How to make the technical point of wrapped green silage

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The tensile membrane wrapped silage technology is a high-quality pasture that is suitable for water content, with a high-density of a bundle machine. After making a straw tie, a special wrapper machine stretches the film to tighten the grass.Get up, causing the desired anaerobic environment in silage.During high quality pasture bundles, the air must be quickly discharged, avoiding mold reproduction, leading to nutrient loss, or even mildew.To improve the quality of semi-dry silage, silage additives should be added such as aerobic microbial formulations.Its production method is prepared to have a water content of 50% to 70% after the casting of high-quality pasture or silage, and press it into a shape rule with a baler.Directly shipped to the desired location storage.The wrapped silage of commonly used mechanical production is cylindrical, 55 cm in diameter, 65 cm high, with a volume of 0.154 meters, and by about 55 kg.Large mechanical production of wrapped 120 cm, 120 cm high, with a volume of 1.356 meters, with a weight of about 500 kg.

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