How to prevent cross-contamination in feed?

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Since my country’s feed standard system is lagging behind, many operational technical specifications have not yet been established, and the test of feed additives and prohibited drugs is lacking, highly authoritative and versatility. Therefore, for most feed manufacturers in our country, establish a set of effective feed safety assurance measures and methods are imperative. service animal husband is added to the target feed for some purpose, and during the processing process, it is in non-target feed due to various reasons, which is cross-contamination. Feed cross-contamination exists in all feed mills, reducing feed cross-contamination is an important measure to ensure feed safety. The author is now analyzed from the perspective of feed processing, and proposes suggestive improvement measures to give feed manufacturer. 1 Feed Processing Causes Analysis of Drug Pollution, Pollution in Feed Process, Transfer and Storage, etc. . Among them, pollution in the processing process mainly has the following aspects: 1.1 Vacuum Conditioning System in the Processing Workshop of Greater Medium Feed Factory, the dust system distribution in the processing process As a result, the purpose is to reduce the dust generated by the processing link, purify the production environment. For the collected dust, from the economic side, it is generally returned to the feed, but the delay of dust or dust collecting system is unreasonable to cause the drug additive to be absolutely absorbed. 1.2 ingredient System Accuracy is the premise and guarantee of strict implementation of production formulations. Once the measurement of the drug additive has no mistakes, it is not discovered in time, and the subsequent work segment will not be able to make serious pollution. 1.3 Mixed System The mixing process is a process of uniform distribution of various ingredie, but also the main link to produce drug pollution. The reason is that the mixed time is unreasonable, and the intended mixing effect is not met, which produces a mixed uneven or over-mixing; the mixer is not properly designed, resulting in incomplete discharge, residual feed; mixer Or the pad damage causes a leakage; the feed viscosity is large (due to the addition of molasses and grease) or is attached to the inner wall of the mixer due to static electricity, the top and the air return pipe. 1.4 Buffer Cap Buffer is the processing capacity between equilibrium devices to facilitate continuous production. However, if it is too small, it is unreasonable, or the design is unreasonable, or the residual feed cannot be completely removed, and drug pollution can also be produced. 1.5 The conveyor delivery distance is too long, the horizontal conveying equipment is designed or the operation is unreasonable, the bottom gap is too large, and the feed may be attached to the feed residue due to static or moist. China FeedIndustry Information Network 1.6 bucket hoist bucket hoist is generally very small, but static electricity, humidity and viscosity will also have residues on the lift or base, resulting in pollution. the drug pollution caused by the service livestock 1.7 silo material is mainly due to the design or operation of unreasonable (slope less than 60 degrees). In addition, the inside of the silo is uneven, the silo is removed, and the same material containing the same material containing the drug and the drug-free feed can result in feed drug pollution. Service Livestock 1.8 Production Sort Production Sort is the order of the production of different types or different formulations. Due to operational technology, production technology, production equipment and other reasons, the feed products produced by the upper batch will have an impact on the product of the subsequent product, so incorrect production sorting is also the cause of drug pollution. 2 How to reduce or prevent processing of pollution service livestock usually as long as the production ordering or adjusting the mechanical equipment can significantly reduce pollution. For some manufacturers, it may also be repaired and replaced with mechanical equipment, and even renovate a full range of production systems. Reducing the roaming of drug pollution mainly: 2.1 Production Process Design For the design of feed processing, it is necessary to shorten the delivery distance, less levels of transportation equipment, try to Using the form of dispenser and self-flow delivery. For horizontal conveying equipment, a scraper conveyor with automatic cleaning function should be used as much as possible. Under the conditions that meet the process requireme, try to minimize the number of materials and the number of transition hoppers. Suction dust removal systems set up a separate wind network as much as possible. The m ure of composite premixed materials is arranged at the upper portion of the mixer. 2.2 Feed Production Sorting General Principle is to produce feed-free feed, regenerate the drug-containing feed; add the same drug feed or the feed of the same animal should be arranged together Processing, and first processing high-containing feed, then processed feeds with low dose; drug feeds used in the same type of animals, MDMs are not subject to suspension period, such as mother sow preparation (pre-stage) feed ,,, Reasonable sorting should be reflected in the entire processing system, that is, the start of the warehouse to be pulverized to the finished warehouse. 2.3 Static Adhesion is to eliminate static electricity, can be installed on the equipment; purchase an untaat type precharge; add liquid raw materials to control dust, reduce static electricity; The oscillator is mounted to swear the attachment. China FeedIndustry Information Network 2.4 Dust Removal System Correctly Designs the air flow rate and flow of dustproof network, and timely clean the dust in the entire system; use liquid raw materials to reduce dust; collected during the production of drug feed Dust should be discarded or placed in a feed containing a drug-containing feed. 2.5 Mixer The drug-containing feed should be used with a high uniform mixer, or adjust the agitating spiral belt of the existing mixer, stirring spacing and the spacing of the bottom plate. The easiest way is to install a plastic brush or air cleaning nozzle on the stirring spiral belt to remove the residue. The correct feed order and time are also very critical, generally invested in drugs when the mixer fills 1/2 ~ 3/4. 2.6 bucket lifting machine adjusts bucket lifting machine base, reducing the hopping height, making it cleaner; install air cleaning nozzles; inner surface and transition portions must be cleaned, smooth . 2.7 Silk Sheet Design should be scientific; inspection and cleaning should be performed when the type of feed is changed; the mounting oscillator removes residue. 2.8 Mass Stripes, Granulator and Dryer Troubleshooting Dryer As long as it is noted and will be resolved in time. Residues in the massage and granulator can be used in u0026 ldquo; flushing u0026 rdquo; u0026 ldquo; Rinse u0026 rDQUO; u0026 ldquo; Rinse u0026 Rdquo; can also start from the crushing warehouse, throughout the production process. Hold u0026 ldquo; rinsing u0026 rdquo; material can be stored after proper label, which can be used again when producing appropriate feed. Service Animal Feed Safety is a systematic project. In addition to pollution in feed processing, the perfect quality management system and system is also an important aspect affecting feed safety, and feed processing enterprises should pay more attention. .

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