How to processed into a fish feed

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Because the chicken manure contains more ammonia, it is not only very stinking, but also has a large stimulation on the gastrointestinal tract of livestock; chicken manure often contains parasitic eggs and pathogens that are harmful to livestock, so chicken manureDecontodious deodorization must be performed before feeding livestock.The method has four: the fresh chicken manure is exposed in the sun, causing the odor to volatilize, and kill parasitic eggs and pathoons with ultraviolet; another method is to stir fry in the big iron pot in the big iron pan.And high temperature disinfection.Dry chicken feces after sun (fried), feed food feed; the third method is to mix fresh chicken manure to mix food feed (or mix directly), add feed yeast, put into the pool,The fermentation is sealed in the cylinder or the large nylon bag, and it is fed into the fermentation feed.Fourth, take mechanical equipment baking for large batch chicken manure, and fermentation and processing of chicken manure fermentation machine. BZI China Feed Industry Information Network – Based on Feed, Serving Animal Husbandry

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