How to reduce cross-contamination during feed processing?

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Feed safety has become a hot spot in countries around the world. Many well-known feed companies have established HACCP control systems to protect feed safety. Due to the lag of my country’s feed standard system, many operating technical specifications have not yet been established, and the inspection of feed additives and prohibited drugs is still lacking in high authority, high and versatility. Therefore, for most feed mills in our country, lack of feed security measures and methods. It is necessary to provide more effective information for feed producers to help them ensure feed quality and improve feed safety. This paper analyzes the pollution problems of the drug during the feed processing, and thus the countermeasures are proposed to give the feed production and processing enterprises. XZR Drug Pollution during Livestock Feed Processing refers to a significant number of drugs or drug feeds during processing, thereby mixing into the next batch (even batch) In the feed, that is, the residual drug (or drug feed) causes pollution to the next batch of feed. 1. Analysis of Pollution in Feed Processing Processes Xzr Drug Pollution of Real Mucerne Feeding in Feed Processing, Transportation and Storage. May happen. However, the processing is mainly as follows. XZR 1.1 Vacuum Surveillance System XZR in Large, Sino-Duty Feed Factory Processing Workshop, Vacuum Summary System During the Processing Process, It is the risk of dust, purifying the production environment and reduces dust explosion from the processing link. For the collected dust, from the economic consideration, it is generally returned to the feed, but dust delays re-return to the production of the same batch, or the dust collecting system is unreasonable, causing too much absorption of drugs and excipie. Or attach to the dust collecting system due to static or moisture to enter the lower dust. XZR 1.2 ingredient System XZR Serving Animal and Accuracy Ingredie is the premise and guarantee of strict implementation of production formulations, especially drug additives that have direct impact on feed safety. The accurate measurement is very critical. Once the error is wrong, it is not discovered in time, and in the subsequent work segment is unable to make a serious pollution. XZR 1.3 Mixer System XZR Mixing Process is the process of uniform distribution of various ingredie, and is also the main link of drug pollution. The main reason is that the unreasonable mixing effect is not met, the intended mixing effect is not achieved, producing mixed uneven or over-mixing phenomena; in the horizontal mixer, improper design, stirring spiral (or paddle) and mixer The gap between the inner wall and the bottom is too large, resulting in incomplete discharge, and the remaining feed is left. The vertical mixer often remains in the spiral e or warehouse in the exhaust opening.Unable to discharge. The mixer is not obeyed to close or the pad is damaged. Further, the viscosity of the feed is large (adding molas and oil), or the inner wall of the mixer is attached to the inner wall of the mixer, the top and the attachment in the air return e. XZR 1.4 Capox XZR is the processing capacity between equilibrium equipment, which is conducive to production of continuous equipment, but too shallow or volume too Small, poor design, or attached to static or humidity, can’t completely remove residual feed, causing drug pollution. XZR 1.5 Conveyor XZR Distance, Excessive Use Level Delivery Equipment, may have residual results. The main reason is that horizontal conveying equipment is designed or constructed, and the bottom gap is too large, or it is not completely cleaned and attached to static or moist. XZR 1.6 Fighting Machine XZR the residual drug caused by the livestock bucket machine is generally small, but the feed is made due to static, moisture and viscosity. In addition, the residual bucket or the base can also cause pollution. XZR 1.7 – Bang XZR the drug pollution caused by the service livestock is mainly designed or constructed (slope less than 60 degrees). In addition, it is often knocked that the internal fluctuation is uneven, generating a bridge and adhesion phenomenon, plus the purge incomplete and the residual feed, containing the drug and does not contain the same bin, causing feed drug pollution. XZR 1.8 Processing XZR Services Livestock Processing Sort is in existing processing equipment, the feed of different types or different formulations are arranged. order. Due to operation, production technology, production equipment, etc., the feed products produced by the above-batch production will have an impact on the product of the subsequent production. Therefore, incorrect production sorting is also the cause of feed drug pollution. XZR 2 How to reduce or prevent feed processing Chin medicine pollution XZR analysis After feed Chin drug pollution, it is necessary to a t improvement measures. Usually, as long as the production of production is sorted or adjusted, the problem can be significantly reduced. For some manufacturers, it may be necessary to repair and replace the machine, and even renovate a full range of production systems. In order to avoid the production of drug pollution, combined with the actual production, the conventional improvement measures a ted are as follows: XZR 2.1 Production Technology Design XZR – is undergoing feed processingWhen designing the design, you should shorten the delivery distance, less levels of transportation equipment, and use the dispenser and self-flow form. For horizontal conveying equipment, a scraper conveyor with self-cleaner should be used as much as possible. Under process requireme, minimize the number of materials and the number of transition hoppers. Suction dust removal systems set up a separate wind network as much as possible. The metering and addition of the mixed composite premix should be scheduled to be arranged at the upper part of the mixer, and if it is necessary to increase or transport after metering and weighing, a pneumatic conveyance must be used. XZR 2.2 Develop appropriate Feed Production Rankment Table XZR Service Animal Husband Correct Sort by ldquo; Defense Dedication rdquo ;. The general principle is to produce no drug feed, reproduce drug feed; add the same drug to the same animal to be processed together, and processed a feed containing high drug, and then processed low; Animals that do not contain drug feeds, Mr. is not subject to suspension, such as mother sow, breastfeeding (pre-stage) feed, etc., producing several batches and re-manufacturing restrictions contain non-drug feed. However, a certain amount of drug feed can be placed much higher than the drug feed, and it can be considered to provide a fully separated special production line to minimize cross-contamination risk. The sorting method should be applied to the entire processing system, that is, starting to the finished warehouse to end. XZR 2.3 Static Attached XZR s To eliminate static electricity, can be installed on the affected machine, or buy unstatic predictors Or use the addition of liquid raw materials to control dust to reduce static electricity. Alternatively, the oscillator can be mounted at a portion where the feed is easily attached to vibrate the attachment. XZR 2.4 Dust System XZR Service Animal Husband Correctly Designs the air flow rate and flow of dustproof network, and allows more time to clean up Dust in the entire system. Or reduce dust from liquid raw materials. It is not necessary to collect dust during the production of the drug feed (also placed back to the next-like feed). XZR 2.5 Mixer Residual XZR Service Animal Husbands should use a high uniform mixer for drug-containing feed. Or adjust the agitating spiral or stirring spacing and the spacing of the base plate. The easiest way is to install a plastic brush on the stirring spiral belt or to remove the air cleaning nozzle to remove residual feed. Also correctly determined the order and time is also critical, and it is generally put into drugs when the mixer is fill in 1/2 to 3/4. XZR 2.6 Capacid Residues XZR – ServiceAnimal husband has residual situations for the fighting machine, can consider adjusting the base of the Fighting machine to reduce the height of the feed struggle, enabling cleared cleaner. Or install air cleaning nozzles. In addition, the inner surface and transition portions must be cleaned and smooth. XZR 2.7 Feed Warehouse ry To Design Scientific Diazhong Check and clean up. Or install an oscillator or cleave the residual feed by air cleaning. XZR Serving the Residual XZR in Granulator and Drying Machines Service Animal Husbands For the dryer, as long as you pay attention to clear removal It can be solved, but for the regulator, the residue in the granulator can be solved by ldquo; rinsing rdquo; ldquo; Rinse rDQUO; is a residue with a certain number of raw materials such as corn flour, soybean meal or wheat bran, and take away the residue of the equipment when the drug feed or animal feedstock is used. ldquo; Rinse rdquo; not only applied to the conditioner, granulator, should start from the crushing warehouse, throughout the production process. It is regularly checked the processing equipment to confirm the effectiveness of the rinsing procedure. The used flushing materials should be applied to the appropriate label and store it, and use it to use its feed again. XZR Safety is a systematic project. In addition to the drug contamination of the above-mentioned processes, there are many other impacts. In addition, improved quality management systems and systems are important aspects that affect feed safety, and feed processing enterprises should pay more attention. XZR 3 Cross Contamination Measurement XZR The metrics of cross-contamination in the feed mill is a very tricky problem in the world feed industry. Although the overall goal of the feed mill is to reduce cross-contamination, it is impossible to develop legal and regulatory systems for cross-pollution, if not given the exact measurement method, and cannot be provided to test cross-contamination of the feed mill. XZR 3.1 Uniformity and Cross Contamination XZR Service Animal Husband Uniformity (Homogeneity), defined as ldquo; Differences in Particle Content in Samples RDQUO; Cross contamination, defined as a ldquo; carry-over rdquo; When evaluating feed quality and safety, uniform and cross-contamination is two associated and different concepts. For example, the smaller the particles of the feed, the smaller the mixing uniformity, that is, the mixing effect is good, the uniformity is high, the variation coefficient (CV) is low. But too fine particles exist cross-stainsDanger of dyeing. Some fine particles may be transferred to the next device and the next batch, resulting in pollution to the next batch. If the particles of the feed are too large, there may be problems in mixing evenly, but the opportunity to generate cross-contamination is small. For uniformity current general practices, the variation coefficient of the mixer is required to be less than 5%. However, there is no scientific study showing more than 5% of danger to animals and human food. Most feed scientists believe that the variation coefficient is between 5% and 10%, the production performance is the same. The maximum influencing factors of cross-contamination are drugs. It has a view that solving the simplest method of cross-pollution is that there is no antibiotics in the formula and ingredie that do not have to bring cross-contamination. XZR 3.2 Cross Contamination Measure XZR Service Animal Husbands For the quantitative problem of cross-contamination, just as the problem of mixing uniformity, first choose the trace and Measurement scheme. Only the trace is selected to judge cross-contamination and quantitative cross-contamination. So select the appropriate trace and measurement plan facilitate the development of legal and rules and regulations and guidance feed mill production. The tracers currently used are different. Sources can be divided into foreign tracers. Such as yttrium, colored iron, methylvinecal and cobalt. Endogenous sexuality is an antibiotic or other drug ingredient, as well as salt. But in European salt has gradually replaced by other reliable ingredie. It is generally considered to determine the conditions for cross-contamination ideal trace: XZR Service Animal Husband 1 In the concentration range of uniformity and cross-contamination, XZR – 2 in the feed raw material; XZR 3 There is no effect on the organs of animals; XZR Service Livestock 4 can be mixed in solid form In the 10-1000 mg / kg application range, it can be evenly mixed; XZR Service Animal Husband 5 contains at least 106 particles; XZR – Service Animal Husband 6 It is stable in the processing engineering, especially in the heating and extruded granulation process; XZR service livestock 7 analysis method is simple, reliable, repetitive; XZR 8 analysis detection concentration is 0.5%; XZR can be used for premixing feed and full price feed; XZR Regeneration is used. XZR 4 Connectation XZR True Pollution Problem is quite serious in my country, and is one of the factors affecting feed safety. For cross-pollution, my country has not yetThere is a ready-made method, and there is no relevant legal and rules and regulations for cross-pollution, and there is relatively few studies in this area.XZR

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