How to reduce the steam energy consumption of the puffed material?

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Do you think your production cost is lower? Do you want your dryer to save more steam? Is there only 150 kilograms / ton? let us go to rectify! feed, More superiority than other feeds. Have extensive application prospects. The most basic is to provide sterile, ripe feed, reducing the risk of animal body, while also improving the production performance of animals. With the development of technology development, high-tech has received a lot of applications in feed industries, and the popularity of puffed materials is getting more and more strict, and the environmental issues are getting stricter. It is not allowed to use coal, which can only use biofuels and steam. The price is getting higher and higher. Reach about 250 yuan / ton. There is a big impact on production costs. After understanding, the production company produces a ton of puffed feed in the amount of steam of 230 kg / ton – 580 kg / ton; the difference is great, so surprised us. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the energy consumption problem of fallen reflection; everyone knows how energy consumption of the puffed host is around 8%; most of them are the energy consumption of the dryer; so the focus analysis of dryer energy consumption; serving the livestock dryer energy consumption: Mainly to dry the puffed feed, dry the moisture from the main unit to about 11%; energy consumption is normal at around 15%. (Water vaporization 260kJ / kg; (24% -11%) x2260 u003d 294;) The vapor pressure is 0.6MP, and the vapor enthalpy is 2760 kJ / kg; the theoretical value requires a vapor amount of about 11%). – Battle Feed, service livestock 1, to minimize the moisture of the host material (less than 24% as possible), but to ensure the influence and appearance; the main machine material is less, can reduce steam consumption; – foothold Feed, 2, should control the water after drying (as above more than 11%), but to ensure that the finished water cannot exceed 10.5%; after drying, the higher the water, the more steam consumption; 1) Pay attention to the moisture difference between the materials cannot exceed 2% (the lower the water after drying, the more sng steam); Service Livestock 2) Pay attention to the thickness of the material (preferably no more than 30mm), absolutely not high by 80mm, energy consumption will increase significantly; Service Animal Husband 3) The cloth is uniform; Make sureThe material layer is uniform, so it can easily control the water after drying, can save energy; 4) The air volume should control reasonable, can not be too small, too small hot air can’t penetrate Materials, drying effects; too big, and may cause the material to accumulate it into a pile, causing uneven drying, the water difference is large; it will waste heat, there is no steam effect; – Bit Feed , , from process analysis: 1, entering dryer’s material is as high as possible, hot material drying, avoiding material cooling, then drying, causing waste If the material temperature is low, it is also wasting the steam that heats the material to the material; causing the waste of thermal energy, 2, using low temperature drying during drying, low temperature Just sng steam, but also guarantees product quality; 3, to extend the drying time as possible, preferably more than 30 minutes, drying time, more steam; 4, Process Arrangement, Cannot produce bottlenecks in other places, resulting in stopping treatment or to be packaged, resulting in increased steam consumption; – Serving Livestock 5 The screening effect is good (least 24 h screen, preferably 30 h screen), avoid causing blocking or fiber hanging knife, increase steam consumption; 6, to be expanded, it is necessary to stainless steel, otherwise rust will cause plugging, affecting the continuity of production, causing steam consumption; three, from operation analysis: 1, pay attention to steam leakage, especially the steam leakage of the hydrophobic valve, avoid waste of steam; this problem is not paying attention, the proportion of waste is also large, please pay attention to the attention; service livestock 2, pay attention to control the air volume of the dehumidifier (both hot air can penetrate the material, but can not make material flying) and moisturizing temperatures (about 65 degrees); 3, pay attention to the sea of inside the door of each dry area, don’t short-term short circuit in all work area (this many companies don’t pay attention), causing waste steam; Service Livestock 4, pay attention to the speed of the chain track, to ensure the thickness of the drying time and material layer reasonable; hot air can all penetrate the material layer, and ensure reasonable drying time, reduce waste heat; 5, do a good job in dryer, reduce the waste of hot air, sng steam thermal energy; – 6. Production plan as much as possible, reduce the time of change, reduce the loss of steam; 7, improve the price, reduce the number of re-production, reduce steam energy consumption; 8, full-load production, improvement of production efficiency, reducing steam energy consumption; 9, Accumulate Production Process Parameters, Different Particle Diameter, Different production capacity, different expansion, different lengths, control drying temperature is different, the smaller the particle diameter, the lower the production capacity, the higher the puff coefficient, the shorter the length of the particles, the lower the drying temperature, and as much as possible Control the water of the finished product is about 10% to avoid excessive drying, resulting in low production rate and increase steam consumption; The skill of the operator, reducing the number of material head material, reducing the change of varieties, reasonably controlling the dielectric division, reasonably controlling the mold temperature, reasonably controlling the degree of infusion, improves production efficiency, reducing steam energy consumption; 11, often cleaning the heat exchanger, ensuring normal heat exchange, avoiding waste; generally cleaning every week; – Bitting Feed, 12, often cleaning up dryer Sweets and powders reduce this slidably absorbing thermal energy, resulting in waste; serving livestock 13, when changing, pay attention to control the opening and closing time of the dehumidifier, reducing waste heat; 14, when changing the variety, pay attention to controlling the opening and closing time of the circulating fan, reducing waste heat; 15, changing To close the steam valve in time, there must be ahead of advance, you can reduce waste heat; 16, pay attention to steam pressure, we need high pressure, dry and stable, at least 6 pressure The lower the pressure of the steam, the higher the energy consumption; 17, pay attention to clearing the puffed striped strontium per week, cleaning up some hard debris and fiber Avoid blocking the mold and hanging knife, resulting in a shutdown cleaning to increase steam consumption; Service Animal Husband 18, pay attention to the configuration of the corresponding mold and cutter head, fast change and clean, improve efficiency, reduce Energy Service Animal Husband, From Equipment Analysis: 1, to choose dryer to dry the dryer as much as possible; 30-square / ton drying machine dryer, the larger the drying area, the better the drying effect, the more steamedAuto; Serving Livestock 2, you should try to soften as much as possible, just smash the upper humidity dryer; if there is already the equipment is not like this, it is the hot air of the upper and lower layers. Please change your equipment as soon as possible to ensure the sng of steam energy; service livestock 3 The existing device is not the case. It is a partially recycled use of the upper and lower layers. Please transform the equipment as soon as possible to ensure that the hot air is as low as the hot air, and the hot air can be recycled, sng steam energy consumption; 4, you should choose the dryer of each chain crawler can independent drying machine; avoid cold weather, causing hot air short circuit; waste steam; if the existing equipment is not separated, please Transformation as soon as possible, avoid waste; 5, you should choose the dryer of all chain cracks; avoid cold weather, causing hot air short circuit; waste steam; if The equipment wind is not the case. Please adjust the wind path to ensure sng steam; Serving Livestock 6, you should choose a multi-layer chain crawler drying equipment, so that the material is flipping multiple ti , ensuring materials Water uniformity, small water difference, can be reasonably controlled, thereby sng steam; Service Animal Husband, From Formulation Design: – 1 Adopting fresh water-soluble fish powder, the material is easy to expand and uniform, can reduce dryer steam consumption; 2, use water soluble and helps Protein raw materials, the material is easy to expand and uniform, can reduce dryer steam consumption; 3, formula design reasonably match the source of starch; Can save dry steam; , can do the above work, believe in the maximum energy sng energy, it is estimated that your company’s puffet steam energy will meet you unexpected. Effect; I believe that the energy consumption of the illuminated material you produce is only 230 kilograms of steam per ton; greatly saves your production cost. 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