How to solve the finished product classification during the feed production?

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During the feed production, when the finished product falls into the product position, due to the difference in feed, the feed finished product is graded, the packaged finished product is different, affecting the quality of the finished product under the action of the feed. To solve the feed grading problem caused by the feed production link. The company has been designed and developed by repeated experime; feed finished storage warehouse rdquo with anti-class buffer structure, and related patent technology to achieve high quality production. Applying this technique can achieve the ideal uniformity, the finished product is not more than 3% from the mixer, reducing the waste of raw materials, energy and manpower, and can reduce production costs by more than 33 million yuan, economic and social benefits . , Design Guiding Ideology Developed Feed Film Capsules with Anti-Racing Buffer Structure, with a vertical guide pipe in the warehouse There is a fixing bracket between the flow guiding e and the warehouse, and at least one layer of buffer is provided per meter on the wall of the wall, and the number of buffers per layer is at least three, and the wings are in the guide e. It corresponds to the overflow opening, the sidewall of the warehouse is provided with a return air e per layer buffer. Effective solving the feed after the mixing of the feed, the feed finished product grading problem is caused by the phenomenon and vacuum phenomenon during the process of processing, and achieves the ideal uniformity of the feed, and achieves the ideal uniformity, from the mixed finished product to the warehouse The rear variation coefficient is not higher than 3%. Take the Chifeng area as an example, a number of feed production enterprises with a certain size, annual production of more than 1 million tons, and there is a product quality problem due to classification. Service Animal Husbandi, Test Ideas and Methods Service Animal Husband Main Design Thoughts: 1. There is a guide e in the branch, 2, A fixed bracket is provided between the flow guiding e and the wall wall, and there is a buffer blade per meter on the wall of the wall, and the number of buffers per layer is three, 4, and each buffer on the flow e. The wing corresponds to the overflow port, 5, and the sidewall of the warehouse is provided with a return air supply; the angle between the buffer wing and the flow guide is 120-125 degrees. Service Animal Husband, Test Process and Results – R D of the Feed Film Finishing Capsule of Anti-Rating Structure in 2014 Since 2014 : 1, according to the patented technical requireme for early preparation, sampling analysis of the product grading of traditional feed finished warehouse, 20M SUP3; / 15 tons required for each storage The minute warehouse is 60 minutes from the warehouse. From the start of the warehouse, it is sampled every 10 minutes, and 6 samples per warehouse are taken, the laboratory analyzes each sample, thereby calculating the variation coefficient. The alignment is compared with the mixer outlet mixing, and the best data is determined. 2, through repeated rarch test improve design; 3, conduct technical transformation of finished products, complete equipment installation, commissioning; serving livestock 4, analyzes the effect of the finished product warehouse after technology transformation, and achieves different time period sampling, the variation coefficient is controlled in 3%. In March 2015, it began to enter the substantive production stage and reached the design requireme. i, Technical Key and Innovation Site the Innovative Point of This project is in that the border is provided with a vertical guide pipe, overflow Internal structure such as mouth, buffer, returning air, and fixed according to a certain position and angle connection, when the material enters the finished product storage, change the product uniformity due to the specific grty natural settlement, improve the product uniformity, to avoid two Second mix. At the same time, other techniques that can be more effective in improving product quality and reduce production costs. Design and experimental difficulties in the selection of design parameters in the Warehouse, as well as precise sampling and precise experimental analysis. , Promoting the Application of Service Animal Husband is increased to the feed processing production, and the scale production is increased, and the technical requireme are correspondingly increased. In large-scale production enterprises, it is solved the problem of product variation in feed production. Make the development of animal husbandry and feed industries more reasonable and orderly. In the feed industry, it has a high promotion application value while driving the development of feed machinery and related equipment manufacturing.

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