Huang State Feed Processing Technology

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1. Crush the corn straw with a pulverizer. When the corn stalk is pulverized, the straw length of the crush must not be greater than 10 cm, and can be crushed with straw bones and beco more soft. 2. Spray water and composite bacteria on the straw after pulverization. The complexing agent is generally added to water, and the mix is uniform and sprayed with a sprayer. The amount of water spray is carried out according to the humidity of the straw, and the water content of the straw is generally required between 60% and 70%. While spraying, pay attention to the straw to make uniform water content. In addition, it should be noted that after the straw is sprayed, it should be pressed in time. Time is long, and the moisture penetrate into the straw. The water content will generally exceed the requireme. The yellow storage is easily acidic or odor, affecting feeding. Effect. If the block is pressed, even if the water content of the straw is large, the excess moisture will be crowded out, and the quality of the yellow storage is not too large. 3. Mount the stirred straw stalk into the blocking machine box for the block. 4. Bundle of the block. First open the side cover of the tank, after the block is bundled with two plastic ropes, then rises the hydraulic cylinder. Note that the plastic rope should not be tight, so that the plastic rope is broken after the pressure is removed. After being introduced from the tank from the tank, you can perform the operation of the fifth sleeve. 5. Socket operation. There is about 100 kilograms of each material and is moving. When the bag is pocket, put the bag from top to the top, then turn the material block, and bundled the bag. Pay attention to the bag, two layers, a layer of plastic bags, a plastic woven bag in a coat. Bundles must be bundled, do not breathe. 6. Weigh the tabs of a good bag and make a mark. Tag content. Generally, the weight, production date, additive situation, etc. are generally to be marked. This information is mainly for the case of being filled with the block, and can accumulate production in order to make better yellow storage. 7. The final step is to store the palletty. When the pallet is stored, choose to avoid the sun and not easily affected by other animals. Although the yellow storage is not afraid of frozen, it is not afraid of rain, but it is easy to breed lactic acid bacteria, which is easy to make the lactic acid bacteria. Ripeline. Generally, it can be used as a yellow storage product for about 1 month or so, you can feed the bag. The social benefits and economic benefits of processing yellow storage feeds are very significant. First, solve the hidden dangers of straw stacked and reduced storage space. Second, the utilization rate is improved compared to fed dry straw. Generally feeding the dry straw can only reach about 70%, especially the roots and section of the corn straw, are all left; even for silage, if the silicon is used, the silage of the bottom and edges of the gland The material is prone to mold, and the utilization is only about 70%. The utilization rate and feeding rate of Huang State can reach 100%. Third, the nutritional value of Huang State is different from the silage of silage, and the effect of appetizing an appetite can improve the milk volume of cows, enhance the body of livestock and disease resistance. How to identify the quality of the yellow storageMethod of good or bad identification of the quality of the yellow storage: First to view its color.The nice yellow tissue is bright, usually yellow or with green leaves; the difference in yellow storage is dark, gray or deep.Second, we must smell.Good yellow storage has a rich fruit flavor, a bit like a taste of fruit wine; the poor yellow storage fruit is not rich, and some are accompanied by sourness or other odor.The third is the feel.Good yellow storage hand is soft, moderate humidity; poor yellow rrvoir is hard or sticky.

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