Hybrid quality control during the production of additives

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A process of coexisting and separation of shear and other mixes. All factors affecting th roles will affect the mixing quality, the main factors are as follows. 1.1 Model Model, the main mixing method is different; mixing strength is also very different. For example, the horizontal screw mixer mainly based on convection is superior in terms of mixing time, mixing quality, and residue, etc. in terms of diffusion. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a suitable mixer. 1.2 Mixed Compone The Physical Characteristics of Mixed Compone Physical Characteristics Mainly refers to the density, particle size, particulate surface roughness, moisture , Dispersed, and group conditions, etc. The smaller the difference in th physical properties, the better the mixing effect, the less easy to separate after mixing; in addition, the smaller the proportion of a component is in the m ure, that is, the ratio of dilution is, the more it is not easy to mix. In order to reduce the mixed separation, a viscous liquid component, such as a glucogene, or the like, such as a molase or the like, such as a molase or the like, to reduce the separation. 1.3 Operation Mixed Time, Partial Feeding Sequences, etc., etc. will affect the mixed quality, so to ensure the mixing time and Feed it in a reasonable feeding order. 1.4 Static Power Vitamin B2, Folic Acid, Mineral Substances Subject to the wall due to electrostatic effects. The body should be properly grounded and added to the antistatic agent to prevent static. Evaluation Method of Mixed Wave Serving the Equipment General Mixed Wave Method Based on the Mixed Masters in the Mixed Machine or in the mixed machine The machine exit intercepts a certain number of samples at a certain time interval, and the conte of each sample contained in each sample are measured, and then the variation coefficie are calculated in the following formula. CV u003d S / X Ti ; 100%: S MDash; Mdash; Mixed All Sample Standard Poor Standard Poor; – X Mdash; Mdash; The average of the compone of the m ure is detected in each sample. the coefficient of service livestock variation is a relative value of the standard deviation of the sample for the average. The smaller the variation coefficient, the better the mixing uniformity, the ideal mixing stateThe coefficient is zero. Therefore, in a sense, the variation coefficient is indicated by unevenness. my country’s feed standards: The variation coefficient of mixing feed in full price should not exceed 10%; the premixing of the additive should not exceed 7%. Serving the Quality Control of Situching Production in Livestock 3 Additives Service Animal Husband In order to obtain quality satisfactory premixed feed, in addition to a structure and The technical parameters meet the mixer of process requireme; the reasonable arrangement of the front and rear processes and reasonable use of the mixer itself are important conditions. In addition, the selection of vector dilue, good charge, reasonable operation sequence, and proper master of mixing time, etc. are also necessary. 3.1 Vector Diluent Selection – All kinds of additives that need to be diluted in animal husbandry products are generally very thin, so choose particle size and Diluent with the density close to it. Suitable dilue or carriers include common feed compone such as soy flour, wheat flour, skimming rice bran, and the like. It is generally selected to select particle size, no dust, and the active ingredient of the active ingredient in the additive is a diluent or carrier. If the diluent or carrier is selected, the finished product does not need to be shipped. The active ingredient in the additive is not concentrated, and there is no need to use a binder. If the premixed finished product requires a long distance, grease should be used. The maximum disadvantage of using oil is that the active ingredient of a portion of the additive is retained on the blade of the mixer, affects the cleaning. 3.2 Mixing Machine for Drugs Adding Various ingredie Depending on the form of mixers, the general order is as follows: 1 first 80% of the diluent or carrier is sent into the mixer; 2 will be placed on the diluent or carrier, and some devices can be sent to the active ingredie. The rest is then sent to the remaining 20% diluent or vector. Serving Livestock 3.3 Elimination or Reduce Mixed Pre-Mixed Storage and Transportation Process in Material Transportation, Due to Grty, Wind, Centrifugal , Friction, etc., make a significant change in mixing materials. The longer the transport distance, the larger the drop, the more severe grading. Therefore, the mixed material is best directly loaded, avoiding or minimizing the delivery of mixed materials, falling, and does not increase the height of the silo without the high possible, the height of the silo is not too high to reduce or eliminate Separation or grading of the m ure. for Each batch must be identified, the packaging bag has obvious symbol, it is best to use colored symbols or use tagsdo not. 3.4 Mixer rational Use 3.4.1 Appropriate Pack For which type of mixer, suitable charge is a prerequisite for the mixer and the expected effect. If there are too many charge, one aspect will make the mixer overload, more importantly, too much equipment will affect the mixing process of the material in the machine, thereby causing a m ure of mixed quality; too little charge, you can’t give full mix The efficiency of the machine will also affect the mixing quality. Therefore, in any of the mixing machines, the degree of loading of the material should be effectively controlled so that the normal operation of the mixer can be guaranteed and the mixed feed satisfies the quality requireme. Birange Screw Mixing Machine The coefficient is generally controlled from 0.6 to 0.85. 3.4.2 Correct Mixed Time for Batch Mixers, Mixed Time Determination is very important for mixing quality. The mixing time is too short, the material is not adequately mixed in the mixer, the mixing quality is not guaranteed; the mixing time is too long, the material is excessive mixed in the mixer, which affects the quality, and can Increased consumption. the determination of the mixed time of the service livestock depends on the mixing speed of the mixer, which is mainly determined by the model of the mixer. Such as horizontal screw mixer, usually 3 to 5 minutes per batch, the length of its length depends on the type and properties of the raw material, such as moisture content, particle size, fat content, etc., the m ure of biaeral blade mixers is less than 2 min; For the drum mixer, a longer mixing cycle is required due to its m ure. 3.4.3 Reasonable Operation Sequence Service Animal Husband In the order of the addition, it is generally a large part of the matching amount to join or large After partial access, a small amount and trace compone are subjected to the top of the material. In various materials, the particle size is generally added to the mixer; and the particle size is small. The density of the material is also different. When there is a large difference, it is generally a material that is small with a small density first, and the density is large. 3.4.4 Try to avoid separation of there is a separation trend with any liquidity of the livestock and animal husbandry. There are 3 reasons for separation: 1 When the material falls into a heap, larger particles fall into a pile due to a large inertia, small particles with smaller inertia may be embedded.The cracks on the pile; 2 When the material is vibrated, the smaller particles are moved to the bottom, while the larger particles are moved to the top; 3 When the m ure is blown or fluidized, with the particle size and density Different, it also separates accordingly. To avoid separation, take the following methods: 1 Strive to the particle size of the m ure is close to the particle size of the various compone; or to avoid separation with the method of adding a liquid. 2 Master the mixed time, do not mix over. It is generally believed that the material should be unfained before the mixing is uniform, and the mix is completed during transportation or transfer. 3 Reduce the loading and unloading work after mixing to the lowest level. The less the material falls, the less rolling or sliding. The blended storage positions should be as small as possible, and the transportation equipment is preferably a belt conveyor after mixing, as far as the screw conveyor, the bucket hoist and the pneumatic conveying device are not used. 4 A antistatic agent is added to the feed and feed to reduce the separation of the m ure that occurs due to the adsorption of static electricity. 3.5 Regular Testing and Maintenance Mixer In terms of horizontal screw mixer, after a period of use, the screw wear , Damage and deformation, the increase in gap between the screw and the mixer housing will greatly affect the mixing uniformity. In addition, the discharge leakage is also one of the important factors affecting the performance of the mixer. In order to ensure the quality of the feed product, it is necessary to periodically detect the operating performance of the mixer, timely maintenance, once every six months. In many aspects, from raw material selection, selection of machine equipment, the use of operation, the order of the mixing process, the order of the mixing process, and the operation of the personnel. It has a variety of factors that affect the final quality of the premix product. Only by comprehensive consideration of various aspects that affect product quality can ensure that the premix products need to meet the product quality standards and meet the growth of animal growth.

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