Improved feed crushing particle size can prevent livestock and poultry nutritional metabolism

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Nutritious metabolic disease is a general term of nutrition disorders and metabolic disorders. The former is insufficient or lack of certain nutrie required for animals, or interferes with other nutrient absorption and utilization of diseases due to excessive nutrient substances. The latter is due to an abnormal changes in one or more metabolic processes in the body, resulting in diseases caused by internal environmental disorders. There are three causes of the pathogenesis of nutrient metabolic disease: 1 Insufficient intake of nutrie, insufficient diet or lack of certain nutrie in diet. 2 Nutrient digestion and absorption, can not be fully utilized. 3 Durable demand for nutrie. This paper is mainly discussed in the first reason, and discussed against the main feed corn and soybean meal in the diet. Feed processing has a close relationship with animal nutrie, and high-quality products require scientific formulation design and processing and manufacturing. Suitable pulverization particle size has a great influence on feed nutritional value, farmer benefits, and feed product market share and metabolic disease prevention. The author in Qidong, Jiangsu Province, Haimen City survey 12 kinds of chicken farms, 11 egg chicken farms, 8 broilers, and 5 pig farms, the main feed corn in the seed chicken and the egg hook, the geometric average particle size of 3.5 mm, most The thickness of 5.2 mm, the corn geometric average particle size of the broiler field is 3.1 mm, and the corn geometric average particle size of the medium pigs is 1.3 mm, which is much larger than the ideal pulverization particle size. Such conditions are very common in the region, seriously affecting livestock and poultry production performance, and some lead to nutrient metabolic diseases. Qidong, Haimen part of the Yangdian House has been prepared with premixed food to feed broiler, due to the excessive corn granules, leading the feathers of some broilers, weakness, weakness, and bending, etc. Increase the ratio of unqualified commodity chickens. The reason is: 1 artificially providing a condition for the chicken only “first eat crude application””. 2 Due to the large granularity

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