In-water expansion VS particle hardness: key poi in the teaching materials production process

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Create a good product, in addition to the formula bouue, equipment bouue, craft bouue, raw material bouue, the conscription spirit of the production process determines whether the product is going to excel. A small part of the worker in the production process may determine the final quality of the product, especially particle feed. For example, the granular operating quality, material flow rate, steam add, small material delivery, head tail monitoring, etc. According to Teacher Sun’s quality training in our company’s production process, it is necessary to talk about some of his own views. If you don’t, please ask everyone to correct. , Production Lines and Equipment Cleaning. Trough is very strict, it is necessary to make a teaching material, and the physiological characteristics of lactaria are independent in the production process. The production line preve cross-pollution, and must clean the inside and outside the equipment after the production is over. If there is no condition, you should clean the production line clean and equipment, you cannot bring the residues and contamina on the device into the product, and all the equipment is cleaned after the production is over. As the saying goes: Only the dishes should be washed, and the pot is clean, clean, can make good dishes. – Strict Evaluation of Raw Materials. 1, Freshness: Good Raw Materials can make good products, strictly control the freshness of the product, select high-quality raw materials, the raw materials used for teaching materials, in addition to consistent materials It is also a very important indicator of physical properties. 2, Sanitary Indicators of Raw Materials: The raw materials used by the teaching materials must meet the national health standards. 3, Inuce: The inventory period of the purse is strictly controlled, and the value and freshness of the products used are guaranteed. 4, the feeder must have a certain free-handed ability to have certain freebles, and remove the raw materials that do not meet the specified materials during the process. and Three, Production Site Monitoring and Measurement. 1, Warehouse Quality Monitoring: In principle, how much is it in principle, for the raw materials that have not been used in the investment in the warehouse, it is necessary to strictly monitor, not in line with the standard cannot be used . 2, Accuracy: Guaranteed the accuracy of the formulation, the importance of artificially added raw materials is accurate, the weight of the core should be reviewed, and the weight is not enough. Serving Livestock 3, Mixing Uniform: The variation coefficient of mixed uniformity should be less than 5%, ensuring uniform material, mounting buffer device in the production line to prevent productionThe line generates grading, causing a uniformity of the product.When putting the core, you should be put on the middle process of the massive into the mixer to ensure that the core is completely entered into the mixer, mix evenly. Serving Livestock 4, Crushing Particle Size: Crushing Particle Size will affect the digestive absorption rate of the lactal pig, according to the requireme, check the pulverized particle size, use 0.8-1.0 sieve micropowder. Serving Livestock 5, Granulation Temperature: One Granulation Temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, the secondary granulation temperature control is around 60 degrees Celsius, the conditioning time is as prolonged, guarantees the collection of products andSpend. Service Livestock 6, Hardness: The hardness of the particles is controlled around 10n, and the particles are expanded in 5 s, and there is no hard core after complete dissolution.

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