Influence of crushing screen on crusher product capacity and improvement measures

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Crushing screens affect 1, hole arrangement service livestock screened arrangement with lateral roller and longitudinal roller holes, all For the equilateral triangle. The horizontal split screen is the direction of the material runs and the triangular side is vertical. The vertical roster is the direction of operation of the material and one side of the triangle. When a large aperture is selected (aperture gt; pHI; 4.0), the manner has not affected production capacity, due to high capacity, the impact caused by the material on the screen is very large, so it is easy to use vertical rolled screens. The vertical interval between the two holes is exactly a strong support for the screen. When the small pore size is selected (aperture le; pHi; 4.0), the decrease in the overall capacity of the material is also reduced to the impact force of the sieve. Therefore, it should be used as a horizontal bore without a material incident blind region. In practice, it is proved that when a small pore size is used, the semicondrocal screen is preferably 5% -10% higher than the sieve production capacity of the longitudinal roller, in the case of the same thickness. 2, Sifper Open Hole Rate Select Sifper, preferred The product particle size requireme, and then select the high-density large aperture sieve according to the intensity capable of the screen. The relationship between the sieve diameter and the pulverization particle size is: the strength of the finished product asymp; (1/4 mdash; 1/3) screen diameter. We have done 45% of the oleasses of 45% in the requireme of Liuhe; 2.0. The problem is that the opening ratio of the screen is improved, and the efficiency of the powder is also improved, and the impact value of the screen is lowered. The cleaning of the raw materials cannot be unique, and some large sandstone can easily break the screen, and the return is generated, but the production cost is increased. After many trials, the aperture on the back side of the screen is increased in the case where the positive diameter of the screen is not changed, and the pore diameter of the screen is increased. A circular molded hole is formed. When using, the burrs should be toward the rotor. Because the material is collided with the angular angular angle of the burr when the material is passed through the screen, it can also increase the friction and crushing effect. At this time, the flare increases the material feeding income, exactly to the role of the ring-molded conductive hole, and the pulverization efficiency is significantly improved than the original sieve. 3, Sifper Installation Slide The mounting material particle size requires a screen of the aperture, and the back side is mounted on the back side, which can meet both the particle size requireme of the material and improve the pulverization efficiency. When the screen is improving, the positive side will form a microscopic pasta, and the screen is peripheral smooth, and the cut ratio is lowered. For example, the screen is contained in the face, it will also cause the rubbing of the hood to block the screen, affecting the efficiency of the powder. China FeedIndustry Information Network 4, Sieve Failure most of the damage to the animal husbandry sieve is all the foreign objects that enter the crushing room break, the small empty cty is repaired by welding repair Then, after a plurality of holes appear, the repair of the modified screen is largely reduced, and then the repair is lost, and only the new screen is replaced. When the comet pit is displayed, the cutting is slower than the low powder speed, even if there is no foreign body strike damage, this screen is also replaced. If it is then used, the waste consumption is far more than the residual value of the screen. . 5, Temperature Sweeping on Capital Serving Animal Pasta Employees may have encountered such a phenomenon, when the crusher is just starting to work, the crush speed is very fast. After one or two hours, the crush speed has a tendency to slow down. In particular, this phenomenon is more obvious when making a pig, a small aperture screen for fish. After the pulverization machine is reversed, the production capacity is restored to high yield. That is, after a period of work, the heat generated by the hammer strike material and the heat generated by the material friction collision screen results in the temperature rise of the pulverized chamber. In such a harsh environment, the sieve is in such a harsh environment, the fatigue strength and the surface hardness, the cutting effort is lowered, and the powder is directly reduced. It is best to stop feeding, let the crushed machine for a few minutes. In a short a few minutes, the temperature of the crushing chamber can be lowered, and the production capacity is restored.

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