Influence of inferior ring mold on granulator

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With the rapid development of the feed industry, the feed enterprises have been covered all over the country, and the production of particle feed production has also become the main products that promote the development of animal husbandry. At the same time, the sales of Zhengchang planting also popularize the domestic market, and sells the international market.
At present, due to the spread of feed companies and the increase in particulate feed production, the demand for granulator ring molds also increases. Therefore, some of the quality of the quality of small manufacturers also flow into the market. Some feed production units are attracted to their low prices, but there is a rough process for processing such inferior ring molds, low service life, and important is precision Low, concentricity, and unparalleled tips. If the granulator uses this loop mode for a long time, it will cause great shortening the service life of the grain machine. According to the recent survey of our after-sales service department, the granulator uses the non-Zhengchang original ring model, and the granulator is in a few months. The accessories of each part will have different degrees of wear, and the frequency of the bearing is high, the oil seal oil leakage Serious, the host often has failed, causing the granulator to work unstable, low production capacity. This is actually like the current market, the price is only one-third of the brand, but it has more than five times the damage to the human brain, and the reason is the same, why use the inferior ring model Show the life of the grain machine? Cost-effective is not good, there are many aspects.
1. Inferior rings pursue sales prices low, so it has certain limitations in the selection of blank, it is impossible to use high-quality materials, only use inferior low-priced slabs as raw materials, and this steel-billet molecular structure is not tight, and the toughness is not To the requirements, the degree of wear resistance is short, and the ring die fabricated with such a slab is short, and it is easy to crack. If such a ring mold is selected, it is more seriously wasting the company’s capital investment due to frequent replacement molds, but also has a safety hazard.
2. The equipment is rough in inferior ring mold processing, it is impossible to solve the accuracy of internal and external circles in a rocky mold processing. At present, general ring mold manufacturers are using old-fashioned lathes. The equipment is more old, and the processing accuracy is not required. In addition, this loop model is also imitation, and the main combination surface precision It is difficult to ensure accurate, as long as there is a rounded error in the binding surface of the ring and the hoop, the hoop is not tightening, causing the granulator to roll in the high-speed operation. There is a hug and air shaft drive wheels to be damaged, and the body vibration appears.
3. The granulator ring mold finishing process is very particular. If the Zhengchang ring-mold drilling equipment is used to use imported gun drilling, it has a mold arrangement neat, and the hole is as smooth as the mirror. However, most of the inferior ring mold hole processing is mostly manually operated by a small drilling machine. The walls in the hole are rough and there are ribs. The ring compression is different, and the formation of ring mold is difficult, easy to blocked the machine, so that the power consumption increases, Production capacity decreases, the appearance of the particles is not smooth, and the finished product is short, especially when the plugging, the temperature of the ring mode is rapidly increased, and it is easy to make the pressure roller bearing and spindle bearing.Burn bad, the workload is increased, the size of the granulator is measured.
4. The ring-mold quenching process is an important part of the ring mold manufacturing. The Zhengchang ring model is very particular, all use a US vacuum quenching furnace and a multi-use quenching furnace in Japan. At present, the small ring mold production plant is difficult to have these advanced equipment, which is generally used to quench, such equipment, can not be automatically controlled to the temperature of the ring-mold quenching, resulting in inconsistency in the table after ring mode quenching, but also the deformation coefficient Larger, the ring mold is easy to get wreath, and the granulator of this ring mold will produce the pressure roller frequently impact ring mold, which increases the granulator vibration noise, which is also important to damage the spindle and bladed shaft. Factors, once the spindle is damaged or running inner and outer rings, the spindle and blankets may be scrapped. The granule is not working properly.
5. Because the inferiority ring processing is mostly imitation, its processing accuracy cannot be controlled, plus all aspects of error accumulation, such as long-term use of this ring mode, the normal operation of the granulator will be severely affected, and there is no system Poster safety, high yield, and low consumption. Calculate a bill, use inferior rings, although the purchase price is low in front of you, the granulator often has failed, parts and bearing frequent replacement, low output, increased electricity consumption, human waste, will make the business’s economic benefits Influence, in order to make your granulator reach product quality, high yield, low power consumption, production safety, we recommend the granulator ring mode for granulator ring mode It is best to use the original standard high quality ring model of Zhengchang.

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