Influence of tuning-resistance on granulation quality

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– Three Focus on Feed, , Steam: Super Heat Steam, Saturated Steam, Wet Steam – 1, Saturated Steam Outlet China Feed Industry Information Net 2, Why does the feed mass need to saturate steam, do not need superheated steam? (1) During the quality process, steam and materials must be exchanged with water, steam cooling, release ldquo; latent heat rdquo; (2) Passion between Heat Transfer Performance. In an instant, the condensation of the steam, the water condensation, and the superheated steam requires a self-cooling process of 2 to 3 minutes, i.e., cooling from the overheating temperature to the critical point of soda. (3) Shortness, and the material does not have enough time to absorb heat and moisture. 3, Wet Steam Is there: (1) The heat capacity of wet steam is low, when the needed temperament is achieved And the moisture has exceeded the standard. (2) After mixing with raw materials, it is easy to cause a slippage during granulation. (3) But if the material moisture is low, proper use of wet steam is also a good method. i, Feed Process Changes in Water Process: 1, Taking Production Shrimp Feed Takes: Serving Livestock 2 , serving livestock assumptions the dry material temperature 30 ¡ã C, after absorbing 3% steam, the material temperature reaches 75 ¡ã C; if it can absorb 4% steam, the temperature can reach 90 ¡ã C; 3, tuning temperature: livestock, 70 ~ 88 ¡ã C; ordinary fish, 88 ~ 95 ¡ã C; shrimp feed 95 ~ 105 ¡ã C; thermal sensitivity, 35 ~ 50 ¡ã C; – 4, tension: livestock material 14 ~ 16%; water products 15 to 17%; problem: Why is it difficult to produce fish in summer? Grain? 5, TemperatureTime: The usually touched time is actually a retention time of the material in the conditioner. General livestock and poultry feed 15 ~ 40S; fish feed 40 ~ 60s, shrimp feed 120 ~ 180s; 6, material should be fully contacted with steam: Steam only mix, contact, can By condensation generating heat, water exchange; serving livestock 7, steam condensation time: steam cooling during contact with material, release water and heat process, often only Short 2 ~ 3 seconds; : Entering the steam of the massager can condense; Service Animal Stripe Time u003d Retention time u003d condensation time + heat prrvation time; 8, steam pressure: 0.7 ~ 1.0 MPa before decompression, 0.15 ~ 0.4 MPa after decompression. 9, Granulation Ldquo; Slips Rdquo; and LDQUO; Fire Mold Rdquo; – (1) Skum: When the material is high, or the percentage of free water is large, the ring mold has relatively sliding when the roll is extruded, causing the difficulty of extrusion. – Biped Feed, (2) Burning: When the material is low, the extrusion resistance is increased, the material is difficult to extrud out from the mold hole. Phenomenon. Service Animal Husbandan, Tempse Equipment 1, Type – (1 Single-axle paddler (2) Multi – layer Uniaxial Pelles Watching Strip (3) Steam Entlembol insulation stripper (4) horizontal biaxial differential diameter strontium (DDC) – (5) Up-formal biaxial differential diameter striupter (6) high pressure striupter (7) extrusion Serving Livestock 2 Information Network (2) PullOverall angle (affecting delivery speed); (3) axis speed (line speed 7-9s / m); (4 The material is full of material (40 ndash; 70%) cannot be too full. Found 3, Some Topics on Temperature (1) The temperature of livestock feed temperament reaches 80 ¡ã C. Serving Animalum, such as duck material, (2) The compression is not good or the conditioning is not good, easy to blocked, and take less steam amount drying. Checking Raw Moisture, Mass Water; Checking Steam Pressure or Pipeline System; the inspection loop is in good shape, and whether the ring compression ratio is high. (3) In order to increase the water resistance of fish feed, it is deliberately increasing the adhesive in the formulation. this method cannot completely solve the water resistance of fish. (4) To increase the water resistance of fish, it will increase the hardness of the particles. Its method is to increase the ldquo; ring-mold compression ratio rdquo; s But Facts But In fact, it is not appropriate to increase the compression ratio of ring models, which will only increase the difficulty of feed processing and reduce feed quality. (5) Correct Method: Enhance Temperature, Improve Temperature, Temperature and Mill.

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