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The broiler foods have several benefits compared to the feed powder, and the main benefits can improve the production performance of broilers. Compared to broilers feeding the powder, the melet chickens of the pellets are less required to eat and digest, and their body maintains a lower demand. 1, Particle Materials High Quality Pellets can be defined as feed particles capable of withstand repetitive operations, such as in the bag , The feed particles do not have too much damage or produce too much fine particles during transportation, storage, and feed line delivery. Particle quality is typically reprnted by Pellet Durability Index, , and can be measured by a tumble can: first sieve the particles to be detected to remove fine powder particles, and then roll a certain time in the tuning tank. After the sample is sieved to remove fine particles, thereby obtaining the weight of the complete particles. 2, Calculation Formula is as follows: Serving Livestock u003d Rolling Full Particle Weight / Rolling Front Complete Particle Weight Ti ; 100 other equipment of the service livestock can also be used to determine the durability of particles, such as Holman granule detector, wood detector, etc. 3 EN 3.1 Feed Formula – Some Feeds Advising the quality of the particles, while others may be unfavorable. Unfortunately, corn-soybean daily grains is not ideal for best particle quality. Since the wheat contains high levels of protein (gluten) and hemicellulose compared to corn or corn by-products, it will have high particles after granulation of wheat grains or wheat by-products (wheat gluten, wheat ribs). Durability. Similarly, the quality of the feed particles can also increase the quality of the feed particles in replacing corn in the diet with oatmeal. We can sort according to the favorable impact of feeding granules, from the best to the worst: oats, wheat, barley, corn, sorghum. Service Animal Human has long known that starch and its gelatin is the most important factor in the quality of feed particles to achieve the best level. However, recent reports show that the beneficial effect of protein on the quality of feed particles is much more important than starch. the service livestock to the diet will adversely affect the quality of the feed particles. This is because the oil will surround the feed particles, which hinders the penetration of steam to the intracenes inside the particles, and the other oil will reduce the friction between the ring mold and the feed particles, which in turnReduce the gelatinity rate of the starch. s Add adhesives to the diet [such as water (the simplest binder), lignozoate, hemicellulose extract, gelatin, etc.] and / or surface activity The agent can increase the mass and yield of feed particles, and can reduce energy consumption. Granular Factor (FPQF) is a tool that can be used to predict particulate quality in the feed formulation. Estimated Someth FPQF: Each feed material has its own particulate mass factor (PQF). The score of the PQF is 0 to 10, wherein 0 means that the feed particle quality is poor, and 10 means that the feed particles are excellent. We can estimate the FPQF of the raw material by multiplying the PQF value of each raw material by its percentage in the formulation. The FPQF value of the feed formula is equal to the sum of the FPQF of all the raw materials used. In general, the FPQF value of the feed formulation is less than 4.7 indicates the difference in feed particles, and higher than 4.7 means that the feed quality is excellent. 3.2 Feed Raw Git Size Services Livestock Although some rarchers have doubts, most people still think that the particle size of feed raw materials The size is conducive to improving the quality of the feed of the feed. However, we do not recommend overcrowding to avoid waste of energy consumption and reduce productivity, and do this is not conducive to broileria. On the other hand, rough pulverization can reduce the decomposition of feed particles, and reduce the degree of gelatinization of the starch (producing high quality feed particles requires a high degree of gelatinization). 3.3 Steam Temperature Temperature Temperature Temperature Information Network Service Livestock When the powder is passed through a tuning machine, it will be exposed to high pressure steam. Such steam provides high temperature and moisture required for starch decenesis, making the particles to be bonded to each other, the feed is in a semi-digestive state, and can kill the pathogens in the feed. The steam temperature and the time of the powder in the mass strip have a large effect on the durability of the feed particles. Feeds were sacrificed at 80 ¡ã C to produce high quality feed particles. To produce feed particles with a strong tolerance, the time of the powder stays in the spring-up tiles is 30 s. Long-term use of a stront module (feed can be used in this regulator for 3 min ~ 4 min) can be used to improve the viscosity of feed particles. 3.4 Ring Mode / Pressure Rotal Specifications Granular Feed is to press the hot powder in the ring mold. . Thicker ring mold (longer ring mode channel) to improve feed particlesThe durability is advantageous because this can increase the friction time between the feed particles and the ring wall to make the starch among more complete. Most of the starch paste occurs when the feed is passed through a ring mold. A similar result can be obtained by using a small aperture ring mold. This means that the annular mold of 60 mm thickness is better than the thickness of 50 mm or 40 mm, and 3 mm is more than 5 mm ring aperture aperture. However, the ring molds of too thick or too small apertures have a negative impact on particle production. Further, the distance between the pressure roller and the ring mold is increased from 0.1 mm to 2 mm to improve the durability of the feed particles. 3.5 Cooling Machine When Leng Planeum Machine, the temperature of the feed particles is 70 ¡ã C to 90 ¡ã C, and the humidity is 15% ~ 17%. The feed particles require a moderate cooling (using a steam cooler) to reduce the particle temperature to about 8 ¡ã C higher than the ambient temperature, and the humidity is reduced to 12%. The type of a cooling machine can be horizontal or vertical. Fast cooling causes the surface of the feed particles to lose moisture and heat to the interior of the particles, so that the particles are brittle. On the other hand, long cooling causes the feed particles to dry, and th particles may have a problem that is easily worn and has a poor. ¡õ ¡õ Service Animal Husband Name: Good Quality Feed Pellets Does It Make Sense (English) – Author: Mahmoud Frahat Dr. (Egypt Qik University) Serving Animal Hushu Han Hao Moon Translation

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